The frist day of spring was nothing like we predicted with a massive snow storm. So how do we incorporate all the spring fashion we bought in lew of sweaters, these past sales?

Here are some early spring outfits you can use to beat the cold and still look hot!!

Layer like you mean it

Mixing prints are instantly cool!! Plus you can create interesting looks with any material. Some standout pieces are floral trenchcoats and belted vests (the fur vest in your closet works as well.

Add a bralette

From pleather to sweater, layering a bralette over a shirt seems an nod to the material girl. We also love the nod to future beach days.

Layer Jackets

Okay, guys! Henleys, windbreakers, anoraks, jackets and all sorts of outerwear can be layered for a cool guy vibe. Unzip the layers to show an array of colors!

Next week, Eva will take us back to Japan!

Happy Friyay!


We can not believe how french style had so greatly influenced the city once famous for risky outfits and bold color mixes.

One store stood out in particular, Maison de Fleur, french for “House of Flower”. Every girl had a satin bag from the brand.

The brand is strictly bags and keychains and there seems no need to expand. My sister and fellow blogger picked up the cutest lace detailed satin pouch for just 3500 yen (c $28).

More on our trip to Tokyo next week!!

Happy Friyay!

Yvette πŸ’‹

It had been too long since we wrote a post! A week in a country a whole day ahead does that! Yep, we were in Japan for a week and now that we finally shook off the jet lag, lets talk fashion across the way. We spent most of our time in Shibuya and Hirajuku, both known for fashion, alternative and laid back.

What we found we really sad Lolitas, decoras and fairy Keis wondering down Hirajuku’s fame takeshita street shops now full with more goth wear and oddly, french inspired accessories. Furry coats and berets were everywhere.

s street style dead on Tokyo? No but like US, Japan’s middle class is also disappearing and the cost of lolita and other alternative fashion is just too high. So we were not surprised to see H&M, Zara and Forever21 nestled in Shibuya across from Shibuya109 (iconic mall).

More info about Tokyo fashion to come.

Happy hump day!

Yvette πŸ’‹

I was in awe of the fact that recent parson graduates can put together a show for NYFW but the fashion fell flat. It wasn’t the atmosphere which was full of energy nor the clothes that were well made; it was the lack of voice…There was just no rhyme nor reason to the clothes that came down the runway.

So what did we expect…

JyX an east asian man meets a Southern Calfornian, Curuso..there was an expectation of bright patterns, bold colors and sexy silhouettes.

What we got…

A mix of classic ballgown, street wear, shock value and tossed in some unconventional male looks. The show had a schizophrenic feel, that was hard to look away (yes we stayed for the whole thing).

What we took away…

Street wear for men and women. The bright sweatshirts and button down shirts were a glimpse into the future of the brand. Check our Facebook page for the full set of images and our YouTube for the blog roll.

When an Italian brand decided to showcase his first ever unisex collection in NYFW; I add to request an invite. The moment we heard the designer had Moroccan inspiration we expected gold hues, bright colors and bold ideas. Our wishes were answered.

The moment the show started basic male staples like blazers and buttoned down shirts were treated with bold patterns of paisleys, stripes and gold embroidery.

Ties were treated with contrasting colors and interesting patterns like a collection of pool balls. Other interesting looks were the pant skirts which we loved so much we are saving it for our Instagram page. Check out the full video roll on our YouTube page and the total looks on our Facebook page.


Happy Monday

Yvette πŸ™‚

In the land of faux fur where designers have promised to retire real fur products; one man deared to bring real fur to the runway with his debut NYFW show. Romeo Hunte fused ski resort wear with traditional sportswear with a show so unique, they was a line to get in.

An bigger shocker was the real fur that graced the runway which was also unisex with men and women in similar legging-ish pants and enormous fur coats (not jackets, coats).


The colored plaid was a unique touch with unconventional hues from green to orange. Plaid jackets got a remix with large sleeves and zipper accents.


Purple leather Jackets!! I am in love with the yellow fur jacket as well in rabbit. We also saw subtle fur trim on leather for a double wow factor.


The men wore the same pleather (or maybe leather?) slim fits as the women and were also draped in fur! Most of the plaid looks for women can also go for men!!

Happy Monday

Yvette πŸ’‹

I go to Sherri Hill’s show every season for one reason, a reprive from the trend driven, casual corner or drama for nata shows. As usually, Gotham Hall was packed with ball gowned guest and even little girls in the most glamorous dresses.

Before the show even started, Alex Baldwin’s daughter was right in front of me.

The show started really late this time as guesy found their seats and mingled.

As the lights dimmed, a hush ran through the crowd that even engulfed the children. Here comes the sparkle…


Greens, vibrant pinks, reds and other colors not usually associated with fall graced the runway. We also say glitter meet leopard which was stunning.


Paisley made a splash at the show with beads, crystals and sequin embellishments. We also saw stripes and Indian inspired motifs. The underlaying fabric was also treated with glitter increasing the wow factor.


From 1920’s motifs to nude dresses encrusted with silver crystals, silver was a netural worth wearing at this show.


Glitter fringe, feathers? Luckily only 1 feather dress was on the runway and we definitely want to throw this look back. The flitter fringe though, we want in every color!!!

Check out our youtube page for a blog roll which we will link to our site this weekend!

Happy Friyay,


Pier 17 at south street Seaport was all a buzz as designers collaborate with Epson’s fabric printers.

Every year they pair thier printer technology with designers all over the world and to see what it can add to the design process. We picked 3 designers that stood out as best in show.

Lina Cantillo (Columbia)

The inspiration was obviously insects with a cool nod to the butterfly. We love the print treatment to the men suit and pant combo as well.

Emilio Mata (Mexico)

If sugar skulls were any hint that there was a gothic romance vein in Mexico, this designer proves that blood runs through that vein. Pair floral motifs with patchworks of darker hues makes this print treatment truly inspiring.

Candice Cuoco (USA)

Menswear gets an up-beat twist with galaxy prints paired with patterns like checker board and fabric treatments like acid wash.

Standard silhouettes are used but the surprise comes using suits instead of casual wear for the prints.

Check out our instagram page for more images (@tfgnyc).

Happy Friyay!

Yvette πŸ’‹

“I started my company in 1999…”

Usually, most people do not admit it took 18 years to be an “overnight success” but Maria Hatzistefanis, CEO of Rodial, admits it in her UK best seller “How to be an overnight success”.

To celebrate the US launch of the book, she sat down for a Q&A session with Alexa Chung at the Crosby Hotel last night.

Our favorite question? What does it take to be an overnight success?

To find out read the book and watch the interview snippets on our instagram page. The full video will be on our Youtube this week!

Favorite quote from the book so far …

Overnight success really means overnight exposure.

Happy Wednesday,

Yvette E πŸ’‹

After a social media meltdown and celebrities like The Weekend severing ties with the retailer over the controversial image of a black boy wearing a hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle”, H&M released this statement:

Too little, too late? Are we over sensitive now with all the racist events happening in America?

Comment your thoughts below and read more from H&M here