California has been hit with a series of instagram pop ups that have created drool worthy instagram photos from Happy Place to Candytopia and NYC has its own share. Here are few to check out this summer:


Open in April, this instagram fueling pop up focuses solely on eggs. We hope to get am invite for a detailed photo shoot soon.


This traveling pop up spent time in LA and now is in Chicago till August 6th. Go to to see if they are coming to your area. We hope NYC is a stop on the tour.


This soho pop up opened this past saturday and we were able to get a press pass. If you are a fashion blogger and able to climb up and down 2 fleets of stairs then this photo exhibit is for you. If not, head over to the Egg House.

We will be posting pics from our photoshoot so you can be the judge. (43 Wooster street).

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It has been a long time that Target did a collaboration and this one is huge. Hunter, mostly know for brightly colored rain boots, collection for target spans shoes, bags and even plus size, men, and kids clothing alongside the more common women wear.

The collection drops April 14, this Saturday and I doubt it will last. Although, this time the collection is only available in select stores so not to repeat the last collaboration with famed Florida designer, Lily Pulitzer.

Price points takes a dip from the orginal brand’s prices starting at $20 dollars and the iconic rain boots drops the $125 price tag to just $40 dollars.

this pouch comes in various colors for $6.00!!

My fave item is the men bag above(first picture, bottom left). I can not find it on the site so comment below if you see it! The bags in general look like the iconic london bags…snag a tote for $35 and a bucket bag (so hot right now) for just $25.

The site says collection launches April 14 but some stores already have it in stock.

Happy Hump day!

Yvette đź’‹

Hello Readers,

I’m having such a fun time taking a trip down the memory lane of the fashion portion of our Tokyo trip and I could go on forever but alas it’s time to move on so I’m compiling the remaining two Fashion  brands into this post. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing about it!

Liz Lisa has so many locations but the two we visited were in Harajuku and were having massive sales!I ended up getting a beautiful soft sweater with bows and two bags while Yvette ended up with a gorgeous faux fur sailor collar coat and tote bag! Liz Lisa was founded in 1999 and was a way for Gyaru style to evolve to a more grown up” look. Their style is feminine, sweet and 1960s all mashed together. Prices are $41-145

Next up is Swankiss which we visited in Shibuya 109. The store had a very pretty floral decorated area for picture taking and the pieces were so detailed and girly! Alas we didn’t purchase anything as we were planning to come back but didn’t get a chance too. I do however own a beautiful faux fur bag made to look like cotton candy from the brand. Saaya Hayashida is the designer behind Swankiss which has a dreamy, ballerina and doll like aesthetic.  Prices are $16-180



Hello Readers,

last week and part of this week we covered the punk and goth stores I visited to soothe my dark little heart but the other half of me is covered in frosting and dusted in glitter so we also visited some super cute, frilly modern Lolita style stores. There were so many so I narrowed it down to three of my faves.

First up is Ank Rouge. Ank Rouge was located in Shibuya 109 but have several locations in Tokyo. Ank Rouge was founded by Japan imagination Co. Ltd. in 2010. Their style can be described as frilly and girly streetwear. They are much more casual but retain a modern Lolita esque vibe. I was over the moon in love with their designs but alas they were not plus size friendly so I could only drool and longingly ogle all the pretty designs..Thier prices range from $39-120.





Hello Readers!

The next stop on our punk leg of the tour was a Brand extremely hard to find; Algonquins. I only saw this Brand in Kern magazine and instantly fell in love with their dark cute and rock and roll aesthetic but couldn’t find much information on the origins or even who the designers are behind the Brand! Needless to say I was very happy to come across the tiny store in La Floret mall in Harajuku. The prices are mid ranging from $60-120 and I was super excited to participate in their “lottery” for $5 in which the shop girl placed my 500 yen coin into a candy machine and turned the dial..a plastic container containing a number popped out and I won….a 2 pc Algonquins button set! Yay! I bought a bag, top and long fuzzy black cardigan as they were having a sale! You can only shop from them in Japan so be sure to stop by La Floret if your ever in Tokyo!

