Costume meets fashion at a 10am show at Spring Studios.

By Yvette E

Even though the brand is named “I love Pretty” the collection had a more dark and sinister name, Desolution Nation where designer Yang Juan explores depression, bomedical dependency and the struggles of finding inner peace in a world full of anxiety. The topic is so right now but I am not sure if it was conveyed effectively.

The story was supposed to be told in 3 parts:

  • Break free: A release from depression
  • Soul Salvation – A journey to the unknown
  • Rebirth – hope and celebration

As for the esthetic of the clothes, it felt 90’s cool and despite Japanese elements was distinctly American influenced.

In the collection, Break Free is represented by strong suiting, tailored pieces and shirting.

We move to soul salvation with asymmetrical tops and raincoats.

Finally, we get to rebirth where we tulle and organza used liberally.

A nod to biochemical dependency is seen by the pill purses the models carry.

The music choices were a little sporadic (Eric La Peau?). I would love a more moanful piece at the beginning to a more light hearted on at the end to show the transitions between stages better.

Now the clothes were worth the early morning show. Before reading the synopsis, I thought it was a little disjointed but now I understand the concept.

First stage, all the suiting in pink hues and cream colors suggesting tailoring is a form of restriction. We loved the short and long sleeve combinations.

Second stage went a little BDSM with Rhinestone cages and leather bodysuits. I love the shirt with the words “Don’t look at me like that” and can see it in my closet.

The final stage was marked with light and airy fabrics that seem to float. I was my favorite 5 minutes of the show.

I think I would love the pill purses, that balloon sleeve shirt and even the rhinestone cage. Together the collection seems disjointed without the concept and the fact that the clothes were not presented in order but all in all Yang Juan’s debut was worth waking up early.

For more pics, head over to our facebook and Instagram @tfgnyc.

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The white T-shirt is a staple in any guy’s closet for its comfort and versatility so snag one for yourself!

The white T-shirt in the mens section is just so much more soft and relaxed fit then women’s; and can be dressed up or down. I love wearing one with a bomber jacket and sweatpants but I chose a different outfit to put together.. Pro Tip: if your petite frame get a size smaller or do slim fit. Enjoy!


Styling menswear has gotten so much easier then when I started over a decade ago.

Men’s sweatpants are super comfy Annnd THEY HAVE POCKETS! So no need to be jealous anymore just choose sweatpants in the guys section that is slim fit so you don’t look sloppy and pair it with just about anything in your wardrobe as they are that Versatile! I of course put together a cool street wear look styling these for you. (pro tip: if your not into wedge sneakers swap them out for some red killer pumps!) enjoy!


I’m a huge fan of wearing guys clothes for their comfort and I always manage to look cool and feminine while shopping in the men’s section.

Hello Readers

Since my boyfriend starting stealing my menswear people always tell me they had no idea what I was wearing was designed for men. I’m a huge fan of Kpop Streetwear but fell in love with the way the men dressed not the women! So I started pairing graphic oversized hoodies with leggings and combats boots as well as even wearing entire sweat suit looks as long as it was oversized and in bold colors. Since I’m plus size I go for slow m fit oversized pieces so I don’t add bulk and look masculine. So I decided to share some looks and tips this week on how to either steal your boyfriend’s, brother’s, male friend’s, cool dads’ clothes or go shop the men’s section yourself! Just In time For Back To School!

Forever21 made its mark with low priced staples and now H&M is trying the same thing but is it too late?

By Yvette E

Basics launched Gap back in the 90s, Forever21 in the 00s and now H&M is following suit. H&M is also planning to close stores in a restructuring effort that other US stores are doing now.

The odd part is that are limiting what they carry for women. I walked into the mall yesturday and not only did they put women clothes on the smaller second floor but they devoted it to mostly staples under 10 dollars.

It seems they are now targeting the ever growing men fashion market and children wear which is suffering a major loss with the closure of Gymboree and Children’s Place deciding to shed some stores.

The store’s back wall featured tanks and tube tops from 2.99 which to me seems rather crass. Costume jewelry, bag charms and hats made up the middle floor where tops and bottoms around the store topped out at 19.99.

I don’t know if I am in a pilot store or not so if you have seen dramatic changes at H&M, please comment below.

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Another store goes out of business and other things plaguing fashionistas.

By Yvette E

Charming Charlie

All stores are set to close August 21 as the store failed to see that fast fashion has dampen customers want for cheap accessories. Brands offering cheap gemstone and vermeil added to the demise with some items starting at just $30.00.

Department Stores

Nordstrom will start closing some stores to rising rent which as already cost Topshop 55 stores. Nordstrom is set to close 4 stores this year. Macy’s and Target are also set to close 4 stores this year as well as Kohl’s which will close 8.

