Suit weather usually is that time in fall when the weather dips into the 60s but brands like Dior and John Lawerence Sullivan is reimagining for the summer. Here are 3 tips to wear this trend.

By Yvette E

Shirtless men in blazers? Well, we can’t say we don’t like the idea but if you don’t feel comfortable shirtless then you have come to the right blog.

So we are going to go with low, mid and high comfort outfits for this challenge of taking a runway trend and using it in real life.


Sheer tops for men are all over the runway for Spring and is great way to give an illusion of nudity without being naked. If a sheer button down is out of your budget, then try a sheer sports tank instead. Loose fitting pants can complete the look but if you do want to show some legs opt for burmuda shorts instead.


Okay, so your a little comfortable with your shirtless body but have a tummy? Go shirtless and use those two buttons on a long blazer to hid the tummy and add a necklace to draw attention to your neckline. Add a belt on a pair of pants for added style.


Copy the runway but remember to focus on your style. If you like casual then pair with denim shorts and if you like to be more formal add burmuda shorts or a sporty person can add biking shorts.

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It’s cold outside so let’s warm up a little with some men spring 2019 trends. What’s up with neon and the pieces you can get now!

By Yvette E

Step back in the 80’s this spring with neon colored suits, pants, jackets and more all seen on the Milan runway this past February fashion week!

We combed through the internet for 3 outfits that you can buy now to get ahead of your friends.


Champion hoodie, American Apparel sweatpants, nike sneakers

This outfit clocks in under $200 and is available right now at the company’s website. The nike sneakers are available at footaction. If you feel this outfit is too bright, pick one of the separate pieces and then pair with white items.


Next up is a skinny fit suit from at 89.99 and comes in neon green and salmon. As always, breakup the separates until you get comfortable wearing them together and get a size up if you have broad shoulders or just not into skinny fit.


Some people think a preference for joggers is casual but really wearing jeans and joggers are 2 different things. So if you are into jeans and tees (Asos, $29), try just adding neon tees to dark jeans to bring out the color and pair with a neon sneaker.

Note: It is NOT ok to mix and match neon colors so keep the palette in the same hue and it may be best to pick a color and just commit. Neon orange is the easiest to wear but neon yellow and green are the easiest to buy.

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Microtrends are trends that come from the street and not the runway. We spotted men on bomber jackets and fell in love. See how to rock this trend IRL.

By Yvette E

Where does the bomber jacket come from?

The bomber jacket originates from military clothing which trickled down into subcultures such as punk and has recently made its way into high fashion.

The jacket was used as Military garb in the 1950s and made it into fashion in 1963. In recent years, the bomber jacket has been in and off the runway and currently is not.

So what’s with the renewed love for a jacket that isn’t trending?

Why now?

Even though the bomber jacket isn’t on trend, it does have roots in the punk subculture and rebellion seems to be the hot button topic in today’s world. From the marchs in New York against immigration reform to the yellow jacket demonstrations in France, rebellion is everywhere. Of course, the bomber jacket’s origin of WWII deviance also has linked it to standing up for what is right when talking about human rights.

As always, fashion has its roots in current events.

How to rock the look

Dressing it down

Pair it with sweat pants and layer a hoodie under it for extra warmth if you live in a cold weather climate. Add a fleece under the hoodie if temperatures fall below 18ยฐF.

Dressing it up

Pair with wide leg pants and layer with full body fleece under garment. Pair with a sweater that accents the colors in the bomber jacket (match the trim color).

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It’s been cold for a while now but we can no longer hold on to the hope that fall will happen with just 3 weeks to winter. We have curated 5 winter accessories that are so hot right now for our male readers.

By Yvette E

The plaid scarf

Plaid has made a come back this season for both sexes but men still mostly have the traditional block and stripe combination.

Ditch the beanie

A bowler hat is so chic and was seen on multiple runways this season. There are styles available in black if you don’t feel adventurous.

Fanny Pack crossbody

A must in every cool guy’s closet! Try a super large one with logo for a super standout vibe. Place it low key in neutral colors.

Sports themed cardigans

A little on the nerdy side, this microtrend will have you turn heads this season in a good way.

Puff it up

Puffer jackets are finally cool for guys and a great way to keep warm!

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Like pastel pink this summer, yellow has been seen on fall runways for men from the stripe on the fireman jacket to a full on sweater. Here’s how to rock the hue IRL.

