(courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar )

It has long been believed that fringe and sequin were for special occasions but for Spring that usual night wear makes a daytime debut.

From feathery accents to hair like applications beyond the standard edge, we can see this look on every style:

  • Classic – try the all over subtle fringe (as seen in middle above) in tops or bottoms.
  • Punk/Rock has been wearing fringe for years so you really do not need my help (πŸ˜‰)
  • Romance think boho and go for edge looks like at Versace (left).
  • Vintage go for the top metallic fringe with the glammers for a 70s look.

If anyone tries the monster fringe please at me on instagram (@tfgnyc) cuz I just need to see this in #IRL.

Happy hump day,

Yvette πŸ’‹

We wrapped up our trip to Japan just in time for more snow in the Northern US (hopefully the last one).

We covered what to wear between season but what do you wear to a season unlike any of the past?

No wonder that crop sweaters have come down every spring runway!! Here are some tips when April showers turn into April snow storms that kill May flowers:

Get some sexy rain boots

Rain boots can double has snow boots especially when the snow is mostly slush or a few inches. Also, it will not be as cold as winter (even at 39 degrees). Shop outlet retailers like Nordstrom Rack to find great pairs for over 50% off!!

Get a rain trench with style

Trench coats never go out of style!! You may be tempted to just wear your waterproof winter coat but hey, it’s spring..ish. Remember to get one with a hood so you can ditch the umbrella.

Waterproof handbag

Chic nylon bags are better than coated canvas and leather like bags when it comes to standing up to rainy weather!

Happy Friyay!!


Now that spring is finally near, we can look forward to more skin baring looks. But the weather outside tells a different tale with the last winter storm ending down the coast. So what is a fashionista to do? To warm for winter wear but to rainy and windy to dig out your new spring wardrobe! Never fear, we have you cover with 3 looks that can be worn in what we call transition season, the season between seasons.


okay, so you know the weather will start at a high 40s and wind up a balmy 66 today? This is when you start pairing winter basics with past Spring purchases (Lets keep the tags on the new stuff till spring is official πŸ˜‹).


So if you are okay with wet legs, layer a sweatshirt over a dress and pair with bright leggings and ankle boots for a transition outfit…remove the sweatshirt when it gets warmer!!


Henleys with button down shirts paired with Khakis goes a long way. Skip t-shirts and jeans because cotton hold water and when it gets wet, it can stay wet for a long period of time.


Spring is all about color so start adding it to your everyday outfits right now so add a pastel or ornate cardigan to get started. Both girls and guys can use this simple trick to give a neutral driven wardrobe a kick and with so many lengths to choose, it could become a wardrobe staple!

BTW..no blanket cardies please..😐

Happy Friyay

Yvette πŸ’‹

Every fashion week we look through several prediction sights and try to gleam the newest most innovative trend in fashion this fall. Of course, trends like active themed sportswear (driven by Fenty, Adidas,etc) and typical embroidered fabrics and patches will remain, but what do designers have up thier sleeves for something new?


Sleeves have been a way to update garments especially with the ruffle trend in sweaters last fall. This fall look for wide and long sleeves on cropped sweaters for a cool juxtaposition.


Holographic hues get a redo with darker colors rather than the greens and reds usually associates with it.


Pleats are back but with thicker fabrics and wider folds. Look for woven material for an extra luxe look and altered lengths.


This is largely a guess because dresses are a signature garment for most designers. So ruffles around the waist of a dress with a long silhouette may or may not be a thing…we shall see next week!


It is men Monday so we have some trends for you as well, the oil slick pattern is unisex and seen on both men and women. Another pattern for the guys – Burberry plaid.

Here are some more possible trends:

  • Quilting…jackets, pants
  • Baggy pants…move over skinny jeans
  • Floral prints for fall?
  • Wide brimmed hats

Plastic clothes, shoes and handbags? These once thought of as cheap vinyl fair gets a glam redo by top designers and we are in love ?.

And the styles range from the clear to the metallic and some with a cheeky pattern like those seen at Kenzo (above). All the vinyl clothes seems a final nod to the seventies; a decade fashion seems to be stuck in but still the unusual fabric is bond to add a little flair to your wardrobe and if you are a goth or alternative person, they are already in your closet (lucky).

Here are some tips for adding this trend to your closet:

  • Do not pair together; what works on the runway does not always work in real life.
  • Pair it with basics, a vinyl skirt with a wordy tee goes a long way.
  • For a safer look, stick to vinyl accessories like shoes and bags.

Have a fun friday,

Yvette ?

This moment is the best time to try something new so put down the sequin (insert garment here) and try these unusual but fun alternatives.

Wear color

Swap the gold, silver and black for orange, pinks and purples for a more daring look for New Years Eve.

Go casual

Wear skinny jeans, sweater and skirt combos and even leather leggings. Go against the crowd and stand out! Plus be super relax as the ball drops.

Play with proportions

Crop tops and long skirts to long sweaters over dresses, playing with proportions is a fun way to experiment with new looks. Who knows, you may catch someone’s eye for that NYE kiss.

Happy Hump Day,

Yvette ?

We never thought punk was a style but more a way to convey originality while voicing your distain for the modern ethos. Somehow, fashion has made it tangible, bringing the attitude, sense of rebellion and the yearning to break free of society’s norms into fall clothing and accessories.

We love what Michael Kors is doing with Jimmy Choo, taking it back from manufacturers while Coach’s identity crisis seems more palpable. 

Although, some elements are cliche (more safety pin motifs..?), some other brands have gone instellar to create cool vibes.  Here is a list of a few brands who added a spin:

During Amsterdam fashion week, Ibileye designer,  Sophia Bentoh combined Punk elements with her African roots creating mixed print clothing that somehow worked.

While Markus Lupfer combined sweet and preppy elements to punk as a nod to 70’s glam rock and a more modern preppy print of houndstooth rather than the overused plaid.

Below, Fenty by Puma adds street style vibes to a punk stable of plaid. What is yout punk inspiration for fall? #tfgpunkvip on instagram post and you could be featured on our blog!!!

If you love comfy cute clothing that is size inclusive is your thing; then you will love British clothing company Lazy Oaf!

Started in London in 2001 by Illustrator and designer Gemma Shiel in her fathers garage; Lazy Oaf has spread like wild fire over all over the world due to Gemma’s kitschy prints, oversized fit and child like designs that cross all generations, shapes and sizes!

 She also is known to collaborate and is currently working with Japanese labels Little Sunny Bites with their new Looney Tunes line and popular Esther Loves You line by illustrator Esther Kim..Prices are low to moderate with pieces starting at $23 and going up to $200 so there is something for everyone! Also there’s a men’s collection too! So Check the brand out at their UK based site that ships world wide ( www.lazyoaf.com).

The slip dress has been in and out of fashion since the forties but I think it’s time to have it stay as a stay staple! Not only is this dress versatile but it can be dressed up or down and flatters evry type of figure out there! You can wear it dressed down and shorter with a tshirt under or over and sandals or sneakers. Dressed up you can throw on a longer version, put on a tiara and a faux fur or real fur jacket for a little bit of Courtney Love and it can go anywhere! New updates see this style made in new fabrics like lace and velvet for 2017. I have been looking for some that fit my curvy size for a while and was so happy to find two styles at Zara on sale! You will see me rocking these during NYFW! So please try them for yourselves!

Dkny, stone fox bride and nasty gal dresses