Lord & Taylor is partnering with Walmart’s online store in hopes to attract new customers.

Wal-mart plans to close 20 stores this year.

J.C. Penney’s will close 27 stores this year and continues to fight for survival among changing consumer habits.

Victoria Secret

L Brand already closed Henri Bendel and now plans to close over 50 stores of the brand it is trying to save.

Not having a more versatile product line is to blame.

Pier1 Imports

Costly furniture is no longer an option with the likes of Wayfair and other places using flex pay and offering lower prices. The brand will close 145 stores this year.


I really don’t have the time to run and shop but this brand down sizing its larger stored meaning the the 5th ave location may be on the chopping block. It’s set to close up to 40 stores in low performing areas and reopening smaller cost friendly locations.

So is a store closing by you? Let us know so we can inform our readers.

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Zara’s semi-annual sale has started and we are all flocking to the stores but for some people, it’s still too pricey.

By Yvette E

When Primark beats TopShop into the ground it is time to look at the global economy.

We like clothes but the range from low to high makes it hard to keep up with trends and your bills.

In the early 2000’s, Zara and H&M entered the US market where Forever 21 was the reigning champion in affordable trendy clothes and Target started doing designer collabs. That was then. The economy has slide alot since then and with the average single person just making $20,500 a year in the US, Zara is out of reach.

No wonder Topshop is leaving the US market and another even lower brand and its biggest competitor in the UK has arrived, Primark.

Primark prices items under $20 in the UK and under $30 stateside with a store in NJ and one in Brooklyn.

That’s cheaper then Forever21! Still, don’t look for trendy items but staples like statement tees or basic home care needs. We did snag thier Harry potter collab at the Brooklyn location where prices topped off at $12!

Been to Primark? Show us your haul by tagging us in your posts – tfgnyc.

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It’s collab season and Van’s Harry Potter collab have left some houses out in the cold.

By Yvette E

Of all the houses featured in the collection, Gryffindor and Slytherin got the best treatment shoe wise but there are other things to love about the collection.

For one, I never seen so many products with the deathly hallows symbol which is on sweat shirts and hats.

If your house is hufflepuff, the black shoes with the badger patch shows no love but your house colors are also in the quidditch slipons with gold wing detail.

The best shoes really are not the houses but the patterns like the maurade map (harry potter was never up to no good as he swore he was).

The checkerboard gray and blue (officially the colors are bronze and blue) in the slipond ($70) for Ravenclaw is okay but since it’s my house feel like it has minimal design.

If you don’t find any thing at all, you can customize a hightop or a slipon starting at $95 since it’s an extra 15 to 20 to add your image.

There are only hats and socks for slytherin and Gryffindor which again seems circumspect. Although, a no show sock set of all houses are available for $20.

I guess I will be customizing my own ravenclaw shoes.

Prices start at 45 for kids and 35 for adults. Check out the collection online.

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Betsey Johnson premiered 90’s slip dresses the brand was known for at UO last night and the BJ herself was there.

By Yvette E

It was a dark and stormy night with flash flood warnings buzzing on every phone but nothing stopped diehard BJ fans lining up for pictures with the fashion icon.

The party buzzed with fruit infused vodka drinks, a custom tote bag station and free ear piercings ( for those who didn’t get it done as babies).

The tote bag station was a cute heart motif in the front and spray painted in the back.

Enough about the party, the clothes were the stars. We loved that some of the UO girls working the event wore the clothes and with prices starting at $79, it’s the perfect time to fall back in love with Iconic BJ. The down side, XL is available online only while the store carries standard sizing.

Check out Instagram @tfgnyc to check out images of the full line.

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Can a brand survive pitching that customers should “buy less”?

by Yvette E

We attended an event in Vivienne Westwood NY location (no press events here, only in the UK..🤨) where a performance of a finnish singer with Tibetan singing bowls as instruments was the main attraction. We asked if other promotions were happening tonight and we were answered by a hippie-ish employee that “Vivienne only allows those she likes to play in her store” and “believes in buying less”. What? Can a brand really survive on a “Kando” attitude towards sales?

According to Fashion United, Vivienne Westwood Limmited saw an increase of 8.67% turnover and 28% in gross profits but that is mostly contributed to the fact the brand has entered new markets, namely China and US.

Also, higher prices on goods could easily lead to more profits without having to seek a new customer base. And who is the base consumer for VW anyway?

According to issuu brand report, the consumer profile is “middle to higher earners who are concious of the environment and other concerns” i.e. the concious rich.

It has to be noted that this profile was 2 years ago and my sister (a middle earner) was able to buy an item. At today’s price points, only the rich can afford them.

So can a brand survive on a Kando attitude? Sure, if it was only pitching to those you already have too much and with elitist prices to top it all off.

Another elitist brand hiding behind a noble statement.

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