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We sadly come to an end of our DisneyBound series but I had so much fun finding outfits! I hope you take inspiration or wear some of the looks I came up with. The last villain I chose is Alice In Wonderland’s Queen Of Hearts; the monarch obsessed with cards and chopping off heads..I chose a casual look this time anyone can wear! Enjoy!

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Hello again readers,

We end this style look book with the final style and that is sporty or street wear as I like to call it. I love how you can play more with this style as well as pick comfy but cool pieces..I’m going to pair the pieces we covered with Spring trends Americana and the cargo pant…enjoy and hopefully you will get some styling inspirations from all these looks..

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Hello readers,

Last post we covered how to wear the new Spring 2019 Trends with a classic style. This post I will Style punk. These trends were made for punk style as I can go bolder as well as use heavier studded pieces..I will pair the denim vest and other trends we covered with Spring trend animal print, neon yellow and biker shorts as well..

Your fashion goddess Eva

Hello readers,

Last week we covered Spring trends; studded shoes, denim vest and bags with grommets. This week I will put together some looks with the pieces to show you how you can make it work for you..I will put together a look for Classic, punk and street wear styles along with other Spring trends like yellow, animal print and Americana. Classic style is known to be much more paired down and chic so I chose a bold color, less studs and a plain vest so you can still try out trends but not have to feel like your going too over the top and out if your comfort zone..

Your fashion goddess, Eva

With cool weather all the way to April, I am running out of ideas on what to wear. So If you are like me, here are 5 items I am buying now for cool days and warmer ones.


1. The sweater tank top

This is cool look nestled over a blouse and it adds an extra layer of warmth. Wear it by itself in warmer months.

2. The Blouse

These long sleeve button ups can be worn over a turtleneck for a light look in the coolest days.

3. The turtleneck

These are great to layer underneath the blouse and the tank sweater or layer all three for a even warmer experience.


1.The maxi

The maxi skirt is a great for keeping out the cool breeze and wondeful for covering up fleece tights.

2. Wide leg pant

Pair these with fleece tights and trouser socks and ankle boots for a cool look on the coldest days.


1. Wedge sandals

Socks with sandals are still a thing and if you want to add some spring in your step, try adding them to cool days.

Check out our Instagram to see outfits with these 5 items @tfgnyc.

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The suit gets a do over for both sexes this summer and we are loving it.

By Yvette E

Shorts with blazers are the newest trend to hit both sexes at the time with minimal differences. While women are wearing bike shorts, men have decided on burmudas (on sale now at Zara).

In any case, the length is key to the look where shorts have to be just above the knee with longer blazers and mid thigh with shorter ones. So keep in mind the ratio.

Keep the shorts patternless and play with bold colors. The look is suppose to be grownup but fun at the same time.

Also, this is streetwear, you cannot wear shorts to work. Although, with the summer heat to come, we all wish we could.

Have fun and happy friyay!💋

Jeans, sweats and tees are not work attire but it doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable at the office and with your wardrobe.

by Yvette E

If you find yourself with 2 separate wardrobes for work and play your not alone. I just took a look at my closet and was like “this isn’t gothic romo…why is it in my closet?” The take away was too much work clothes and not enough me.

So how does one get comfortable in the office when thier attire is mostly lounge wear. Here are 3 tips to help you get started taking back your personal style.

Sweats are not the only comfortable pants

I know that you find tapered pants and skinny jeans really constricting so try wide leg pants. They mimick the wide legs of sweatpants but with work friendly fabrics.

Trade your bulky sneakers

Instead of the latest bulky sneakers, try slip on sneakers. They comes in so many alternative fabrics from leather to satin and can look like ballet flats.

Finally, you can still wear tees

Tee shirt sheer and stretch hybrids and tees in general have really become more versatile. Combination tees from French Connection and simple non print varieties from H&M can easily be dresed up for work

Happy Monday 💋

Most of us have an outfit for work and one for play but it’s a straint on your closet and your budget. This is the first in a 3 part series showing you how to alter your play clothes for work.

by Yvette E

I have seen the working goth blogs and are amazed at the souless black outfits..no studs? no symbol of hatred fir humanity? Besides casual fridays, there are ways to bring alternative clothes to the office and here’s how.


Okay, I know where else are you going to get torn shirts, witchy prints and Gryffindor gear? The hunt is on. The fact is that most stores now carry alternative looks that are so paired down they are more appropriate for work. We went to H&M online and typed in studs and we got several looks. We picked the one below.

Add a pleather skirt and a cool black denim or leather jacket and your work ready.


Yeah, we love our short skirts and pencils skirts but the length could be the difference between work and play. The trick get a skirt the falls just above the knee. Pair it with a long skirt so it appears shorter for play and tuck in your shirt for work so it appears longer. Notice the long boots on both looks.


I know this sounds odd but I am not talking incorporating trends in your wardrobe but to look for trends within your aesthetic. For example, hiking boots are big this fall meaning that low end stores will carry some version of the trend. This would be a great time to stock up. Another trend is leatherlike skirts.

Happy Friyay 💋

A season know for dark fashion hues gets a redox with autumn leaves as an inspiration

by Yvette E

Half fall and half spring, this fall’s color palette made it simple to layer our Spring wardrobe with fall staples.

Here are 3 outfits that will combine both seasons flawlessly:

Floral dress w/ folk theme

Who doesn’t have a long sheer floral dress in their closet or at least snagged one from Zara’s last sale. Pair it with a folk themed sweater in November and a coat in mid September.

Pop culture prints with bright fall hues

A lips skirt with a red sweater is so fashionable so don’t drop the pop for a subdued wardrobe this fall.

Graphic patterns with muted fall colors

Stripes, polka dots and gingham all made it into our spring wardrobe. Keep those summer boots but add a touch of fall with:

Early August- Try a thick tee shirt with bright hue stocking and a blanket coat or light trench..for pants looks, a neutral sweater and a short heel.

Early September sees it with neutral faux fur and booties left over for summer.

So looking to mix it up this fall,

Happy Hump Day…💋

Hello Readers,

We Get this all the time; everyone asking us to show our personal style and introduce ourselves. Hello my name is Eva and I am a curvy West Indian girl who loves Japanese streetwear and American alternative clothing. I always either dye my hair crazy colors or wear alternative hair.. I love fashion so much and think it’s such a fun way to express yourself! I Love designer things but my personal style is just as important so I tend to mix high and low end pieces..stay tuned for my writing partner Yvette and this will be my last post until after New York fashion week so I will be away from my jewel encrusted iPad until Sept 15 in the meantime please read the archives..

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