This will be our last fashion week post since all major fashion week shows are now over. We hope you enjoyed the ride. Our last show is Torrid, the little Β sister of Hot Topic catered to plus size 10-32.

The two women designers behind the brand relaunch;debuted a collection ranging from bohemian staples to rocker style jackets that made me even see a standard size girl wearing one as I exited the show.

The jackets were the star of the show as they presented moto and denim jackets with studs, embroidery and even hand painted bunnies! I don’t know how many will actually make it into production but I know I will be adding any they produce into my wardrobe!

There was also an artful play on bohemian with its over flowing volume that can make curvy girls look unflattering; but Torrid played with a sexier silhouette that featured slim fitted sleeves and cinched waist to really accent the figure instead of masking it. The flowy kimono dusters added a bohemian rocker aesthetic and I am here for that! Torrid also brung back it’s amazing corsets that we’re the reason why I started shopping there in the first place! They were sexy, vampy and so flattering!

We also liked the plus size model search winners walking the runway. We saw one bright star and we know we will be seeing her again. The gift bag was an icing on the cake which featured make up pallets from NYX cosmetics, skull bath bomb,torrid tee and perfume, make up bag and etc!

Check out the runway round up on our youtube page today and more pictures on our instagram page.

Happy Hump Day,


Eva 😘


We took a break from the hectic NYFW: The Shows to see what other fashion events were showing. We landed at a church converted onto a runway for Dexter’s show. Yep, that Dexter but he has come a long way from Project Runway and now calls LA home. It work shows that the glam of the city has left an impression on his aesthetic. 

Hats with elaborate embellishments, heavily decorated jackets and a print that turned his visage into an iconic image; were all apart of one of the most exciting shows we say at fashion week.

Okay, we realize that a special customer would need to buy these pieces but that customer is me 😏. The jackets were a sell for me and the lion men hat was the coolest.

Check out more images on our instagram (@tfgnyc), a full look book on the show on our Facebook page (thefashiongoddessblog) and the rundown on our youtube.

Happy Friyay πŸ˜‰

We love reporting on new designers!! We also love to give our readers a glimpse of something new. So this NYFW season we journeyed to other shows besides the tents and landed at Style Fashion Week at the Intrepid. We saw many Project Runway Alumni  (will get to them soon πŸ˜‰) but we also some note worthy Asian Designers as well.

The clothes were stipped in traditional Asian silhouettes including wide belts, wide pants and a touch of Origami in layered dresses. I could see Japanese (obi belts), Chinese  (voluminous shapes) and the Korean love of color all influenced this collection. Still, what really stole the show was the bags.

A sweet collaboration of clear acrylic and iridescent foil totes and sequin flowers accents on satchels make the bags the standout of the show.

We loved the elongated totes with the large zip pouch which seem of the moment need to carry everything. The metal handles give an industrial look while the clear material gives an air of fun. 

Tommorrow more alternative fashion week designers.

Happy Monday! πŸ˜™

This fashion week was so full of millenial gimmicks that I can say that out of 20 shows I saw, only 5 moved me. Pamella Rowland was not one of them.  Full of fashion hat tricks like the forever impractical feathers and the hard to care for sequin ( which I usually love) was somehow uneventful and over done. 

It was not even the worst part; it was the silhouettes that were old and outdated. Who wears pencil skirt dresses anymore? Also, there were cape dresses with shoulder detail. The above dress is a little too long and come spring, everyone will have to run to a tailor. A simple length to the ankle would have turned it from models only dress to any woman dress.

The best looks were infused with glitter and sheer detail proving that she could pull off young and sexy. Can I have an entire collection of the above dress?

Happy Monday

Yvette πŸ˜™

Okay, rain boots are not expensive but they sure can be uncomfortable and ugly. Not only are some of the most looking ones weighted but others can be sculpted to fit your foot and that could be annoying. So what is a girl who wants to look stylish on a rainy day to do?

Pull out your winter  boots! Not the ones with the fur that can withstand arctic temperatures but the fashion ones you pile on three layers of socks to wear.

Here are some tips to pulling it off:

1. Don’t wear leather in the rain especially suede, instead reach for a vegan leather variety.

2. If there are insoles, remove them. If water does get in, it will make it really hars to dry the shoe inside.

3. If it’s cold and rainy, you can add a pair of socks.

We love spring and even though it’s still cold here in NY, we have our eyes on several Spring collections. We love Marc Jacobs sweet lolita-like collection but since the socks are $95 dollars, we know the price is way above our paychecks. So here we are breaking down the affordable Spring Collections, we heart this year.


