So the next “twins” I chose are Nick Nolte and Gary Busey (who has been called the poor man’s Nick Nolte). The resemblance is uncanny! Gary Busey is a lot younger and he never really became as famous as Nick but I think that’s what happens when you are in the same line of work as your doppelgänger lol! Here are the pics you be the judge!

This year, I plan to enter as many jewelry contests as possible. I love to compete and for the next couple of months, I will be blogging about my entries. Here are the contests I want to participate:

2011 Jewelry Designer Competition (Miami Beach International Fashion Week)
January 15, 2011

Poetry & Prose (Stringing)
Design a piece of jewelry inspired by the theme using simple stringing and wire work techniques.
February 11, 2011

The Beaded Earth (Beadwork)
Create a beaded creation inspired by the “natural wonders of our world.”
February 25, 2011

Bead Dreams Competition and Exhibition 2011
Deadline: April 5, 2011 (ONLINE)

Bead Dreams Competition and Exhibition 2011
Bead&Button Magazine
Bead&Button Show
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 8-12, 2011

I will be creating for a march jewelry competition but I can’t find one so if you have any ideas let me! I will be charting my progress here so check back often!! If you want to follow along for any of these competitions feel free and if you have pictures – please forward them to and I will post them!!

When we heard the T-pain was going to feature styles from the Steampunk movement in his latest song “Rap Song” we were surprised. Punk meets Rap all in a “The other guys” stop film experience. So stylist Kristina Kitchen used some of our mini top hats in the video which we were pleasantly surprised about the outcome! One beautiful studded heart earrings and four mini top hats. What a great way to start 2011. See the stop pictures below.

The top hat to the right of picture is our crowning glory!

We had a world wind trip to the top in 2010! First our jewelry line debuted in Mercedes Benz Swim alongside Aqua Di Lara’d Qiss Qiss brand, SOBE Men’s Show featured our new men’s line, Grammy winning recording artist Mya took a real liking to our Jewelry line wearing it all over the country! and ending the year with our mini top hats being featured in Tpain’s newest video for his hit single “Rap Song”! Not to mention being featured in Sun Sentinel, New Times and several Indy fashion magazines. You cant stop F.U.S.C.H.A’s Metoric rise! 2011 is gonna be huge! for pics check out our facebook page.

Here are some of the things that happened to FUSCHA this year:

1.Four press releases including Miami Sun-sentinel, New Times and an online magazine

Press shot

Press shot from Sun-sentinel – 7/14/2010


Mercedes-Benz Swim held a lot of surprises and our debut on the runway was one of them.

Quiss Quiss

3. A photo shoot with a magazine – Cigar Style

4. A video with T-pain

Who knows what 2011 will bring but we are ready!

F.U.S.C.H.A. has had a stunning year so far and the best is yet to come. We were tapped by FGI as emerging jewelry designers, requested by Aqua Di Lara to adorn thier suits in Mercedes Benz swim and we were published in our first magazine. We also have gotten a new store in Miami. It’s a big list and no one is prouder than we are of our accomplishments. Now we are ready to Launch our newest collection – Ennui. The launch was held off due to our trip to New York. As soon as the ad hit facebook and the items were added to etsy, we were personally invited to sell at a Wynwood gallery during Art Basel season! Yes we are happy to showcase our new collection and get some more press (even though we have gotten a few press nods already).

What’s next for FUSCHA? Well, we look forward to launching our next collection based on Japanese fashion craze, harajuku – kokoroiki. It will be casual items worked into floral, striped, and skull prints with a rock flair.



This pint sized diva is only 9 years old, already has her own style and a hit song! She loves punk clothes with a hip hop twist and wears her hair in all sorts of cool and funky colors and mohawks. Her parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett but her style and sound are all her own!

download “Whip My Hair”.

Gaga is a well known copycat: her video ideas are stolen from Rihanna; her character from Grace Jones and of course a host of possible people stating she has some how ripped them off. Sorry little monsters, Kerli is the latest celeb to feel the cold hands of Lady Gaga grasping at her fame (fame monster indeed).

A picture is worth a thousand words....

come on you know the similarities are uncanny! But Kerli Did it First!

The picture above is evidence enough of style icon, Kerli, contribution to Lady Gaga’s style. Nothing is wrong with being inspired by some elses’ style but claiming it as your own is a new low! Janet Jackson admits to being inspired by Micheal, Brittany Spears by Madonna, and even Adam Lambert by Madonna. So why is she so special that she is above such influences of others.

The most recent is the hair. Yes, Lady Gaga has been stealing kerli’s hairstyles. It is gotten so bad that she has been asked to change her style even though it is Lady Gaga who is copying. Her record dates keep being pushed back and the more she seeks to change her look, the more Lady GaGa copies it. So should the original change for the copycat? Then what would the copycat copy?

gaga Dip colors her hair green just like....

kerli who dipped dyed her hair pink first

This October has been huge for F.U.S.C.H.A! We have had our clothing featured in a brand new video featuring T-pain (thats all we can say for now) shot in a men’s magazine (Cigar Snob) and now we are headed to NYC for Henri Bendels Open Call for new accessories designers! Keep your fingers crossed!

Some celebrities have style and some don’t. The VMAs awards are a Hodge podge of success and failures as well as shock value. And we were shocked indeed with the our notorious copycat, Lady GaGa’s meat dress. She says she was making a statement but all I see is a desperate clutching  for the the few minutes of fame she has left. Fame monster indeed!

The Fame Monster meat dress

She was not the only one who showed up on the worst dress list which held some shockers like Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj. Well, maybe not Ke$ha. I saw her in concert and her fashion sense was lacking. I personally like a person who takes a fashion risk like Katy Perry’s lace and satin combo. I can’t say it a dress but at least its in fashion (we covered lace trend for fall).

Finally, I would like to say Ke$ha was creative and upcycled her gown from home depot shopping bags. I don’t think the VMAs are for crafty chic but it still was less shocking and less revealing then most of the dresses of the night.