As stores like Barneys and Open Ceremony become brands, where do emerging designers go now?

By Yvette E

They say the internet is the great equalizer, allowing brands to reach thier target markets but if Amazon has to open stores, it’s a strong sign that isn’t the case.

Without high amount of marketing dollars, forget building an organic social media presence and third party selling sites are just too overwhelmed with prospective brands and crafters.

To be fair, pop up markets in the US like American Fields, Unique Markets and Pop up Market are helping brands reach customers through short time store space.

Still, the time is short and you are usually paired with people with similar aesthetic so standing out can be difficult.

So comment below. How, as a emerging designers, do you reach your customers?

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Spring is just around the corner and with all the 70% off sales, it’s time to start thinking about the season’s it bag

By Yvette E

Marni Spring 2020 via

The bucket bag is having a moment and the fact that it’s been in fashion for three seasons practically insures that you will see one at the many clearance sales happening this month.

We went to Nordstrom and found this $98 dollar Jessica Simpson bag marked down to $27.97! Click on the bag to shop the sale.

I am in love with bags that have hardware detail and this one is perfect. Asos has few bucket bag choices but prices start at $16 and this one from Yoki Fashion is on sale for $32. Shop the sale by clicking the bag.

We noticed alot of black on this bag so we decided to spice it up with this beaded bucket from World Market. This hippy chic festival bag is just $15.73. I may just buy it myself.

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As American brands turn away from kitschy accessories and clothes, it’s getting harder to get items that will have you stand out.

By Yvette E

Since the demise of Betsey Johnson as a brand and the purchase of Kate Spade, mid tier Kitsch is on the decline.

Yes, you can still find a cheap kitsch purse at Forever 21 or Rainbow but if you want quality, the next tier is in the thousands.

It’s not even the death of American Kitsch that’s the main problem. Other brands have trouble staying in the US market.

Nicopanda had stores like Macy’s, Urban outfitters and Opening Ceremony knocking on their door in 2015 but now doesn’t even have an online store.

Desigual closed 2 stores in NY and changed direction of the brand for US market.

So where do you go for a breakout accessory?

We compiled a list of possible of mid-priced Kitsch brands below:


Aldo is doing a great job on mid-priced bags, picking up where Charming Charlie left off.


Alternative sites that contain alot of brands are your best bet. Asos carrys a great selection of mid priced brands that cab be kitschy and othef non-normcore styles.


Steve Madden and Sophie Webster both get our vote here but Steve is more accessible in the States.

Do you know any Kitschy brand under the radar or if you design kitsch let us know and comment below.

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The experts say no recession is in the pipeline but consumers are spending less and sales percents are higher just like in 2002.

By Yvette E

The tariff taxes have hit companies hard and they have passed that cost to the consumer resulting in consumers buying less and creating a ripple effect. When consumers panic, retailers panic which is the same thing that happened during the Great Recession.

Wildly high sale percentages and deals plus closing stores marked the beginning of the last Great Recession and we are already taking notice.

Here are 3 things to do now to get ready:

  1. Buy current styles at low prices and don’t care about seasons.
  2. Pay off outstanding debts. Try to curve out a deal with debtors to pay less now so save money in the long one.
  3. Get your monthly payments down to a minimum and trybto spend less.

It’s time to start saving because that storm is on the horizon.

What do you think? Is another big recession on the way?

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All the glitz and glamour on full display at BCBG Holiday Party.

Hello lovely readers!

Last Thursday we had the honor of attending a holiday party hosted by The daily Front Row magazine for BCBGMaxAzria.. Party goers didnโ€™t come to play as they dressed in genuine furs (to keep warm from the arctic temps that night in NYC), sequins and rhinestones.. There was plenty of mix vodka cocktails, Champagne, appetizers and samplingโ€™s of the worldโ€™s most expensive Beluga Cavier! Guests left with a nice BCBG tote bag filled with, jewelry, lip balm and a coupon to come back!

The sweet cookie and cake Cali co is finally on the East Coast.

By Yvette E


On the corner of 30th st and 6th Ave attached to Ace Hotel, Milk has built a sweet space that you would never see in SoHo.

The shop has cookies of the far end near the ace hotel entrance and joining forward leads you to a carousel of cakes.

A staircase in the center adds charm to the eatery area where a drink bar also resides.

There are few gluten free options with 1 cookie and 1 cake and possibly the one latte that I had where the milk was soaking in cornflakes.

As for wheelchair accessible, we had some issues with the lift but all in all we were able to get in (the shopgirl let my sister have a cookie while we waited).

The cookies are very sweet with about 3 to 5 spoons of sugar each one but the texture was very enjoyable.

It did bring a little west coast charm to the cold weather and for that we did enjoy it.

