Okay, rain boots are not expensive but they sure can be uncomfortable and ugly. Not only are some of the most looking ones weighted but others can be sculpted to fit your foot and that could be annoying. So what is a girl who wants to look stylish on a rainy day to do?

Pull out your winter  boots! Not the ones with the fur that can withstand arctic temperatures but the fashion ones you pile on three layers of socks to wear.

Here are some tips to pulling it off:

1. Don’t wear leather in the rain especially suede, instead reach for a vegan leather variety.

2. If there are insoles, remove them. If water does get in, it will make it really hars to dry the shoe inside.

3. If it’s cold and rainy, you can add a pair of socks.

We love spring and even though it’s still cold here in NY, we have our eyes on several Spring collections. We love Marc Jacobs sweet lolita-like collection but since the socks are $95 dollars, we know the price is way above our paychecks. So here we are breaking down the affordable Spring Collections, we heart this year.


We love BeBe‘s painted and embroidery patches Spring 2017 collection. After looking at the commercial of the super secret collection, we loved what we saw, check out the commercial here. We know the brand is scheduled to close 25 stores and has already closed the 53rd street location here in NY but I think they nees our love more than ever.

Cosmic Cousin: BCBG (high), EXPRESS (mid) and GUESS (low).


No doubt that Coach has stepped up this season with some of the coolest bags worth spending some bonus cash on. We love the spray paint, the fringe and the skull charms that adorned this year’s Spring collection and you will not see anything like it anywhere.

Cosmic cousins: ALDO (low).


VANS has upped thier shoe game by, for the first time, kicking out thier unisex shoe model and coming out with a feminine cut, all leather slip on sneaker with cool prints and bold color. The price points start at $96 dollars making these shoes I want to run and snap up.

Cosmic cousins: Converse (high).


Charming Charlie – Dubai location

We need jewelry more than ever. We love Charming Charlie‘s color coordinated stores for their choice in various jewelry styles. Stop by for statement as well as everyday staples. Join the club and get coupons and a birthday surprise.

Cosmic cousin: Accessorize (low), Claires (low).

Happy Spring Shopping,

Yvette ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anna Sui is still alive in her broome street store that was recently stocked with fall 2016/winter 2017 looks, jewelry and new makeup.

In fact, besides hosting the after party, the store was also launching a new fragrance called Erotica. A sweet and orietal scent with a hint of floral. Another scent is based on the rose scent of their makeup line.

We loved the fairies perched on top of each bottle and the limited edition set that featured a body wash, lotion and a small perfume. 

Fans piled into the small decorated with nugoth themes like large black lamps (beaded), and animal footed furniture. 80’s memobilia decorated every inch of the walls above the racks. One women bought an Anna Sui doll (above) which later she signed. 

Yep, Anna Sui came with her mom to greet her fans and even took several pictures. It was a fun night with free food and drinks and of course the whimsical world of Anna Sui.

Happy Hump Day,

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

Thanks for reading our blog. In 2017, we will be busting with content! Here are some new things that will grace our web pages:

  • Sample Sale calendar

We all love sample sales but that hard to read paragraphs just won’t cut it and we will cover the more affordable ones and alert you to markdowns.

  • Designer submissions 

We are looking for designers to submit editorials and fashion videos. Fashion videos will be on our YouTube channel.

  • Editorial Calendar

We are letting our readers know what we be posting when and the collective theme for designer submissions.

See you in 2017,

๐Ÿ˜š Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

Now that the holidays are coming to a head as we roll through Yule, Chirstmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc; it’s time to think about next year’s fashion trends. Why? Because you may just find them in the after holiday sales next week.

Today its about handbags and these are the ones you should be rocking for 2017:

  •  The Pillow bag
  •  The agenda clutch
  • Square crossbody
  • The hobo
  • The mini bag

The Pillow bag

Appearing at Balenciaga, this bag mimics seat cusions and round decorative pillows making look like you really could sleep or sit anywhere. I don’t know if this bag will trinkle down to the masses but I am sure Steve Madden will come out with a version by mid-summer.

The agenda clutch

This bag looks like a date planner and we love the fact it can be used with or without the strap. This bag was first seen on the Acne runway and we beat Nine West will come out with its own version.

The Square or Envelope Crossbody 

These square or envelope shaped bags were first spotted by Elle Magazine and because this shape is so easy to mimic, we know this bag will be everywhere. 

The hobo

These bags are not the cresent shape bag you once knew. They come in so many different sizes and shapes. The basic idea is a one handle bag that slouches under its own wieght. Cรฉline displayed a rather large one for her Spring 2017 runway.


These bags continue to grace the pages of fashion magazines in 2017. The only difference is that next year, they are more structured and printed with heavier materials.

