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This past men’s fashion week we saw trousers with racing stripes going down the leg. I love this juxtaposition of athletics and biz casual! This is a great trend as you can look laid back while being put together and anything can go with these pants. I have put together some outfits featuring these pants to give you an idea of how to style them. I chose bold colors and simple sneakers as they are also a big trend this year!. Let me know in the comments what you think!



Okay, guys, we know there are certain things that make you look cool that you will just not give up just because the weather dips but here we list 5 things to ditch this winter so can stay warm.


Okay, the biggest myth in winter is that leather (or its plastic look a like) will keep you warm. This is a big false. Hell, my leather rabbit fur trimmed gloves are adorable but do nothing for my fingers.


These cotton based articles will not keep you warm simply because cotton actually absorbs water (reason why jeans are so hard to dry) and hence remain cold longer then wool or polyester pants. Sorry, no skinny jeans.


Time to wear underwear if you are not use to wearing it. Your lower extremities will thank you. Try polyester boxers for extra warmth.


We love how clean they look but they will not keep your feet warm. Switch these up for crew socks in wool or polyester blends.


Once it snows, time to put the sneakers in the back of the closet! I was amazed how many people wore sneakers during the great blizzard of 2018. It is right up there with women wearing stiletto booties. Cherish your life, no points for dieing for fashion.

Hello readers

In honor of our new menswear Monday’s ( and because it’s officially freezing temps time!) I decided to share with you lovely male readers our picks for updating the Winter staple just about everyone has; the puffer jacket. This year we are seeing bold color combos, sleeker fit and metallic finishes that really bring a cooler more futuristic spin to an old favorite. The new versions have you looking much more polished while staying warm! Below are my pics and nothing is over $120! Hope you guys love my picks!



Hello readers!

I am obsessed with menswear so when I came across A lookbook Online I had to get more info on the Korean Brand known as Vlades or Mooyul Vlad. I fell in love with their hard edge punk meets oversized street wear mash up. There wasn’t much I could find about the Brand; other then the label was started in 2012 by Korean designer Moo Yeol Choi and that many high end magazines such as Vogue have featured their line. They are also popular with Kpop bands and in the us Opening Cermony carries some of their line. They  prices aren’t too bad..most sweatshirts are $80 usd.

Three brands shared a singular launch party at Rothmans, recently a shop focused on tailored suits. We showed up for psychobunny, a leisure brand focused on polo shirts and hoodies.

Free food and drinks flowed but the biggest suprise was just how much Rothman’s was trying to varsify its clientele. T-shirts in the back plus cool skinny jeans in bright hues and various treatments, made the store less stuffy then its Gramacy location insinuated.

As for Psychobunny, prices ranged from 65 to 219 dollars and the small collection at the pop up ( just 1 table) means we still all have to hike to Nordstrom to shop the full collection.

It was a nice preview for Spring 2018 with a slight deviation from typical male neutrals ( we did see a navy blue shirt however) but with such a small showing, it is just too early to tell what Psychobunny has up its sleeve.

So guys, is Rothmans worth the hike from Union Square? Sure for great jeans and tees but not even your a fan of Psychobunny.

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It is men Monday on our blog and the rain here is making think of ways to look your best even when the weather is the worst. So here are three necessities to keep your swag even in wet weather.

A water proof trench

Belted or not, a trench coat that keeps water at bay is instantly chic. Plus it doubles as a got on those cool spring and fall days.

Modern Galoshes

We love these water shoes but high boots are no longer in style. Slip on these shoe-like hybrids for a more polished look.

Lastly, an umbrella with cool details always is in style.

Stay Dry,

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We went to see Steve Madden’s latest collection for men last night at his SOHO store on broadway and we were obsessed with some styles we saw.

The atmosphere was both electric and sophisticated with a DJ spinning and bourbon tasting. 

Bourbon and Whiskey tasting was provided by Widow Jane. We wished we tried the Rye gin but there wasn’t time. 

The collection was a mash-up of unisex and more traditional styles with a mix of staple slip ons, high tops and shoes in basic neutrals like camel, gray, brown and charcoal. There was a treatment to leather shoes that gave them a worn look.

The biggest surprise were the more eclectic designs including a high top with skull prints, a totally crystallized slip-on and comic strip prints which all gave a cool street vibe.

The bags were manufactured felt and canvas which has been big for men but has little design. The shoes were the hit of the show.

Stalk our instagram for more pictures of the event @tfgnyc.

Special edition ?

It is so that trends for women have seeped into men fashion so gradually, no one even noticed. Today, we see helm the quilted look for fall 2017 and how to rock it. We picked a quilted pants ans jacket combo here but the look also comes in play with shirts as well. Here are some don’ts on wearing this trend:

  • One element should be not be bulky. Wear pants with a streamline sweater or a quilted top with wide leg pants.
  • Do not go superslim in any element. Skinny jeans and fitted tees are not suggested. 
  • If the quilted outerwear passes your knees, do not wear quilted pants.

As always, if you try out this look tag us on instagram #tfgquilted and you could be featured on our instagram page.

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Christopher Lowman, Vivid Eyewear, Citzen Watches

NY fashion week mens kicked off on Monday and one of the  first shows was Christopher Lowman’s which sought to mix preppy palos with punk themes. In the designer’s words about his inspiration:

I drew inspiration from the modern day college student battling the everyday chain of emotions such as financial instability and mental health issues that lead to the possibility of becoming a college dropout.  

In short, life happens. So the line is called Harvard Punk’d and a host of players help set the mood including:

  • 2 shoe brands – NEW BALANCE ATHLETICS and luxury shoe brand ANGELA MITCHELL
  • Currency NY – jewelry brand
  • Vivid Eyewear
  • Citizen watches

Angela Mitchell shoes, Currency NYC jewelry, Vivid Eyewear

We noticed the use of  neutral colors in the collection like creams, white and navy blues with red as the accent color in multiple looks.

Christopher Lowman, Currency NYC

On the down side, there was a use of common patterns  like plaids and cameo.  We did love the tailored shirt that made the cameo less sloppy. 

Currency NYC simple coin jewelry does not steal the show but it looks like dog tags on the shirt above.

Finally, New balance debuted new sneaker line, 574 Sport. The splash of color on the heel is a nice touch.

So that was one crowded room. Thanks to all the brands involved and a truly enjoyed installation.

Everywhere I look, men seem to have alot of hair on top and faded sides. After looking around on websites, all I see are variations on this particular style from faux hawks to surgery  (using electric razor to create designs?). Here are just some variations of the 20 or so styles we read up on:


This style is popular in New York. I see it everywhere. I suspect because of its ease and low maintenance.  The trick is to part hair and comb over before doing the fade look.


Whether, the sides or tapered (left) or burst faded (right); the faux hawk gets a redox for summer 2017.


Here we have a variation in undercut styles from short pomp (top), long pomp (bottom left) and side pomp  (bottom right).

All in all, short hair is back with short sides rather you prefer tapering, surgery, fading or skin fade.

Happy Friday!!

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