It is so that trends for women have seeped into men fashion so gradually, no one even noticed. Today, we see helm the quilted look for fall 2017 and how to rock it. We picked a quilted pants ans jacket combo here but the look also comes in play with shirts as well. Here are some don’ts on wearing this trend:

  • One element should be not be bulky. Wear pants with a streamline sweater or a quilted top with wide leg pants.
  • Do not go superslim in any element. Skinny jeans and fitted tees are not suggested. 
  • If the quilted outerwear passes your knees, do not wear quilted pants.

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Christopher Lowman, Vivid Eyewear, Citzen Watches

NY fashion week mens kicked off on Monday and one of the  first shows was Christopher Lowman’s which sought to mix preppy palos with punk themes. In the designer’s words about his inspiration:

I drew inspiration from the modern day college student battling the everyday chain of emotions such as financial instability and mental health issues that lead to the possibility of becoming a college dropout.  

In short, life happens. So the line is called Harvard Punk’d and a host of players help set the mood including:

  • 2 shoe brands – NEW BALANCE ATHLETICS and luxury shoe brand ANGELA MITCHELL
  • Currency NY – jewelry brand
  • Vivid Eyewear
  • Citizen watches

Angela Mitchell shoes, Currency NYC jewelry, Vivid Eyewear

We noticed the use of  neutral colors in the collection like creams, white and navy blues with red as the accent color in multiple looks.

Christopher Lowman, Currency NYC

On the down side, there was a use of common patterns  like plaids and cameo.  We did love the tailored shirt that made the cameo less sloppy. 

Currency NYC simple coin jewelry does not steal the show but it looks like dog tags on the shirt above.

Finally, New balance debuted new sneaker line, 574 Sport. The splash of color on the heel is a nice touch.

So that was one crowded room. Thanks to all the brands involved and a truly enjoyed installation.

Everywhere I look, men seem to have alot of hair on top and faded sides. After looking around on websites, all I see are variations on this particular style from faux hawks to surgery  (using electric razor to create designs?). Here are just some variations of the 20 or so styles we read up on:


This style is popular in New York. I see it everywhere. I suspect because of its ease and low maintenance.  The trick is to part hair and comb over before doing the fade look.


Whether, the sides or tapered (left) or burst faded (right); the faux hawk gets a redox for summer 2017.


Here we have a variation in undercut styles from short pomp (top), long pomp (bottom left) and side pomp  (bottom right).

All in all, short hair is back with short sides rather you prefer tapering, surgery, fading or skin fade.

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yvette ??

Today is the celebration of the birth of our nation and so what better way to celebrate then Americana style? July 4th should not be the only time to wear the American flag so we have compiled pieces for both women and men that are a fashionable way to show your American pride any day! lace top $2190 shorts $13 scarf $15 pin $2.20

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Since its been a while I am bringing back get it for less and not forgetting our male readers! Sport Slide sandals have been everywhere and they really look good with almost outfit. Guys can pair them with a suit sans tie and with shorts, tshirt and a varsity jacket for an updated sporty look. They are comfortable and flattering on anyone make or female but they can cost quite a lot when you get into high end brands; not every guy wa to to spend that much for something they mostly wear during Summer and to the gym so here are my picks and they will all be under $50!!

 Dockers Classic Slide Sandals $11.99

Puma Non Velcro Strap Slide Sandals $14.99

Vans Signature Checkerboard Embossed Slide Sandals $30

KG Geiger  Silver Slides $48