These three trends will take you through the entire fall season.

by Yvette E


Both women and men share this stylish print. The difference is we see it in jackets and not just bottoms. The hues are more lighter here with hints of bright colors like yellow and pastels like lavender.

90’s redux

We are not talking full on track suits but these three items can make you look fashionable without dating yourself (especially if you saw clueless when it came out).

1. Anorak – find one with patches for a updated look or neon hues.

2. Bucket hat – another trend that has cross genders, adding a simple one in a neutral hue is best.

3. Oversized sneakers

High top sneakers are back! Look for hues in basic neutrals with color highlights for that 90’s feel.


I am so obsessed with sorel right now and so should you. Their hiking boots are extremely stylish but more fund friendly brands include Steve Madden, and Vince Camuto.

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This fall instead of reaching for jeans, try these pant trends instead.

Tailored Sweat pants

Adidas made these popular but other brands have come to love them. Look for patchwork and floral prints for a 2018 update.

Plaid Skinny pants

Bring out your inner rocker with these pants. Here they are paired with a leather jacket but it can also go with a jean jacket.


Brands like Louis Vuitton have added leggings to their menswear line and we approve. Pair with shorts and a sweater for a more paired down look.

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We love runway shows but this presentation was amazing. It wasn’t just the mulitude of sponsors but also the graphics provided by the artists, Sharon Lee and designers Kirk Nelson & Jeffrey Sebelia.

About A.I.R.

The brand collaborates with various artists to fuse fashion and art. This season the prints are created by Sharon Lee who is mostly known for home decor. Her lovely floral prints and animal designs are seen throughout the collection.

The brainchildren behind A.I.R. is filmaker turned designer Kirk Woodward Nelson and Season 3 project runway alum, Jeffery Sebelia.

The show opens like a standard presentation on the rooftop of 7th house. The city provided a lovely backdrop to the collection that focused on street wear styles.

The wild prints were the hallmark of this filmmaker and artist turned fashion designer with flowers and comic strip notations creating a whimsy feeling.

Sharon Lee

The artist mostly known for wallpaper and other home goods lends her brush strokes to this white dress and various t-shirts.

Watches were provided by Klasse14 provided unique watches that looked like a sundial with beautiful finishes.

The verdict…great concept to pair with artists every season but ditch the t shirts and stick to the button downs and cargo pants. The women clothes were not memorable besides the dress with the classic Sharon Lee print. Check out our Instagram channel tfgnyc for the video of the event and more images.

Happy Hump day

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We love that the somewhat flashy colors of gold, copper and silver have raided spring and summer trends in the UK but how to incorporate the style in America without looking…well…festive is another story. Here are three tips on rocking the trend without looking holiday.

1. Pair with Neutral colors

In all cases, metallics have a cousin neutral, silver and gray, gold and tan, and even bronze with brown. The metallic part of your outfit is slightly muted but still the focal point.

2. Jackets are great

For the guy a little less adventurous, a full metallic jacket or a jacket with metallic features are an easy way to incorporated the trend while having the option to remove it later on.

3. No hot pants

Metallic hotpants may fly in London but not here. Stick to wide leg styles and even shorts if you can find them. You can then leave your shirt untucked.

Men’s fashion week in NY starts tomorrow so check out our first instagram video @ TFGnyc

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Hello Guys!

Summer is Here and bows the time to break out and dress for hotter temps. I know you guys wear tees all year around but Summer calls for lighter colors so why not try pastel colors? Pastels are a fresh take on the old black and grey tees most guys are stuck on and they can go with those colors anyway.. I will put together three looks that show how pastel graphic tees can be worn..



Men’s Pastel Graphic Tee Outfits



Hello guys

Summer is finally upon us and as I was walking around New York City one day I noticed more and more men carrying tote bags instead of messenger bags; and I thought it was such a cool idea as us ladies have been carrying tote bags for so long.  Tote bags are a great way to help the planet by not needing to carry plastic bags; but also because they are light weight, can carry anything and can be thrown in the wash! Tote bags don’t have to be the free ones with logos thrown on the front but can be structured, zippered, come in nice fabrics and can look really chill slung over a shoulder. You can find them to suit any style. Below I have scoured the internet to find cool totes that won’t break the bank but look more expensive so you can leave the messenger bag at home..and Totes are great all year enjoy!

Men’s tote bags





Okay, it is finally hot outside so how does a guy dress in hot weather without taking his shirt off or looking grimy in a sweaty tank top? We lined up three alternative out fits that will keep you cool and attractive.

The Khaki has it

Shorts or pants does not really matter, when it comes down to dressing cool they work well. Unlike jeans, they move and breath. Also, you can dress them up with a light button down or down with a striped tee.

For the Adventurous

These looks from Versace’s summer made we swoon. Try to recreate this look with baggy pants and a graphic tee. It is not tpo over the top but can say loads about your personality. Forever21 has a great selection of graphic tees while baggy pants can be found at H&M or Urban Oufitter.

Urban Chic

If the heat really does not bother you or like me, you are always cold, try urban wear staples. A sports jersey could be an alternative to the hoodie.


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Okay, guys have some really interesting choices besides swim trunks these days and we uncovered (no pun intended) these three alternatives to swim trunks or perhaps a way to spice it all up.

Activewear as swimwear

Those shorts and pull up you run with in the am could be your next beach staple! If not interested in getting your sport shorts, pair with a knee length swim shorts for a great casual look!

The cover up

You can buy matching sets of shirts and trunks! Bahama Breeze has a great variety and yes we love a man that coordinates..

Bold Prints

Skip out on basic neutrals and try that ever popular jungle and floral prints.

Let’s go swimming!

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Hello My Guy Readers!

We are almost mid way through 2018 and the eighties trends are still alive and kicking; and now that Spring has arrived (Winter is still kinda butting in most places) pastel colors have been springing (hee  hee  couldn’t resist) up on streetwear and celebs such as Kanye West and Jared Leto. I know everyone has seen candy colored hoodies everywhere so I didn’t want to go with that staple. The windbreaker was huge in the eighties and now it’s made a comeback.Who can resist a lightweight jacket that’s water resistant, looks cool on most anyone and is super durable? How about adding some pastel to this? You can pair it with darker colors or go full on Easter egg; the styling is endless..Here are my picks below!

When an Italian brand decided to showcase his first ever unisex collection in NYFW; I add to request an invite. The moment we heard the designer had Moroccan inspiration we expected gold hues, bright colors and bold ideas. Our wishes were answered.

The moment the show started basic male staples like blazers and buttoned down shirts were treated with bold patterns of paisleys, stripes and gold embroidery.

Ties were treated with contrasting colors and interesting patterns like a collection of pool balls. Other interesting looks were the pant skirts which we loved so much we are saving it for our Instagram page. Check out the full video roll on our YouTube page and the total looks on our Facebook page.


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