After quarantine, there will be alot less places to go especially of these stores were on your list.

By Yvette E

10 Corso Cuomo

After just 18 months, this Italian based department store has permanently closed and will not reopen after quaratine statures are lifted. It was one of my stores to visit after quaratine lifted. The stores other locations have closed leaving the original in Milan and one in Tokyo.

Lion Brand Studios

If you are a yarn lover, you knew this store was already planning to close May 1st but quarantine mandates quickened closure by one month.

Nieman Marcus

The first department store to file bankruptcy because of failing clothing sales, we can expect some stores not to reopen. The store just enteres NY officially last year with the opening of the Hudson Yard Mall.

J.C. Penney’s

Already, barely afloat, this chain is exploring bankruptcy options and has skipped payments on debt last week. We can say the certain stores may remain close.

As always, the future is lined with possibilities as well as opportunities niether have to be negative.

Stay inside and stay safe,


Amazon prime isn’t just for fast shipping. Here are some others.

By Yvette E

Amazon Prime is 13.99 a month and with the subscription you can get:


With KindleFirst you can get a free new release before it comes out and you don’t need a kindle, just the app. Plus it happens every month allowing you to add to your digital library quickly.


You get unlimited plays from Amazon music with Alexa or the app. You can download to listen later and create playlist with the app.


You probably know you get 10% off sales items at wholefoods but you also get limited deals only for prime members as well. If you download the wholefoods app you can see what some of the deals are before you go to the store.

Amazon Prime

Then you get access to a complete video library including originals and movies are to find any where else. You can even stream on most smart tvs, Roku or other streaming device.


Order anything and get it the same day for an additional $5 and you can choose rather to tip or not. It is currently disabled but if you do need something in a hurry, this is your best bet and it’s dropped right on your doorstep.

This is not a sponsored ad, just a girl really happy about getting more then her money’s worth.

Happy Mundane,


Marc Jacobs has come back swinging out the gates with his beautiful and luxe new lines..

Hello my lovely readers!

We are all heart broken when 2015 saw Marc by Marc Jacobs line sputter followed by Marc Jacobs leaving his beloved 3 decades self titled brand; but alas we can all dry our tears because as of 2019 Marc Jacobs is back with the new brand The Marc Jacobs and this time he is focusing on RTW pieces with whimsical and pop culture vibes.
His Spring 2020 lines feature Snoopy and our favorite bold Floral patterns yet ethereal ruffled blouses and dresses.. In his Madison Avenue store customers are treated to bottled water and a photo booth upstairs making for a fun way to spend a little of your weekend afternoon and there is something for everyone when it comes to pricing (We found a heart mirror for $10 and some bags were $250!) We included pictures of the pieces we fell in love with…enjoy!

Your fashion goddess,


The Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 Collection

I was shocked going to the mall and seeing so many deep discounts!

Hello Readers!

I was shocked when I decided to make a rare trip to my local mall to pick up some 50% Godiva Valentines Chocolate; to see so many clearance sales! I walked through JC Penny’s and saw 70-80% off in the Homegoods sections, Aldo shoes had an extra 30% off clearance which had me snapping up a bunny bag w jeweled bow and nose and a cute sparkly mini bag for $42 for both!
I then walked into CVS (migraine season for me) and was shook to see two 90% off portable shelves filled w Valentine’s Day and Christmas gift sets! I snapped up cozy thick slipper socks for 99 cents a pair as well as some other small gems; but the score of the month goes to me scoring LOL surprise dolls for $1.49 each! ( um sorry I bought the entire case cuz I have no self control and I’m also an adult toy collector! Ps if you want to see me unbox them leave a comment on this post)

so in conclusion run to your local mall and check out your local CVS stores to see what gems u can find! ( I heard Walgreens is also doing 90% off)

your fashion goddess


If you think you can say what ever you want on Social Media think again..

By Yvette E

So why did Barney’s close a whole day early to confused onlookers who came to the store after seeing an ad on TV and a facebook post about coming down just 2 hours ago?

Simply put, you spoke about the sale “cheaping the brand” on Instagram. We all read the “sad to see these items go so cheap” remarks and the “5 dollars for single pair shoes” retorts so thanks for ruining the chances of NYers that have to work and just didn’t have time to run down to Barney’s.

The proof of all this is why barney closed…it became an elitist company. In the past, young designers had a chance to showcase their designs at thier incubator store but it was closed without warning. That was the sign that Barney’s was building the mantra “You can’t sit with us”.

