Party of five is back with an all Hispanic cast that have to deal with their parents deportation. We attended the launch party last night.

By Yvette E

Party of Five was one of the shows we all watched in the 90s and just like Charmed, Sabrina the teenage Witch, 90210, and Full House. And like all these shows joins the list of reboots.

Although, like Charmed, the cast is Hispanic and is dealing with current events.

The event started at 6:30pm and drinks and hor d’oeuvres were served. Mexican popcorn was ditched just before the premiere and an Q&A followed.

We were then lead to another room with gift bags, more libations and more food. Custom handkerchiefs and jewelry rounded out the night.

The show is worth a watch and is scheduled for a 2 hour premiere on freeform tonight at 8pm.

Tune into our YouTube and Instagram later to check out the Q&A with the actors.

Happy Wednesday đź’‹

If you ran to party city last night for a costume and couldn’t brave the extra long line nor that only the pricey costumes are left. Here are 5 costume ideas that you can do at home.

By Yvette E

The Dolls

From Annabelle to the bride of chucky, creepy dolls are having a moment.

You can create your own creepy doll look with a frilly dress and a wig.

Homicidal killers

From the Purge to The Killers, everyday people transforming to mass murders is now trending. So get a cheap mask and plastic knife and live your best killer life.

Tim Burton Obssession

Tim Burton has made some memorable characters that embraced darkness without looking ominous. A couple of years ago, I went to a TB rave dressed as Letitia Deeds.

Mean Girls

There have been a collection of movies about them and so they really make great costumes.

We love the soronity girls of Scream Queens as well as the original mean girls so rather your a mouse (duh) or wearing the candy colors of Scream Queens, celebrate your inner bitch.

Go has your fav celebrity

Jokingly, there seems to interest in political and public figures who behave badly as halloween costumes this year from Lindsey Lohan’s drunk dancing to the legendary fight between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

In any rate, be creative and save some money. As always #TFGDIY if you made a memorable costume from what you had at home and be featured on our Instagram.

Happy Friyay đź’‹

2017 has just started and what better way to start the year then to pick a style icon we can all look forward to seeing what she does in 2017!

Halsey is an indie singer with some pretty gutsy songs and a laid back cool style. Her album Badlands produced some really good girl power anthems and really bared her soul for the world to see. Her song Castle because the theme song for The Huntsman Winters War and she has collabed with Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers. She appeals to a lot of girls with her feminist outlook and standing up for what she believes in. She has also become the voice of bi racial and mixed people.  Her style can be described as nineties girly, tomboy street style. She loves tshirts, oversized sweats and bralettes. But when she gets red carpet ready it’s nineties sexy pot pinup Tom boy. I adore how she mixes things up! Listen to New Americana, Hurricane and Colors.

Emilie Autumn's last album

The album has a musical feel to it.

We have done music for a looooooong time and we can say we are shaming ourselves so no need for you to do so. In regards to fashion, we always saw ourselves as a lover of alternative looks; so for music, we are still showing our love for Emilie Autumn.

The “Fight like a Girl” album landed in our hearts 4 years ago now and no doubt the “plague rats” (what Emilie Autumn calls her fans) are waiting to hear some new material. Even though, we still wait for more music; she has been busy these past 4 years. The album was written as a musical based on the supposedly autobiography “The Asylum of Wayward Victorian Girls”. Even though, “fight like a girl” was the only song release from the album, It has been very popular.

In 2014, it was announced that Emilie Autumn would be appearing at a handful of dates on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour with an installation called “The Asylum Experience”, which will include music, burlesque, circus sideshow attractions and theater.[1]


This book has become so popular they may be a musical in the works

The latest news is a release of an audio book of her beloved book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls ; a 6 CD box set which no doubt features great surprises for her fans (me as well :).

cosplay wayward girl

This staged performance by a fan could be a possible excerpt from the play.

Another side note is that this popular book and the album that also featured songs related to the book is going to be a musical!! That’s right, its in production as we speak! So who is going to play Emily? Who knows but I am getting a orchestra seat. There is even rumor about a movie but the musical is confirmed.

I would look forward to anyone hazarding a guess on the cast and possibly what to expect. I know we can expect the entire album of “fight like a girl” to appear in the Broadway play. As an American, I really don’t get a lot of information about foreign singers so please share on the comments below.



Hot chocolate Design is a Venezulan brand founded by Pablo Martinez and Carolina Aguerrevere in 2004 that create small quantities of Mary Jane type shoes and heels (often called chocolaticas) that feature edgy,fun and sweet designs. Their shoes come in cute milk carton shaped shoe boxes and their only US distributors are in Miami, FL , and








Box flats come in

I end my Spring shoe guide with a brand I am obsessed with! I own their clothes and handbags as well as their kick ass shoes! Iron Fist wascstarted by two skaters in 2001 and since then the brand has hired many skaters and artists to create their one of a kind prints. They create well made shoes with a punk twist and the price is so afforable with no shoe priced over $80!!


I absolutely adore shoes! I think a great pair of shoes can really make an outfit pop! For years I have been shopping certain brands and as I discover new ones I feel like I won the lottery! I am always on the look out for whimsical yet comfortable shoes and usually keep mum on my favs as I hated to share until now readers! I am highlighting this week my fav shoe brands who feature the perfect shoes for Spring!

First up is Miista Shoes. I only discovered this UK based brand when RackedNy sent me their sample sale newletter and I wasn’t disapointed! The shoes can run a size small but their sandals run true to size and the unusual prints and treatments used on their shoes are so worth the hassle!



The artist proudly poses for the camera

The Art world as slowly and quietly become a part of the fashion world as artist turn into pattern designers and collection influencers. Although,  Rad Roubeni has yet to venture into the fashion world,  his strong representation of “Street scapes” and unique style of capturing it all,  will surely be influential for future fashion designers around the world.

At frist glance, the photos are capturing the work of graffiti, but as we look closer we realize the “devil is in the details”  so to speak. It is not so much the unusual color theme or the interpretation of an idea but more the technique that renders this artwork worthy of an installation.  We spoke the the artist and photographer about the process of turning a flat image into an accurate perception of the human eye.

Each photo is actually 16 to 18 images spliced together to mimic what the human eye perception. It was shot with hdr and printed on canvas to add texture. The images were shot in rapid succession to create a high def experience.


The pop up gallery is located at 104 delancey Street between Essex and Ludlow until feburary 15, 2014. It is worth the experience.

I have to admit I really didn’t really know who FKA Twigs was until I saw the uproar she caused on Twitter when actor Rob Patterson became her boyfriend. Well I am sure glad I decided to google her because I am now a huge admirer! FKA Twigs (born Tahliah Barnett) is from Gloucestershire, England and is a singer, song-writer and dancer. She got her start as a dancer in music videos namely Jessie J’s “Do It Like A Dude”. The petite and stunning beauty reminds me of a mixture of Sade’, Bjork and Aa. Her music videos are creative and visually stunning and her lyrics are pure poetry! People have labeled her Alternative R&B but I say she is most def Alternative Electronic. Please download “Two Weeks”, “Water Me” and “Papi Pacify” her new album LP1 was released in August last year and has just released an amazing new video “Pendulum”