We love BeBe‘s painted and embroidery patches Spring 2017 collection. After looking at the commercial of the super secret collection, we loved what we saw, check out the commercial here. We know the brand is scheduled to close 25 stores and has already closed the 53rd street location here in NY but I think they nees our love more than ever.

Cosmic Cousin: BCBG (high), EXPRESS (mid) and GUESS (low).


No doubt that Coach has stepped up this season with some of the coolest bags worth spending some bonus cash on. We love the spray paint, the fringe and the skull charms that adorned this year’s Spring collection and you will not see anything like it anywhere.

Cosmic cousins: ALDO (low).


VANS has upped thier shoe game by, for the first time, kicking out thier unisex shoe model and coming out with a feminine cut, all leather slip on sneaker with cool prints and bold color. The price points start at $96 dollars making these shoes I want to run and snap up.

Cosmic cousins: Converse (high).


Charming Charlie – Dubai location

We need jewelry more than ever. We love Charming Charlie‘s color coordinated stores for their choice in various jewelry styles. Stop by for statement as well as everyday staples. Join the club and get coupons and a birthday surprise.

Cosmic cousin: Accessorize (low), Claires (low).

Happy Spring Shopping,

Yvette πŸ˜‰

Anna Sui is still alive in her broome street store that was recently stocked with fall 2016/winter 2017 looks, jewelry and new makeup.

In fact, besides hosting the after party, the store was also launching a new fragrance called Erotica. A sweet and orietal scent with a hint of floral. Another scent is based on the rose scent of their makeup line.

We loved the fairies perched on top of each bottle and the limited edition set that featured a body wash, lotion and a small perfume. 

Fans piled into the small decorated with nugoth themes like large black lamps (beaded), and animal footed furniture. 80’s memobilia decorated every inch of the walls above the racks. One women bought an Anna Sui doll (above) which later she signed. 

Yep, Anna Sui came with her mom to greet her fans and even took several pictures. It was a fun night with free food and drinks and of course the whimsical world of Anna Sui.

Happy Hump Day,

Yvette πŸ’‹

Thanks for reading our blog. In 2017, we will be busting with content! Here are some new things that will grace our web pages:

  • Sample Sale calendar

We all love sample sales but that hard to read paragraphs just won’t cut it and we will cover the more affordable ones and alert you to markdowns.

  • Designer submissions 

We are looking for designers to submit editorials and fashion videos. Fashion videos will be on our YouTube channel.

  • Editorial Calendar

We are letting our readers know what we be posting when and the collective theme for designer submissions.

See you in 2017,

😚 Yvette πŸ’‹

Now that the holidays are coming to a head as we roll through Yule, Chirstmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc; it’s time to think about next year’s fashion trends. Why? Because you may just find them in the after holiday sales next week.

Today its about handbags and these are the ones you should be rocking for 2017:

  •  The Pillow bag
  •  The agenda clutch
  • Square crossbody
  • The hobo
  • The mini bag

The Pillow bag

Appearing at Balenciaga, this bag mimics seat cusions and round decorative pillows making look like you really could sleep or sit anywhere. I don’t know if this bag will trinkle down to the masses but I am sure Steve Madden will come out with a version by mid-summer.

The agenda clutch

This bag looks like a date planner and we love the fact it can be used with or without the strap. This bag was first seen on the Acne runway and we beat Nine West will come out with its own version.

The Square or Envelope Crossbody 

These square or envelope shaped bags were first spotted by Elle Magazine and because this shape is so easy to mimic, we know this bag will be everywhere. 

The hobo

These bags are not the cresent shape bag you once knew. They come in so many different sizes and shapes. The basic idea is a one handle bag that slouches under its own wieght. CΓ©line displayed a rather large one for her Spring 2017 runway.


These bags continue to grace the pages of fashion magazines in 2017. The only difference is that next year, they are more structured and printed with heavier materials.

So hit the after Christmas sale this Monday and look for the bag you will carry for the rest of the year. We won’t steer you wrong!

Happy Yule & shopping,

Yvette πŸ’‹

I know it’s so tough to shop for everyone during the holidays and a girl’s best friend can be like the sister you never had (or just like better then your own sister lol) you want to choose the perfect gift! If you love pink and cute things then this Guide is for you and your bestie!