Most of us have an outfit for work and one for play but it’s a straint on your closet and your budget. This is the first in a 3 part series showing you how to alter your play clothes for work.

by Yvette E

I have seen the working goth blogs and are amazed at the souless black studs? no symbol of hatred fir humanity? Besides casual fridays, there are ways to bring alternative clothes to the office and here’s how.


Okay, I know where else are you going to get torn shirts, witchy prints and Gryffindor gear? The hunt is on. The fact is that most stores now carry alternative looks that are so paired down they are more appropriate for work. We went to H&M online and typed in studs and we got several looks. We picked the one below.

Add a pleather skirt and a cool black denim or leather jacket and your work ready.


Yeah, we love our short skirts and pencils skirts but the length could be the difference between work and play. The trick get a skirt the falls just above the knee. Pair it with a long skirt so it appears shorter for play and tuck in your shirt for work so it appears longer. Notice the long boots on both looks.


I know this sounds odd but I am not talking incorporating trends in your wardrobe but to look for trends within your aesthetic. For example, hiking boots are big this fall meaning that low end stores will carry some version of the trend. This would be a great time to stock up. Another trend is leatherlike skirts.

Happy Friyay 💋

A season know for dark fashion hues gets a redox with autumn leaves as an inspiration

by Yvette E

Half fall and half spring, this fall’s color palette made it simple to layer our Spring wardrobe with fall staples.

Here are 3 outfits that will combine both seasons flawlessly:

Floral dress w/ folk theme

Who doesn’t have a long sheer floral dress in their closet or at least snagged one from Zara’s last sale. Pair it with a folk themed sweater in November and a coat in mid September.

Pop culture prints with bright fall hues

A lips skirt with a red sweater is so fashionable so don’t drop the pop for a subdued wardrobe this fall.

Graphic patterns with muted fall colors

Stripes, polka dots and gingham all made it into our spring wardrobe. Keep those summer boots but add a touch of fall with:

Early August- Try a thick tee shirt with bright hue stocking and a blanket coat or light trench..for pants looks, a neutral sweater and a short heel.

Early September sees it with neutral faux fur and booties left over for summer.

So looking to mix it up this fall,

Happy Hump Day…💋

Hello Readers,

We Get this all the time; everyone asking us to show our personal style and introduce ourselves. Hello my name is Eva and I am a curvy West Indian girl who loves Japanese streetwear and American alternative clothing. I always either dye my hair crazy colors or wear alternative hair.. I love fashion so much and think it’s such a fun way to express yourself! I Love designer things but my personal style is just as important so I tend to mix high and low end pieces..stay tuned for my writing partner Yvette and this will be my last post until after New York fashion week so I will be away from my jewel encrusted iPad until Sept 15 in the meantime please read the archives..

Your Fashion Goddess



2017 has just started and what better way to start the year then to pick a style icon we can all look forward to seeing what she does in 2017!

Halsey is an indie singer with some pretty gutsy songs and a laid back cool style. Her album Badlands produced some really good girl power anthems and really bared her soul for the world to see. Her song Castle because the theme song for The Huntsman Winters War and she has collabed with Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers. She appeals to a lot of girls with her feminist outlook and standing up for what she believes in. She has also become the voice of bi racial and mixed people.  Her style can be described as nineties girly, tomboy street style. She loves tshirts, oversized sweats and bralettes. But when she gets red carpet ready it’s nineties sexy pot pinup Tom boy. I adore how she mixes things up! Listen to New Americana, Hurricane and Colors.

Today is the celebration of the birth of our nation and so what better way to celebrate then Americana style? July 4th should not be the only time to wear the American flag so we have compiled pieces for both women and men that are a fashionable way to show your American pride any day! lace top $2190 shorts $13 scarf $15 pin $2.20

  I am so sick and tired of seeing North Face jackets everywhere I go in New York City!! Men just buy only those boring and unflattering jackets and call it a day because they keep them dry so they don’t have to put any thought into purchasing it. Guys you can look fashionable too!! Update your wellies with rainboots that look like boots and switch to a cooler trench coat or update your rain coat for a modern cut and color. There is no excuse not to look cool and fashionable just because it’s pouring outside.


Men’s Double Breasted Trench Coat w Belt


Asos Hooded Trench Coat $48

Huk Kryptek All Weather Jacket $224


Dr.Martens Drench I Matt Boots $100

Tretorn New Gunnar Men’s Rainboots $47.99

Ted Baker Ephai Rainboots $195

  Spring is finally here and with it comes the eventual flower showers; so what better way to not let all the rain get you down then to do some retail therapy?! It’s time to purchase some chic new rain wear. This week we will be covering rain gear for both women and men. There is nothing like a chic rain coat and comfy wellies to combat the dreariness of dark skies and heavy downpour. We will be starting with women’s rain wear and on Friday we will be focusing on men. We will no longer be blogging on Wednesday.

I know it gets so tiring trying to find chic raincoats with their ugly colors and unflattering silhouettes just make you want to skip going out in the rain all together. Try out trench coats that are water resistant or repellent along with wellies that look more like boots (I love doc martens awesome rain boots that look like their signature combat boots)

Trench Coats
Eddie Bauer Girl On The Go Trench Coat


Women’s Harbor Trench Coat


Ok these aren’t trench coats but they are pack able 

Water proof lightweight jackets! $16.82!!!


Dr.Martens Drench 8 Eye Rain Boots $99

Cougar Terri Rain Boots $64.95

Women’s Posh wellies Feldspar $89.95

Blanket Scarves are extra large rectangle or squares made up of super warm or thick fabric and are perfect to keep you looking warm and chic (although I would not recommend wearing this in any degree below 55) The only trick I know is making it into a vest and putting a belt on so I searched the internet and found two new chic ways to wear your blanket scarves! Enjoy!!



Courtesy of pinterest

It has been raining so hard in Nyc and New Jersey lately and I am sure the rest of the US and the world is pretty drenched this Summer; so keep yourself dry and chic with some of our picks!


Desigual Trench coat


My Sky Raincoat $27.54


Black Quilted Clarity Sky Chelsea Rainboots $24.99


Cartoon Applique Rainboots $80.01


Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Umbrella $40.99


MacKenzie-Childs Kaleidoscope Travel Umbrella $48


We love to highlight styles we have seen every day and yet have not read any columns about it. It is sold at stores like GUESS and BeBe and worn by celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

Urban Classic has become its own breathing animal with focus on slick bottoms and loose fit tops all in a tandem of neutrals from light pastels to army green and the ever classic neutrals of black, white, grey and navy blue.

Sometimes called “urban cool”, new designers like Alexander Wang have brought it from the mid price arena and have driven towards possibly being a style staple here to stay.

Get the Look

Pair neutrals in different color schemes on top where an army green jacket and a pink blouse compete for attention.

Keep the bottom slick and fitted. Jeans are a staple for this style. Although, any tapered pant will do.

Shoes are always negotiated. Think sneakers, loafers and sandals for a relaxing day. Boots are for dressing up on dates. Heels are worn to glam up the outfit ( celebs and bloggers). Most people wear flats because of mobility (yes they walk).


Makeup are earthy tones with focus on contouring upper eyelids and lengthing eyelashes. Shimmering browns are part of the everyday glam look but used as contour only.