Tired of florals and lace as spring staples? We collected 3 under the radar trends to shake things up.

By Yvette E


It’s not just for fall anymore and with cooler temperatures until May, it may be just the thing we need with longer cool days.

Styling tips:

Pair it with lace to play up hard and soft or throw on a tee shirt and a moto jacket to go full on tough chick.


This paisley and plaid mashup print is back in style for a gypsy vibe this spring.

Styling tips:

Add a sheer top to dress it up or pair with wide leg pants. For a more playful look, go full gypsy with a peasant top.

Structured Activewear

Activewear and sportswear have been blending together for a few years and now you can find motorcross looks in this spring.

Styling tips:

An athletic zip up looks great with a pair of boyfriend jeans in dark colors. Dress it up with an asymmetrical skirt.Happy Hump Day!πŸ’‹

Animal print is resurging again but with more artsy mixes. Here are 3 reasons you should get into the trend and how to incorporate it into your style for seasons to come.

By Yvette E


Animal print seems to jog in and out of fashion’s radar every couple of years and not always with a new twist. So here is the best animal print to add to your wardrobe for every style.

courtesy of Glamour


Abstract zebra print is classic and neutral in brown tones. It doesn’t look too wild and can easy be subtle.


Take a jog with Cheetahs and wear a dense print as a shirt and pair with jeans. If the traditional print seems a little dressy, try the black and white version.


Animal print in colors and pastel hues gives a new meaning to the romance and vintage dressing a seen on this Asos top.


Snake print as been a fixture in the Punk community for several decades no matter it is in style or not. Most likely you already have this print in your closet. This fall ditch the traditional gray hue for a darker version.

Happy Humpday πŸ’‹

It’s finally sweater weather but not time to dust off those ones you wore last year. We run thru 3 sweaters trends anyone would want to store for the next winter.

By Yvette E

Knitwear is still on the forefront of fashion and the love of comfort is sure to keep it there. We checked what’s in style right now and here are the trends we think you will love:

Say it with a sweater

Words on sweaters are now as popular as graphic tees for both men and women. The only difference is a women has a phrase while men only have a single word. Still, it’s a trend that spans both sexes.

Graphic Sweaters

Corner or all over prints have become a staple for both sexes with men sweaters more of a combination of neutral hues while women have a taste of the rainbow.

Textured Sweaters

Fringe details and 3d effects are making sweaters more interesting for both sexes. Ikat and braiding motifs seem fresh with a more haphazard placement then in previous years.

Happy Friyay πŸ’‹

The motorcycle jacket has become a wardrobe staple but how to incorporate it into your personal style has still been a mystery. Till now..

by Yvette E


The moto jacket has been synonymous with alternative cultures in the US and its recent entry into fashion. It started in 1928 when Irving Schott added a zipper (a novelty at the time) to a leather jacket and sold it in partnership through Harley Davidson. The company, Schott Bros NYC still exits today and has seen a resurgence of sales.

In any rate, the moto jacket started out and is still a rebel accessory so how does one add it to their wardrobe seamlessly? Your choice of fabric is key. This is a unisex post and alternative fashion will be excluded.


Who loves sweatpants more than you and wearing tracksuits? Take the moto jacket style and pick a denim moto jacket. It will be easy to pair with jeans and still have that edgy feel.


You perfer pants to jeans and will not be caught in sweatpants but also you don’t have a rebel bone in your body, so why wear a moto jacket? There still is a bad ass element to not following the crowd and here is the solution. Look for the style in knits and softer fabrics.

Another option for men is a Military jacket that comes in different fabrics. I have yet to find a soft fabric moto jacket for men.


Whether sequin is your first love or you look like your in a boardroom even on the weekends, a moto can add a relax look.

For men, look for quilted, fringe or zipper details to give your jacket a glam feel. (men’s jacket in pic from Eastbay)

For women, embroidery and sequin accents make the jacket luxe. (jacket from Loveculture).

Happy Friyay πŸ’‹

Trends are crossing over more and more as designers are creating for both sexes and with this season’s multitude of choices, cross trending has become a thing.

by Yvette E

You heard of couple matching, and these trends will get you into shopping each others closets. The trick is in the details.


Grab your sig other’s plaid shirt and rock on. Plaid for guys is still mostly the red and black variety while women have the full spectrum from gingham and beyond. Rock your Boyfriend’s fav plaid shirt with a corset belt and leggings while guys can snag that plaid scarf.

Leather everything

Leatherlike fabrics are having a moment and here guys have the advantage of the leather coat while women are seeing the trend mostly in skirts and pants. Leather hiking boots with rocker accents are also having a moment. Couple outfits are a go!!

Why the west was fun

Western styles are back and for both men and women with both getting their fair share. An entire outfit was showcased on multiple runways but we really love the patchwork on the shirt.