By Yvette E

Courtesy of WSJ

It is always scary wearing a bright color since the whole idea is to get noticed which few of us actually like to do. Fashion has always contradicted us on this notion. So how does one wear yellow without looking like Big Bird or an attention seeker? We have 3 suggestions (take it or leave):

1. Light yellow highlights with trim that points to the hue or an accessory like socks or hats.

(sweater Asos 29.99, Shirt Macy’s 33.75)

2. Mildly adventurous? Try a sweater or the shirt that goes under the sweater (navy blue to pop the hue or a brown hue to mute it a little).

3. Ready for full on yellow? The first two looks in the opening image are the truly bold but the second is more realistic. Still not ready for a full yellow sweater, pick a striped one instead.

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A microtrend is a trend that few designers embrace or is contained to a region. Today we are exploring how the men fire jacket became a microtrend that hit the runway.

By Yvette E

courtesy of french Vogue

The singular reflective stripe that helps firemen see each other in a 4 alarm blaze was seen on the runways of Calvin Klein, Junya Wannabe and Burberry.

Here is why:

  1. There has been a rise in fires including the one burning through California right now. There is a trend for fashion to address issues in our lifes such as how the #metoo moment increased feministic graphic tees. At least this time, it’s tasteful.
  2. Hero Worship: The fact that superheroes are now everywhere, it seems humanity has a love for selflessness. Firefighters are real life heros so why not pay homage to them.

Rocking this trend

1. Wear it with loose fitting pants. Baggy jeans will work but nothing skinny.

2. Try bright sneakers to make the jacket pop. If you can’t, just avoid black shoes or sneakers if wearing black pants.

3. Wear a hoodie like a top and be double warm. If you feel uneasy about wearing a hoodie alone, pair with an Henley.

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Formerly wind breakers, windcheaters are having a moment in men’s fashion this fall but instead of reaching for a company that will only sell it one season, buy from a company that always sold it and get it for less.

By Yvette E

When it comes to fashion trends, couture fashion houses will always create a piece for one season and then never again. However there are brands that always created the look that is now a trend and they will offer it for less so instead of buying a windcheater from Gucci, here are three sportswear companies that already make them at a fraction of the cost.

We look at New Balance (on sale at which has a bright color neon and this more causal gray starting at 80 dollars.

Adidas wind jackets are regularly $60 but are half off right now on their site. $36 windcheater

Finally, we went to and were suprised they had a men section and for 36 dollars this one is going fast!!

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Women have been wearing track suits in velour since they were invented by Juicy Couture. This season, men are getting thier chance to rock the look.

By Yvette E

The tracksuit is most likely the answer to the comfort wear millenial women have embraced. It has just started its popularity in runway fair in 2017 after evolving over the last 6 years as matching jackets with streamlined pants back in 2011.

This season look for more matching styles, baggier silhouettes and monochromatic color palettes.

Are you rocking a tracksuit this fall? #tfgts to be featured on our Instagram page!

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Hello my handsome Readers!

Itโ€™s that time again when Fall is upon us and all itโ€™s chilly, rainy glory! What better way to welcome in the new season then a cool piece of jewelry? This season watches are getting bigger and more dynamic. The newest trend to hit the runways and seen gleaming on male celebrities is the two tone gold and silver watch; not only is it a sleek futuristic color combination but it also elevates anything you wear with it. ย I have scoured the internet to bring you cool, sleek and awesome watches that are all shockingly under $60! Below are my picks and please let us know in the comments if you will be wearing this trend and which watch is your fave!ย 

Your fashion Goddess.


With far out trends like S+M, astronauts, rodeo and large shoulders, mens fashion has gotten just as crazy as the ladies, so here are 5 trends that you can rock without looking out of place IRL.

by Yvette E

The Cap

Baseball caps have been in style for sometime but the newest styles have wider brims and larger graphics in front. Brims can also be a different fabric from the main hat.

The Leather Coat

Channel your inner Neo with this lengthened leather jacket look. You can trust us it will look cool but not with jogger sets.

The 90’s sneakers

Oversized fugly sneakers are back from the 90’s abyss and we are in love. Pick out the bold colors that are out this fall.

All checker everything

The girls got all the plaids this season but the guys got checkers. Be daring in checker shirts or coat or more subtle in checker accessories.

Brown’s Hayday

The color brown is having a moment and you should be a part of it. From Caramel to tan and every brown in between this trend is the easiest to add to your everyday rotation. You probably already have it in your closet.

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