I don’t know what is going on with Tyra Banks. She was such an influential model and stunning beauty, yet when it comes to launching the new generation of models via her popular tv show “America’s Next Top Model”; she falls flat! Tyra would have you believe she isn’t the person who decides who wins and who loses but over the years we have all seen Ms. Banks go to bat for several models whose careers never quite took off. There was Saleisha Stowers who was a participant of Tyra’s Camp T zone and who Tyra personally tried to help mold. Saleisha never filmed a Covergirl Ad or Commercial and there is no information on her since 2009! What happened? She did walk in New York and La fashion Week but like i said that WAS 2 years ago! Which is like dog years in the modeling industry. She also loved Eva Marcille(née Pigford) so much she even managed her career! Now Eva has been successful in acting, making several film and tv appearances, BUT she won America’s Next Top Model so where is the modeling career? And the only sucessful America’s Next Top Model winners have been models Tyra wasn’t too fond of. Remember how much she hated Danielle Evan’s accent so much? Dani still walks Fashion Week and was only one of 2 past winners who actually did a Covergirl Ad campaign AND commercials. She even had her contract renewed.

And the most successful models weren’t even winners! Toccara Jones with her bold personality and amazing curves has a great career. She had a fourteen page spread in Vogue Italia’s black model issue modeling alongside heavy hitters like Chanel Iman and Noemi Campbell. And she just did a major ad campaign for UK chain Evans. Molly Sue Gondi moved to Paris and became a sensation, modeling for Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan and many others. Now Anne Ward is the newest winner standing at an industry cut off height of 6’3. Tyra also loved her but with Anne’s painful shyness and awkwardness can she go beyond the obligatory Vogue Italia spread?So should Tyra Banks reconsider her career of scouting models? or does she not want to really give up her title as America’s Top Model? You be the judge.

Tocarra Jones

Molly Sue Gondi

Danielle Evans

Hot Topic

Hot Topic was the one place we all went to get rock tees, accessories and cool shoes. Hot Topic has been slowly fading from punk to mainstream kitchyness for the past three years hoping to gain more customers. We all hated when our bands went mainstream – Slipknot, Paramore and Linkin Park which all later change their sound. Hot Topic is no exception (pardon the pun).  We ran into the new Hot Topic in Coral Springs mall which shoved all the rock style leftovers in the back behind a large wall. The items in front were now kitchy eyed cupcakes, sweet tees and mainstream rock bands tees.

In broward county, the store remain heavily punk influenced. The chain seems to want to be everything to everyone, using demographics to make their store appeal to local customers. Apparently being true to their loyal customers means nothing so here we are. If you still want punk and edgy items at affordable prices stop by our store. http:// www.fuscha.etsy.com

This has been a real hot topic since 2007 and that pun can be qouted.

Animal bands

yet another hot topic

The one thing you can say about this summer’s trends is that it is incredibly diverse from lace and silk to camouflage and animal print. The Oscars were a prime example of when the fashion police start handing out so many tickets we all run out to buy the latest trends.

Brazilian Beat

A January trend that most fashion designers skipped was seen in Anne Hathaway’s beautiful red dress. The vibrant color, silk finish and ruffles are reminiscent of the long gone trend. For a paired down look of the trend, check out Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence goes Brazilian

She’s a lady

The most recent trend to hit the spotlight is flocked with lace, trim and sheer fabrics in blush tones. Stars like Scarlett Johansson embrace the lace but go for a more deeper color.

Scarlett Johansson is a lady

Halle Berry, Hailee Machesa, and Natalie Portman all take a chapter from this trend from trim to gossamer fabrics.

So here is a test for you, are the celebrities in the video embracing one trend or another or just expressing their own style:

I’ve noticed the similarities since I saw tapes from my big brother’s favorite show back in the day Drexel’s Class. Actor Phil Buckman had the same long hair and rocker style as the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Anthony Kiedis. They look frighteningly alike. Strangely Phil is now also a musician. You be the judge.

Anthony keidis

actor musician Phil Buckman

So the next “twins” I chose are Nick Nolte and Gary Busey (who has been called the poor man’s Nick Nolte). The resemblance is uncanny! Gary Busey is a lot younger and he never really became as famous as Nick but I think that’s what happens when you are in the same line of work as your doppelgänger lol! Here are the pics you be the judge!

This year, I plan to enter as many jewelry contests as possible. I love to compete and for the next couple of months, I will be blogging about my entries. Here are the contests I want to participate:

2011 Jewelry Designer Competition (Miami Beach International Fashion Week)
January 15, 2011

Poetry & Prose (Stringing)
Design a piece of jewelry inspired by the theme using simple stringing and wire work techniques.
February 11, 2011

The Beaded Earth (Beadwork)
Create a beaded creation inspired by the “natural wonders of our world.”
February 25, 2011

Bead Dreams Competition and Exhibition 2011
Deadline: April 5, 2011 (ONLINE)

Bead Dreams Competition and Exhibition 2011
Bead&Button Magazine
Bead&Button Show
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 8-12, 2011

I will be creating for a march jewelry competition but I can’t find one so if you have any ideas let me! I will be charting my progress here so check back often!! If you want to follow along for any of these competitions feel free and if you have pictures – please forward them to bellepourlavie@gmail.com and I will post them!!

When we heard the T-pain was going to feature styles from the Steampunk movement in his latest song “Rap Song” we were surprised. Punk meets Rap all in a “The other guys” stop film experience. So stylist Kristina Kitchen used some of our mini top hats in the video which we were pleasantly surprised about the outcome! One beautiful studded heart earrings and four mini top hats. What a great way to start 2011. See the stop pictures below.

The top hat to the right of picture is our crowning glory!

We had a world wind trip to the top in 2010! First our jewelry line debuted in Mercedes Benz Swim alongside Aqua Di Lara’d Qiss Qiss brand, SOBE Men’s Show featured our new men’s line, Grammy winning recording artist Mya took a real liking to our Jewelry line wearing it all over the country! and ending the year with our mini top hats being featured in Tpain’s newest video for his hit single “Rap Song”! Not to mention being featured in Sun Sentinel, New Times and several Indy fashion magazines. You cant stop F.U.S.C.H.A’s Metoric rise! 2011 is gonna be huge! for pics check out our facebook page. www.facebook.com/fuschadesigns