Happy Friyay πŸ’‹

The stress of planning a wedding can be difficult and nothing is more stressful than finding that perfect wedding dress. In lu of going with the status quo or shopping at mass market store, why not try a new designer? The ethereal beaded dresses at lotus thread has all wishing we were brides to be.

By Yvette E

Inspired by the timeless elegance of old New York….

…..Lotus threads

Themes and styles

As the story unfolds, we found ourselves pretty far from the above statement of inspiration and instead transported to the brands namesake, an ethereal forest with far east themes. The decorations were beautiful but the concept seemed foreign to the 1920’s style of the wedding dresses themselves.

We can not say that the theme was a direct contradiction since there was elements of spiritual concepts throughout the collection including the use of sheer fabrics, and cape-like trains.

All in the details

I always thought the true nature of fashion is in the details and here we can see every single piece.Β  This dress is one of the simpler pieces since most were reminiscent of the beading of the 1920’s, this piece reminded us of the 1970’s flower child.

These are up close of the beaded dresses and the first thing that stuck out at us was the difficulty of adding such intricate beaded motifs to sheer fabric.Β 

of course, the show had some help with the atmosphere with the hair pieces from Erica Koesler, food by Petite B and the flower arrangements by Christopher Polizzoto.

Happy Monday, πŸ’‹

Pants seemed a thing of the past as a fall separate (the power suit still reins) so we compiled 5 skirt trends to wear now. The best part..they may already be in your closet.

By Yvette E

Wrap skirts

Once deemed a summer staple, wrap skirts have entered the fall as the next big thing. Season shifting has been a big part of fashion as a means towards innovation. Pair these styles with bright hue stockings which are also having a moment and ankle boots to show off your legs.


These skirts have been on trend for sometime but this season, you will find them in leather, pleats and colorful patterns. For classic dressers, be daring and try them in suede.

High waisted

The maxi skirt that keeps going can hide your tummy and show off the waist but beware if you are busty. If you do happen to have ample busom go big with slouchy crop sweater.


We love something different and even though it’s not thigh friendly, you should own at least one this fall.


Three patterns stuck out for everyday wear this fall: Animal, plaid (see our guide to plaid) and floral. All seem very style specific so we sugguest for classic dresser stick to herribone and other neutral plaids and for casual dressers try abstract floral prints or small floral prints.

Too many trends and not much adoptable looks to every day life catergorized fall trends this season. So we combed through it all and came up with…

By Yvette E

Pants are more about print than fit this fall. There are an overwhelming amounts of fits within every print and the sheer amount of trends are enough to make us swoon. We have picked 5 trends in dresses and Accessories so far, but we found that there are no specific trends when it comes to pants so we picked one pant trend to embrace this fall, the paper waist.

Trousers in general are having a moment and the pant suit trend this fall is the perfect example. There are 3 trouser trends out right now, ankle, wide leg and tauper.

The problem with tauper is it looks great only on slim legs. Ankle pants don’t work with people with large calves while wide leg pants make large breasted women look heavy.

So we picked the paper waist for the cinched waist and wide leg combination. It hides any leg issues ( I have too much thigh) which accenting curves.

Win, Win.

Happy Hump DayπŸ’‹

There are more then just one type of plaid so we compiled a list of the right plaid for every style. So flip through this guide and see what is the perfect plaid to add to your closet.
Plaid Versace Fall 2018
GLAM SQUAD If you love to stand out then a brighter color background is just right. Layer it all together for an even bigger impact. FYI Plaids with a bright background are called Tartan.
CLASSIC Glen plaid has the gray background with the thin lines of color. This pattern is perfect for classic dressing since it will not overpower your entire outfit.
ROMANCE Large squared plaids like Window and gingham give off a school girl vibe and look great with those fuzzy sweaters.
VINTAGE Houndstooth is plaid? Yep and you most likely have it in your closet already. Dust it off and wear it all!
PUNK/ROCK If you do not have a checker plaid shirt in your closet then your alt license is revoked! Wear it has a jacket and your on trend. Happy Hump day!!

Summer is not over yet! And even though beaches in NY close after labor day weekend, some of us have access to beaches all year long. On a recent twitter conversation, some women were looking for a modest swimsuit. We heard the cries and we give you an alternative to a burkini, the swim dress.

Okay, the swim dress was once plus size fanfare but it has trickled up to all sizes. The styles still varies with backless features, stripy accents and the occasional sheer panels.

We love this yesstyle.com one because the netting feature looks so goth and has total bust coverage.

Want a longer silhouette? Free country’s swim dress grazes the knee.

So no need to run to Amazon for a Muslim swimsuit. Sears will do just fine.

Happy Friyay and enjoy the beach as much as you can…

Yvette πŸ’‹