It’s all about the sleeves at Mclaughlin’s fall collections with a witty nod to Norwegian Folklore.

By Yvette E

The sleeves went on forever in a collection that seemed like over styled sportswear.

Of course, there were some good moments on outwear which followed from the shoulders in one stunning capelet and from the waist.

The colors were supposely taken from nature so we weren’t surprised about the green hues but the orange which no one thinks is a natural color was one.

All in all the show was overstyled sportswear with muted nature themed colors with orange thrown in. The outerwear made the show INTERESTING.

See all images from the show on our Facebook page and the runway roll on IGTV and our youtube channel.

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People are questioning fashion week’s relevance but when I see a show from a designer like this one, the reason its clear. It’s the platform from emerging to up & coming.

By Yvette E

Sparkles and lace adorned the garments of Jiri Kalfar which is the say the combination seemed spiritual with a luxury feel like a nebula in outerspace, airy and starry.

I can imagine the night sky as the inspiration of this collection.

What seemed like textile gimmicks of the fashion trade (lace, tulle, sparkly beads) were given a new purpose.

Lace was lovely layered over darker and heavier textiles which increased its visibility.

Heavily beaded fabrics were paired with lighter fabrics so not to appear weighty or overpowering.

Reds and oranges walked beside black and white as if night was over as dawn approached.

All in all of the three shows I saw, this one had the most wearable looks even though not the most original which still goes to Kamal.

Go to our instagram page to see more images of the show and our instachannel to see the runway roll.

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The first fashion show of NYFW kicks off inside an hardware store in West Village…so 1990s.

By Yvette E

You don’t get to see much emerging female designers so we were thrilled to arrive at an East Village hardware store to see Ahmel.

The designer was at once adventurous but with an destination in mine. Of course, when she played it safe using conventional tricks of the trade, she fell flat in the way the designs became predictable and somewhat costume. Here is what we loved, hated and wanted to see more.


Ahmel stated she got her inspiration from hardware and chooses her locations based on it. So we loved the subtle use of hardware throughout the collection. It was strategically placed and was not used in lieu of design.


Usually when fabrics that are so diverse are added to one design, the results can be costume but here Ahmel pulls it off by combing lux fabrics (brocade) and metallics with faux fur and feathers.


Bold colors and brocade are always a risk with menswear but using in classic men staples makes it fresh.


Conventional materials

If project runway was still airing this designer would of aced the dreaded “Inconventional Challenge”. In this case , the usual tricks of the trade – lace, tulle, sheers and beading – all seemed out of place that going down a dark alley in LA after spending all day at the beach.

More Please

Okay, the menswear was the best part of the show and we wanted more than the metallic shirt looks beyond the looks we featured. We also loved the mixed media and outerwear (is the brocade raincoat for sale yet?).

Ditch all the usually materials we see on every runway and you have a bright future!

Check out all the looks from the first show of fashion week on our Instagram @TFGNYC

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It’s not quite Spring yet but everyone has caught the decluttering spirit of Kando. So today we invite you to edit your wardrobe some easy steps and you may find something else..personal style.

By Yvette E

In my defense, I don’t have much clothes but I do have alot of impulse buys, work clothes (no such thing) or a trend I just had to try but wasn’t adventurous enough to actually wear it. Sound familiar? These pieces take up alot of space, and with so many chances to get what like this season, we are offering 5 steps in figuring out what to keep and what to sell or donate.

Figuring out what to Keep

Kando says to keep what speaks to you but if your a fashionista in New York or another fashion oriented place, you have statement pieces and one offs that you don’t want to part.


If you have multiple styles of the same coat, skirt or pant, then it’s either your signature or comfort zone, these items go in the keep pile.


One off trends you wanted to try and never did can be sold on apps like Poshmark (labels only) or Depop (unusual). Use Ebay for really high end pieces.


To give torn or unwearable clothes a new life, Zara and H&M have boxes in store. The recycle your clothes for you.

Not just clothes

We often forget that we must also edit our Lingerie and Socks as well especially because they get the most wear. First get measured at Victoria Secret to make sure your wearing the right size, for years I knew the size had changed but was unaware how much…I went up a whole size from B to C without giving birth.


The lingerie that fits and doesn’t have wholes as well as the bras that retained the underwire or are fine without it.


Bras and other unmentionables aren’t sellable nor will Goodwill take them.


Soma is taking gently worn (no wholes, underwire bents or sticking out) till February 8th. Online places like Bras for a cause and Bra Recyclers can take gently use (BFC) or destroyed ones (BR) off your hands.

For underwear and socks, recycle them at which will send a box.

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Hello readers,

In honor of the day meant for lovers and loved ones as well we decided to have some fun and find lovely heart themed pieces you can wear all year around; because who wants to wear hearts just one day and then throw it in the back of your closet? Hearts are a nice playful shape and done in the right pattern they can add a little whimsy and fun to any look! So we have scoured the internet to bring you our faves..please donโ€™t hesitate to comment your thoughts!


Eva (your fashion goddess)

What really closed Henri Bendel, the once iconic brand?

by Yvette E

The rise of the internet, poor sales and a withering hashtag (#bendelgirl) are all the reasons some given for the demise of the brand but after shopping the brand in the last few weeks, we saw all the signs of a dead brand. So here were the signs…

Overpriced & Manufactured

Over the years, Henri Bendel went from curating brands to carry in store to a manufactured brand but retained the price points. In today’s market like Wish, Alibaba and other companies, consumers now have a direct line to manufacturers. Also, who is buying $200 charm bracelets that are not gold plated?

Even at 60% off, the products were still too expensive to purchase.