So hit the after Christmas sale this Monday and look for the bag you will carry for the rest of the year. We won’t steer you wrong!

Happy Yule & shopping,

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

I know it’s so tough to shop for everyone during the holidays and a girl’s best friend can be like the sister you never had (or just like better then your own sister lol) you want to choose the perfect gift! If you love pink and cute things then this Guide is for you and your bestie!


Summer fashion trends 2016

Are you ready to ditch that gray shirt for floral prints or add lace detail? The fashion world thinks your ready! This summer try these less than masculine looks to get in touch with your feminine side.


Lace for summer- men fashion

Lovely in lace

Lace has been designated for female romantics so there is a surprise to see the once gothic black lace turn up in men’s fashion.


Surprisingly, white lace collars were all the rage for men and women in 1637. Some men even wore it with thier armor.

For a touch of lace in your wardrobe add items containing accents and stay away from all lace tops. That kind of daring is for more dandy guys.

It’s worth noting that men even in the 1600’s never wore all over lace…?.


Floral prints

Floral prints

Even though bermuda shorts have sported floral prints in monochromatic hues, these floral prints are alot more brighter.

The only thing these florals have that separate them from the ones women have been wearing season after season, more graphic (gives a more impression feel),  smaller detail and a neutral background.

For a safe way to add these to your wardrobe, a tie or shorts. If you do feel daring, go for a blazer or pants.

Happy manly mondays,

Yvette ?


As soon as scream queens aired with the mini versions of Furla’s sweet candy colored pvc bags, the company may be discontinuing the line.


As a casual shopper of the brand, I pre ordered the candy line’s backpack that I had my eye on as well as some personal shopping for my fellow blogger and twin. As I pestered the sales rep for the mini satchel, he finally said annoyed that Furla is

phasing out

thier candy bag.


Phasing out? A bag so popular that only 1 color was left in the styles we bought (a lemony yellow the brand called Jade). It seemed odd. Unfortunately, the brand was receiving complaints about the bag’s lack of interior, lack of pockets and lack of a front plate with the name of the brand (the name is branded in theย  back in same color of bag which is reallllly hard to see).


What customers did not understand was that such changes would rise the price of the bags priced 129 to 249 to the same price Furla charges for thier leather bags that start at 329.


We would love to know if you will miss the Furla’s candy collection which is already no longer at retailers of the brand with Lord n taylor the first to remove them. Bloomingdales still carrys them but new version with top notches for straps.

Join the conversation with #keepthecandy and let us (and @Furla) know what think.

Happy Monday!

Yvette ??

I was recently at Century 21 when I came across the most beautiful and colorful clothing I had ever seen. The entire rack was filled with heavily beaded, magical unicorn clothing that took my breath away! Other shoppers smiled as I oohed and aahed and feverishly snapped cellphone pics. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I instantly started Googling Manish Arora.

I was surprised to find out that this Indian designer started designing back in 1996 and is a member of the esteemed and super exclusive French Federation of Pret-a-Porter. He has collaborated with some of the biggest brands such as Barbie, Swarovski, Reebok and Swatch to name a few. He has worked with Alist celebrities such as Katy Perry and  Lady Gaga. I love finding out that designers I thought were Indie are actually quite successful without being household names. Someday I hope to own some of these pieces that were so painstakingly beaded and full of breath-taking  images and prints. 

Spring/Summer 2015

Katy Perry wearing Manish Arora

Spring/Summer 2015

We have all heard that stripes are making a comeback but other patterns that have been long ago deemed “unfashionable” are also heading to the main stage!

Yep, florals are back and I can now say are the go to print of spring. Don’t knoe the latest trend? Floral anything and you are fashionable. Here are the two patterns that seem to be making anothet rotation on the fashion carousel.


Tie Dye

It’s back….yep tie dye is back on the runway along with its cooler cousin batik and we adore them. Equal parts casual, fun and chic-ish, you can dress it up, down and sideways (a casual dressy?) and always look put together
Causal- tie dye tees in soft fabrics.
Rockers/punk – tie dye slip dresses with boots!!!
Romance/vintage – maxi dress in batik
Glam – get these dresses with chic details like rhinestones and lace
Classic – go for separates, batik pants or blouse in tie dye and pair with a neutral.

Share your look with us on instagram #tfgbtiedye and get featured.



The love child of prada and chanel makes another rotation this summer. It’s off beat cousin, gingham has also been seen.  We love plaid because no one really needs a lesson on how to wear it. Lumberjack shirts worn by punk crowd, mini skirts worn by rockers, structured pants worn by casuals, dresses worn by vintage…we already have plaid in our closet. For a more edgy look, plaid skinny jeans, and to it up to chic, try it in a maxi skirt or dress.

As always share your look with us on instagram with #tfgbplaid and you could be featured.

Happy Monday!!!?