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I was over the moon with joy that I was able to shop brands I used to buy from the now defunct brick and mortar store Tokyo Rebel in Nyc ( they now have an online store only) and Otaku mode website. It was such a privilege to get super lost in the rainy cold looking for my favorite punk/goth brands which are off the beaten path. Sex Pot Revenge is located down a tiny side alley on Harajuku and took me several trips back to Harajuku to find it.

Sex Pot  Revenge was founded in 2000 by Takashi Eto and can be described as punk, goth and alternative with creepy cute thrown in. The Brand features oversized skirts, dresses and tees that are covered in graphics and gothic lettering and words and is unisex as well. They also make accessories and outerwear. They often make one of kind pieces they hand stud, rip and dye. I am happy to say you can buy the Brand at and and they ship internationally! Prices range from $35-120.


Hello readers!

We are back from our awe inspiring week long trip to Tokyo, Japan! Tokyo was a fashion blogger’s dream come true! Harajuku had such cute little boutiques, and adorable giggling school girls in their cute little uniforms! Shibuya crossing reminded me so much of my hometown New York City’s Time Square; except a little more people ( shocking as that is). I enjoyed the small malls with even tinier stores; namely La Floret and Shibuya 109. We will cover six brands we love and some we just discovered so I hope you enjoy!

First up is Korean Brand a Kol Me Baby that is based in Tokyo. I stumbled upon their store in Shibuya 109 while looking for plus sized brand Punyas and was mesmerized by their colorful and cool designed shop!  Their brand can be described as colorful urban/streetwear with a punk twist. They have oversized sweatshirts, checkerboard backpacks, fanny packs and duffle bags; hoodies with metal rings and giant tags hanging off to name a few of their pieces.Though the brand is described as being a girls Brand I can easily see men wearing the designs as well. Prices are $20-$70. I wanted everything I saw and I am sad to say they don’t ship internationally so if you are ever in Tokyo check them out.

The frist day of spring was nothing like we predicted with a massive snow storm. So how do we incorporate all the spring fashion we bought in lew of sweaters, these past sales?

Here are some early spring outfits you can use to beat the cold and still look hot!!

Layer like you mean it

Mixing prints are instantly cool!! Plus you can create interesting looks with any material. Some standout pieces are floral trenchcoats and belted vests (the fur vest in your closet works as well.

Add a bralette

From pleather to sweater, layering a bralette over a shirt seems an nod to the material girl. We also love the nod to future beach days.

Layer Jackets

Okay, guys! Henleys, windbreakers, anoraks, jackets and all sorts of outerwear can be layered for a cool guy vibe. Unzip the layers to show an array of colors!

Next week, Eva will take us back to Japan!

Happy Friyay!


We can not believe how french style had so greatly influenced the city once famous for risky outfits and bold color mixes.

One store stood out in particular, Maison de Fleur, french for “House of Flower”. Every girl had a satin bag from the brand.

The brand is strictly bags and keychains and there seems no need to expand. My sister and fellow blogger picked up the cutest lace detailed satin pouch for just 3500 yen (c $28).

More on our trip to Tokyo next week!!

Happy Friyay!

Yvette đź’‹

It had been too long since we wrote a post! A week in a country a whole day ahead does that! Yep, we were in Japan for a week and now that we finally shook off the jet lag, lets talk fashion across the way. We spent most of our time in Shibuya and Hirajuku, both known for fashion, alternative and laid back.

What we found we really sad Lolitas, decoras and fairy Keis wondering down Hirajuku’s fame takeshita street shops now full with more goth wear and oddly, french inspired accessories. Furry coats and berets were everywhere.

s street style dead on Tokyo? No but like US, Japan’s middle class is also disappearing and the cost of lolita and other alternative fashion is just too high. So we were not surprised to see H&M, Zara and Forever21 nestled in Shibuya across from Shibuya109 (iconic mall).

More info about Tokyo fashion to come.

Happy hump day!

Yvette đź’‹