No Social Media Presence

#Bendelgirl sported 8,900 shares which has just reached 28.5K shares today after it closed yesterday. Of course, we will hear how everyone all of a sudden is or was #bendelgirl today.

Too Busy

The LF brand that owned at one time The Limited (closed); Amcrombie & Fitch (bought itself out in 2011) and Lane & Bryant (was sold) is also the owner of Victoria Secret which probably takes up the company’s time as it makes it the most money.

As a sidenote, no fixtures were sold on closing day and the “see ya soon” message smells of rebranding.

Lets cross our fingers!

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Is America ready for the first unisex collection collaboration available in a mainstream store?

By Yvette E
The Eytys x H&M line will feature genderless shoes, clothing and accessories for adults and a selection for kids, designed in collaboration with the H&M in-house team.

The Swedish unisex clothing line is known for its footwear (starting at 180) more than its clothes that feature t-shirt and jean ethos. The brand’s website seems void of human images as well.

Ad campaigns seem to focus on the brands baggy roomy jeans and we are sure that will be part of the H&M collaboration that hits stores January 24.


In 2014, Jonathan Hirschfeld and Max Schiller managed to turn their fledgling Swedish sneaker brand, Eytys (pronounced ’80s’ and spelled with Ys in reference to Generation Y) to a cult following revenue of $2 million in just one year. A big surprise since they only produced 1 product, chunky soled sneakers called “mother”.

There is no story on when the brand began making clothes but at just 6 years old, it could not been very long.

If you do buy anything from this collection, run to the sneakers which start at $380 normally.

There is no information on the price points but here is the only image we have of possible looks

Happy Friyay!!


We are often told we are what we eat but no one says “we are what we wear”. First impression is really important especially when you want your sig other to be your future mate. Here are 5 trends not to wear for the best impression.

By Yvette E

Animal Print

Animal print is so hot right now but it can come off as being wild and untamed. Not good if you want to look like you are ready to commit.

Alternative: Stick to small prints especially florals which give off an innocent vibe.

Cold Shoulder

Showing skin above the knee makes you seem unconfident in other features you process including intelligence.

Alternative: Wear a cardigan or a shawl to accent the neck. A necklace with a simple bespoke pendant can make you appear sentimental.

3D Sparkle

Don’t make it all about you. Sparkle says center of attention and you don’t want people to think your self centered or selfish.

Alternative: Keep the sparkle in the accessory. A sparkle bag or shoe says you are into self care but it’s not your main focus.

Bright Plaid

As if…Too bright plaid makes you appear juvenile and unfocused.

Alternative: Stick to plaids with a neutral background like window pane or herringbone.

Bright tights

To pull this look off, you need to showcase your legs and you just don’t want to seem like a girl always on the go.

Alternative: Stick to neutral tights and keep the color in your ears with bright earrings.

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Fenty by Puma was the first brand that attempted to bring sexy to sportswear. Other brands are attempting to do the same. But can they replicate the results?

by Yvette E

We are the most single generation in American history and though several factors play a role (return of male egotism, the 5th wave of feminism and social inequality) our clothes could be playing the biggest one.

It’s not about sex appeal

The rise of loungewear wasn’t about removing sex appeal but being comfortable in your own skin and hence extruding confidence. Of course, we care about our bodies but more about health and less about how our butt looks like in a pair of jeans.

We still want to attract the right guy, just for the right reasons.

The struggle is real

So how are brands honing in on the simple new attraction? The attraction of interest and commonality are what girls want now. They want thier clothes to show that interest and their values. This fall brands took a “through everything at wall and see what sticks” approach with too many trends to count and missed the mark but one brand may be on its way to solving the age old question: Can loungewear be attractive?

Victoria’s Secret

We walked into VS the other day and fell in love with their Fall collection. It is yet to make it online other than the velour pieces but it’s promising.

As always comnent below if you have any information about other brands in this market

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New York Fashion Week has be stretched and perverted by smaller venues competing for the same press as the big boys but if the designers they show are not serious nor the show’s promoter then what’s the point.

By Yvette E

Shows like Style Fashion Week and Art Heart have used the designers they show complete with the right venue and press to become shows worthy of being alternative fashion venues.

Others have not followed such a recipe. Here are three misconceptions that ran rabid this season and possibly hurting New York’s fashion capital status:

Fashion week is not 1 day

Shows like Style Fashion week not only occur after official fashion week ends but are only 1 day and 1 location. That’s not fashion week which spans Thursday to next Thursday.

3 looks is not a collection

I suppose they think we must be stupid after paying for seats at these shows that we won’t notice that you are presenting the same looks in different colors and patterns.

GD swimwear at Street Style fashion week (1 night only) did just that and even colluding their show with things they did not make to create more looks which was just confusing.

Temiti Sportswear at Above Time also pulled the same stunt with just 3 looks in 6 colors and patterns.

[declaimer: I was contacted by the owner and it being a small family owned business. Apparently they only manufacture products their customers love. It’s a great strategy and they really did not need a fashion week].

You’re venue is important

I am sure every show planner knows how many tickets are sold versus how much the venue can hold but Street Style Fashion week seemed clueless selling 5,000 seats to a 3,000 seat venue. I know eventbrite allows you to cap ticket numbers so this was definitely pure greed.

Once more tickets were sold then anticipated, they had 2 options: Divide the show into 2 days and create a program for both days and let people RSVP for day 1 or 2 or move the venue. Instead, they lied about the show being over not only denying the designers press but also leaving people outside.

Conclusively, all these small venues do is destroy the entire fashion week magic and is probably why fewer designers are showing here.

Wake up CFDA, NY is loosing its fashion capital status.

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