They also have a claw machine in the back but it is a quarter to play. So if you’re in midtown, stop by the shop with the neon Milk sign.

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Sephora and Ulta have dominated the beauty space in the USA buy it is time for change.

By Yvette E

With a more curated approach to beauty brands, Space NK carries what Sephora does not, small batch brands made locally.

There seems a space missing for brands that can’t afford to produce quantities needed for big box stores and this is the place.

The prices are also more affordable. Briogea my favorite hair brand, is $5 cheaper here then Sephora and aren’t on Ulta’s shelves yet.

Influenster sent me to a small holiday party last night where champagne was poured and facials were given.

The box gift sets were the star for me starting at just $39 for 3 products.

Stop by 31 Prince Street to the cozy store and take a pic in front of thier neon rose mural.

Happy Holiday Shopping! ๐Ÿ’‹

Elle partners with rituals just in time for the home holiday rush.

By Yvette E

The home holidays are about dressing up your home in season decor and Halloween marks the start of the season. It’s no wonder that Rituals decided it was time to launch a home collection that includes diffusers to lovely scent the home.

The scents available are just three of the top selling fragrance, sweet jasmine, imperial rose and orris mimosa. We hope they expand soon.

The event itself allowed fellow press to write inspiring words on 1 of 2 candle choices, wild fig or cardamom. We picked the black jar (wild fig).

Light bites and wine were served and the new beauty editor for Elle, Katie Becker gave a speech about her long time love affair with the brand.

As always thier summer scent is on the chopping block with 30% off all products containing the scent. There is only 3 weeks left!

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Check out the guided mediation by ritual staff on our Instagram video feed and a roll from the NYFW shows we saw.

Puma’s store opening was a star studded event filled with rapper performances, b-ballers and stylist….& Jay-z $1K bottle of wine.

By Yvette E

A store opening like this one comes once in a lifetime. Usually, stores open quietly to the public and only the top spenders are invited to shop before the prelaunch party. Vivenne Westwood did just that in 2016 when after 6 years of waiting for it to open. Lately, fifth ave has seen a remodel with Lululemon, Adidas and now Puma operated from the once posh location. It has become a more everyday location and this party was just one example.

So basically the store hired taxis to announce the VIP event around the city with an additional 2 days of giveaways after the ribbon cutting. After doing this for 2 weeks, the guest list ballooned out of control. Puma created a second guest list to create it but it didn’t stop those who got a confirmation from the taxi link from showing up.

The party was supposed to start at 7pm but J-Zay didn’t cut the ribbon to 7:30 pm and that’s when the crowd started filing in.

We were greeted with a giant shoe at the entrance, the ultrasuede (a bestseller) blown to giant proportions.

We headed to the bar where they had 6 mixed drinks on the menu and J-Zay’s own $1K bottle of Champagne and Rose.

The party had 3 rappers perform (not J-Zay but we think he gave enough) Meghan Thee Stallion, Brianna and Fabolous. All up and commers in local areas that Puma has seen the success.

The food at the party was an odd mix of chinese feel with backyard flavor, cabbage salad served in takeout boxes, hot & spicy wings and sweet rice eggrolls.

The food and drinks poured till the end of the party. We spent most of the time waiting to do our free custom tees provided by Chinamarket University and of course buying Puma swag.

Stylists were also in attendance so between them, the basketball players and rappers, the staff was busy filling orders all night. If you missed it, you missed a memorable night.

Stop by the store for custom embroidery and other goodies for just $10! I hope to go back and get what I purchased customized.

It’s a rainy labor day weekend but enjoy it anyway!!

Happy second sunday, ๐Ÿ’‹

The decline of topshop who closed its 5th Ave flagship last week is due to one thing and it’s shocking.

By Yvette E

courtesy of

After hearing a rumor that topshop was modeling its clothes from Japanese designers ( where they earned the name “Chopshop”), I decided to no longer support the brand but I wasn’t alone.

Other then decling sales, the biggest problem that put an ax in the head of investors was 33 percent decline in profit and not because topshop sales were poor (only sliding 1.3%) but high overhead and…no online presence. Yep, once the stores closed..the retailer wasn’t making money.

Today, people talk about active moneymaking which means you keep making money even when you sleep. Without an online presence, Topshop wasn’t making money once the store closed. Topshop will be selling items with online retailer, ASOS (who is also experiencing a decline in sales for not establishing an offline presence and poor wearhouse conditions).

Despite closing 50 stores that have not been renovated in years, Topshop will still have over 400 stores with a massive lease overhead that is eating into its profits while its top competitors have less then 100 (Zara has 66 stores worldwide).

So let me know..when was the last time you went to Topshop?

Tag us or #TFTS to show us your topshop remix and maybe they will get some ideas.

Happy Monday!!๐Ÿ’‹

P.S. All US stores will be closed by August.