Exclusion at a time when we all want inclusion seems to be the problem with the fashion industry in general. Tom Ford at the helm of the CFDA proves it.

The most successful fashion weeks includes everyone and seems fitting in the world of Direct to consumer or you can just have your show in a warehouse and include no one.

Happy Wednesday 🐪💋

As stores like Barneys and Open Ceremony become brands, where do emerging designers go now?

By Yvette E

They say the internet is the great equalizer, allowing brands to reach thier target markets but if Amazon has to open stores, it’s a strong sign that isn’t the case.

Without high amount of marketing dollars, forget building an organic social media presence and third party selling sites are just too overwhelmed with prospective brands and crafters.

To be fair, pop up markets in the US like American Fields, Unique Markets and Pop up Market are helping brands reach customers through short time store space.

Still, the time is short and you are usually paired with people with similar aesthetic so standing out can be difficult.

So comment below. How, as a emerging designers, do you reach your customers?

Happy Monday!

Spring is just around the corner and with all the 70% off sales, it’s time to start thinking about the season’s it bag

By Yvette E

Marni Spring 2020 via

The bucket bag is having a moment and the fact that it’s been in fashion for three seasons practically insures that you will see one at the many clearance sales happening this month.

We went to Nordstrom and found this $98 dollar Jessica Simpson bag marked down to $27.97! Click on the bag to shop the sale.

I am in love with bags that have hardware detail and this one is perfect. Asos has few bucket bag choices but prices start at $16 and this one from Yoki Fashion is on sale for $32. Shop the sale by clicking the bag.

We noticed alot of black on this bag so we decided to spice it up with this beaded bucket from World Market. This hippy chic festival bag is just $15.73. I may just buy it myself.

Happy Hump Day🐪💋

As American brands turn away from kitschy accessories and clothes, it’s getting harder to get items that will have you stand out.

By Yvette E

Since the demise of Betsey Johnson as a brand and the purchase of Kate Spade, mid tier Kitsch is on the decline.

Yes, you can still find a cheap kitsch purse at Forever 21 or Rainbow but if you want quality, the next tier is in the thousands.

It’s not even the death of American Kitsch that’s the main problem. Other brands have trouble staying in the US market.

Nicopanda had stores like Macy’s, Urban outfitters and Opening Ceremony knocking on their door in 2015 but now doesn’t even have an online store.

Desigual closed 2 stores in NY and changed direction of the brand for US market.

So where do you go for a breakout accessory?

We compiled a list of possible of mid-priced Kitsch brands below:


Aldo is doing a great job on mid-priced bags, picking up where Charming Charlie left off.


Alternative sites that contain alot of brands are your best bet. Asos carrys a great selection of mid priced brands that cab be kitschy and othef non-normcore styles.


Steve Madden and Sophie Webster both get our vote here but Steve is more accessible in the States.

Do you know any Kitschy brand under the radar or if you design kitsch let us know and comment below.

Happy Friyay and a 3 Day Weekend!!💋

The experts say no recession is in the pipeline but consumers are spending less and sales percents are higher just like in 2002.

By Yvette E

The tariff taxes have hit companies hard and they have passed that cost to the consumer resulting in consumers buying less and creating a ripple effect. When consumers panic, retailers panic which is the same thing that happened during the Great Recession.

Wildly high sale percentages and deals plus closing stores marked the beginning of the last Great Recession and we are already taking notice.

Here are 3 things to do now to get ready:

  1. Buy current styles at low prices and don’t care about seasons.
  2. Pay off outstanding debts. Try to curve out a deal with debtors to pay less now so save money in the long one.
  3. Get your monthly payments down to a minimum and trybto spend less.

It’s time to start saving because that storm is on the horizon.

What do you think? Is another big recession on the way?

Happy Monday!!💋

All the glitz and glamour on full display at BCBG Holiday Party.

Hello lovely readers!

Last Thursday we had the honor of attending a holiday party hosted by The daily Front Row magazine for BCBGMaxAzria.. Party goers didn’t come to play as they dressed in genuine furs (to keep warm from the arctic temps that night in NYC), sequins and rhinestones.. There was plenty of mix vodka cocktails, Champagne, appetizers and sampling’s of the world’s most expensive Beluga Cavier! Guests left with a nice BCBG tote bag filled with, jewelry, lip balm and a coupon to come back!