Too many trends and not much adoptable looks to every day life catergorized fall trends this season. So we combed through it all and came up with…

By Yvette E

Pants are more about print than fit this fall. There are an overwhelming amounts of fits within every print and the sheer amount of trends are enough to make us swoon. We have picked 5 trends in dresses and Accessories so far, but we found that there are no specific trends when it comes to pants so we picked one pant trend to embrace this fall, the paper waist.

Trousers in general are having a moment and the pant suit trend this fall is the perfect example. There are 3 trouser trends out right now, ankle, wide leg and tauper.

The problem with tauper is it looks great only on slim legs. Ankle pants don’t work with people with large calves while wide leg pants make large breasted women look heavy.

So we picked the paper waist for the cinched waist and wide leg combination. It hides any leg issues ( I have too much thigh) which accenting curves.

Win, Win.

Happy Hump DayπŸ’‹

There are more then just one type of plaid so we compiled a list of the right plaid for every style. So flip through this guide and see what is the perfect plaid to add to your closet.
Plaid Versace Fall 2018
GLAM SQUAD If you love to stand out then a brighter color background is just right. Layer it all together for an even bigger impact. FYI Plaids with a bright background are called Tartan.
CLASSIC Glen plaid has the gray background with the thin lines of color. This pattern is perfect for classic dressing since it will not overpower your entire outfit.
ROMANCE Large squared plaids like Window and gingham give off a school girl vibe and look great with those fuzzy sweaters.
VINTAGE Houndstooth is plaid? Yep and you most likely have it in your closet already. Dust it off and wear it all!
PUNK/ROCK If you do not have a checker plaid shirt in your closet then your alt license is revoked! Wear it has a jacket and your on trend. Happy Hump day!!

Summer is not over yet! And even though beaches in NY close after labor day weekend, some of us have access to beaches all year long. On a recent twitter conversation, some women were looking for a modest swimsuit. We heard the cries and we give you an alternative to a burkini, the swim dress.

Okay, the swim dress was once plus size fanfare but it has trickled up to all sizes. The styles still varies with backless features, stripy accents and the occasional sheer panels.

We love this one because the netting feature looks so goth and has total bust coverage.

Want a longer silhouette? Free country’s swim dress grazes the knee.

So no need to run to Amazon for a Muslim swimsuit. Sears will do just fine.

Happy Friyay and enjoy the beach as much as you can…

Yvette πŸ’‹

Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a fashion no no but wearing the color past fall into winter is like wearing camouflage in the snow. So here are some tips to rock a trend that may be on its was to becoming a wardrobe staple.

Tip # 1

Never wear All White

As we said, snow camouflage is not a thing. Break up that white outfit with cream hues and add some texture with a sweater.

Tip #2

Add a pop of color

Your bag and other accessory should pop. The statement of a bright bag during the darker hues of fall stand out while a white bag gets lost.

Tip #3

Play with Silhouettes

Pairing billowing styles with clean lines, adds dimension to your outfit. Stick to a neutral palette so the white is still the focus of the outfit. Introduce outerwear like caplets to your closet for extra glam appeal.

Tip #4

Pastels are neutral when wearing white

If color is not your thing (you live in black), try light pastel hues of darker colors like lavender or pink. Yes, get out of your comfort zone but not a shocking as a red bag.

Happy Friyay

(spending this weekend at the beach)

Yvette πŸ’‹

It is always so odd that during the hottest days of the year, we wear the longest dresses. So how do we beat the heat and still rock these summer staples? Here are a few maxi dress styles that will keep you cool all day long.

Sheer Maxis

So chic these styles allow for a seamless transition from day to night without overheating in the day. If too sheer, layer with a slip dress or just buy one that comes with a slip.

Lace it up

With Eli Sabb and Burberry sending these styles down the runway, they are worth the investment. Plus take deep tones from summer to winter with a chunky sweater and sweater leggings! Double duty!

So time to go shopping (like we need an excuse πŸ˜„)

Happy Hump Day,

Yvette πŸ’‹

Okay, it is finally hot outside and we have waited all year for this heat. However, the long winter has made us over buy sweaters and we feel have to default our summer outfits. Tees, Tanks, Shorts and the dreaded flip flop. Never fear, we are here to give 3 tips to look chic in out weather!

