I don’t even know why this keeps coming back as a “trend”! 1. This is like the fourth time punk has been in as a trend and 2. for some of us (mainly me!) punk is a way of life! But since once again punk is in I’ll tell you how to do it right. (I am an expert on the topic!) here are some examples of doing punk right without overdoing it unless you regularly dress punk. 1.Try pairing a studded denim vest with tiny shorts and ankle boots. 2. A ripped or torn t-shirt with jeans and a studded belt. 3. motorcycle boots with a floral spring dress and a denim jacket. 4. a safety pin adorned tee or blazer over jeans and a tee.

So don’t be afraid to try some of the punk looks even if you aren’t into alternative rock! If your not brave enough you can do a leather studded cuff, bag or belt to add some edge to any wardrobe!

Thats Me The Punk Princess!

Punk Done Right

It seem every season we are looking to replace Black as our go to safe zone neutral and Spring 2011 is no surprise. Last season, my favorite color – purple became a neutral which I whole hardly embraced! Rewind back to the Fall 2009 where brown was the neutral, add a hint of white and BAM!! camel! Lighter, creamy and airy enough for the bright color blocks of spring (think 80’s neon, and 70’s prints) this is sure to be a popular color for years to come but don’t quote me on that 😉

Here is how to fit this new color into your wardrobe:

1. Try soft fabric pant or pencil skirt. Please no jeans. If you do wear jeans had a camel handbag to still participate in the trend.

camel pants

2.Try not to wear it head to toe because the look can seem dated since the last time we saw camel was the 1970’s. If you do want to take a risk try wearing camel with other shades of brown like tan and ecru. Camel can be paired with pants and jacket combinations but the shirt must be a different color usually bright like blue or white. Shoes should be a different color and I have seen nude used in connection with camel for a slick look.

Camel on the runway

3. Camel handbags take on a minimalist structured look. Don’t look for studs, buckles or other forms of hardware. Clean lines and patchwork designs are the key.

camel handbag

Yep, in the fashion world, Spring as already arrived and it brought some unexpected trends with it! Contradicting trends like tough motorcycle co-exist with floral print. We loved that Laced stayed in and finally, after 10 years said so long to military. But best of all kittens heels have survived and are making a comeback for Spring! Here are some highlights for spring that we are sure to love!!

1. Biker Chic

We love the tough motorcycle jacket remodeled for high fashion. With embellishments like zippers and buckles on sleeves.  Balmain’s chain shoulder and buckled waist gives the motorcycle jacket an interesting vibe.

motorcycle jacket

The best part about this trend is that you can wear it two ways: Try it with skinny jeans or slim fitting pants for an edgy look or pair it with a flowy dress or skirt for an everyday look!

2. Metallics are back

Silver is the newest neutral to hit the fashion circuit! A high voltage gray, silver adds an unexpected glam to the tailors look of spring.  Even more surprising, silver is used in a paired down version with ruffles, pleats and trim showing up in this unexpected color!

motorcycle jacket

Stay tuned for more spring fashion has we run with open arms into 2011! Remember chic not cheap!

As long as war plagues our world, fashion will empress military as a statement. Of course, we are not going to start wearing combat boots, camouflage makeup, and the dread camouflage print (at least not in clothes). This fall military is buttons, army green (or navy blue) and  the seasons best accent. Think silhouettes, fur trim and a soft feminine touch.  There is a node to aviator as well so be careful about mixing the two looks.

How to get it right:

Don’t pile it on: Stick to one military inspired item and dress it up with a dress or down with a mini skirt. Please no A-line and no jeans.  Think flowing on bottom and tailored on top.

Camouflage print is designated to handbags only. Please stay away from this print in clothes, shoes and jewelry.

Do not where combat boots. Wear ankle boots on a flowing dress if you must but jeweled mary janes are better or even heels. Wear long boots with short skirts but make sure they fit. No slouchies here!

Finally, remember simple is best so here is a shot from Maire Claire who has gotten it right:

Maire Claire shoot

Maire Claire military shoot

This fall/winter season brings back once again animal prints. But this time around instead of only leopard and tiger;  python and zebra have been thrown into the mix and with more of a subtle and more feminine looks. Gone are the teeny leopard minis and backless skin tight dresses. This is something we all can appreciate.

Blumarine Fall/Winter 2010 Python print Collection

Lanvin Leopard Print Dress $1829

Prada Leopard Print Bag $1,495 www.saksfifthavenue.com