A coverup is not just for the beach

Tip #1 means using that coverup to chic up that tank and short combination. Use a long duster ovee jeans and a t-shirt for a elongated long that adds height.

Wear lace

This tip looks best with skirts but you can add lace to any tank top to add chic to your outfit. You can even pair it with shorts and leather sandals!

Ditch the jeans

Okay, this could be the most drastic tip ever cuz well what else do we have in our closets? Soft fabric pants breath easier and keep you cooler plus with prints, colors and so many patterns. Scared? Try a lighter denim colored pants first!

Happy Hump Day..

Yvette πŸ’‹

(courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar )

It has long been believed that fringe and sequin were for special occasions but for Spring that usual night wear makes a daytime debut.

From feathery accents to hair like applications beyond the standard edge, we can see this look on every style:

  • Classic – try the all over subtle fringe (as seen in middle above) in tops or bottoms.
  • Punk/Rock has been wearing fringe for years so you really do not need my help (πŸ˜‰)
  • Romance think boho and go for edge looks like at Versace (left).
  • Vintage go for the top metallic fringe with the glammers for a 70s look.

If anyone tries the monster fringe please at me on instagram (@tfgnyc) cuz I just need to see this in #IRL.

Happy hump day,

Yvette πŸ’‹

We wrapped up our trip to Japan just in time for more snow in the Northern US (hopefully the last one).

We covered what to wear between season but what do you wear to a season unlike any of the past?

No wonder that crop sweaters have come down every spring runway!! Here are some tips when April showers turn into April snow storms that kill May flowers:

Get some sexy rain boots

Rain boots can double has snow boots especially when the snow is mostly slush or a few inches. Also, it will not be as cold as winter (even at 39 degrees). Shop outlet retailers like Nordstrom Rack to find great pairs for over 50% off!!

Get a rain trench with style

Trench coats never go out of style!! You may be tempted to just wear your waterproof winter coat but hey, it’s spring..ish. Remember to get one with a hood so you can ditch the umbrella.

Waterproof handbag

Chic nylon bags are better than coated canvas and leather like bags when it comes to standing up to rainy weather!

Happy Friyay!!


Now that spring is finally near, we can look forward to more skin baring looks. But the weather outside tells a different tale with the last winter storm ending down the coast. So what is a fashionista to do? To warm for winter wear but to rainy and windy to dig out your new spring wardrobe! Never fear, we have you cover with 3 looks that can be worn in what we call transition season, the season between seasons.


okay, so you know the weather will start at a high 40s and wind up a balmy 66 today? This is when you start pairing winter basics with past Spring purchases (Lets keep the tags on the new stuff till spring is official πŸ˜‹).


So if you are okay with wet legs, layer a sweatshirt over a dress and pair with bright leggings and ankle boots for a transition outfit…remove the sweatshirt when it gets warmer!!


Henleys with button down shirts paired with Khakis goes a long way. Skip t-shirts and jeans because cotton hold water and when it gets wet, it can stay wet for a long period of time.


Spring is all about color so start adding it to your everyday outfits right now so add a pastel or ornate cardigan to get started. Both girls and guys can use this simple trick to give a neutral driven wardrobe a kick and with so many lengths to choose, it could become a wardrobe staple! blanket cardies please..😐

Happy Friyay

Yvette πŸ’‹

Every fashion week we look through several prediction sights and try to gleam the newest most innovative trend in fashion this fall. Of course, trends like active themed sportswear (driven by Fenty, Adidas,etc) and typical embroidered fabrics and patches will remain, but what do designers have up thier sleeves for something new?


Sleeves have been a way to update garments especially with the ruffle trend in sweaters last fall. This fall look for wide and long sleeves on cropped sweaters for a cool juxtaposition.


Holographic hues get a redo with darker colors rather than the greens and reds usually associates with it.


Pleats are back but with thicker fabrics and wider folds. Look for woven material for an extra luxe look and altered lengths.


This is largely a guess because dresses are a signature garment for most designers. So ruffles around the waist of a dress with a long silhouette may or may not be a thing…we shall see next week!


It is men Monday so we have some trends for you as well, the oil slick pattern is unisex and seen on both men and women. Another pattern for the guys – Burberry plaid.

Here are some more possible trends:

  • Quilting…jackets, pants
  • Baggy pants…move over skinny jeans
  • Floral prints for fall?
  • Wide brimmed hats