Fall 2012 may have seemed to fly by in the fashion world but us mere mortals are have just entered the season of falling leaves, over-eating and expensive purchases. Of course, this season also holds parties galore and here are the looks in hair styles you should sport if you want to be the trendy girl at those parties. Of course, we have included a way to make it your own style. So here we go with our hair style guide for fall 2012!

Hair Color : Blonde or brown?

If you decide to go brown or blonde, both are on target for fall 2012!! So which color should you choose?

Classic: Blonde is always a great choice for classic styles but if you happen to be ethnic then try a honey blonde or a color closer to the roots of the model on the left. If blonde isn’t your style try auburn brown.

Causal: Blonde would be too showy for you so brown is your best option. Go dark brown like chestnut.

Romance/vintage: Blonde is great for vintage but us romance types prefer browns in red hues.

Punk/ Rock: Either go white blonde or dark brown. White blonde is great for punk style because you can add color as soon as the weather warms up. For rockers, stick to dark hues and add a red ombre like the brunette model on the left.

Glam: Mix both with highlights!!


Bangs and I have always been friends and I love the look of them especially in my reddish brown hair (yep I went for romantic red). So what length is best for your style?

Classic: Your bang length should show some eyebrow, so stop bang length just above the brow for a more classic look.

Causal: Show some forehead so bang should stop about 1 inch before the eyebrow.

Romance/vintage: I always sweep my bangs to the side so bangs should be mid-way on your forehead.

Punk/ Rock: Take your bangs long so they hide your eyebrows and almost graze your eyes like the model on the right.

Glam: Stop bangs at eyelid so you can add eyeshadow for a even more glam look!!

The Pony Tail

This hair style appears trickier then just pulling your hair back and slapping on a scrunchie! Too low and you look like you came from the gym and too high means you are a reject from a Madonna video (Vogue anyone?) So here we go on pony tail position in any style.

Classic: Your ponytail should be about  two to three inches above the nape of the neck (just above the ears). The point of this season’s ponytail is to show off the neck.

Causal: Ponytail at the nape of the neck is considered gym class fair. Take the ponytail to one inch from nape of neck (just below the ears) so it appears causal without feeling workout.

Romance/vintage: Because my hair is short and I am a romantic at heart, I line up my ponytail with my ears. It pull attention to those post earrings we love so much.

Punk/ Rock: Take your pony tail high but not too long. Your ponytail should just reach your shoulders. If your hair is short, then adjust it so it does reach the shoulder. This height will not work for punks who should wear pony to match with mid-ear.

Glam: Take it high and long like the model on the left!!

Braid, bun or twists?

Okay, these three styles all came back in this fall but of course, we can’t all embrace this style triad. So which style looks good in a bun and which style should revolt? Here is what style you should (and should not sport) this fall. So the right style for your type is (drum roll please):

Classic: The bun is your friend while twists may make you feel like a homeless person.

Causal: Twist away while the bun would make you feel too formal.

Romance/vintage: I love the bun and twisted my hair into short buns with ornaments so it can stand out (short hair sucks sometimes). Vintage style should go with the braid though and leave the bun and twists to someone else.

Punk/ Rock: Bun, never!! Punks should try twists because they look unkempt but stylish. Rockers should try random tiny braids on flowing hair so not to seem to polished (you are a rebel right?)

Glam: Twist? No way but you will gladly exaggerate a bun (a big as possible) and a braid (a thick as possible)!

Have fun making these styles your own and if you happen to try them at home then share it on our facebook page at TheFashionGoddess!! Next week, we take on fall shoes!!

Okay, last week we went way into the future discussing Spring 2013 as the entire world of fashion previewed their spring 2013 lines but we are aware that people want to know what is in now! This week we will showcase fall clothing, hair and makeup trends to get ready for those season parties! Of course not all the trends are for everyone! You will find that some makeup trends will overwhelm a Classic or Causal type but be revered by a Rock/Punk or Glam type. So here are the top 3 wearable makeup trends and how to adapt it to your personal style.

Red Lips

      This lipstick statement is best for rockers but other types can rock this lip trend by:

Classic: Add a little gloss to this trend to take the bold out of it.

  Causal: Try a lighter red and keep the matte look. Don’t go too light or you may be sporting pink.

Punk: Add a more orange tone to your red for the bad to the bone bright color you want.

Romance/Vintage: Add a light blush to the trend to build up the romance and vintage look. Keep it matte!

Rockers/Glam: No need to edit!! This trend is for you!!

A trend for everyone?

Green or blue eye shadow

This eye shadow trend is for everyone, with a little twink here and there.

Classic: Go for a dark green/blue and apply lightly like the models at Jason Wu.

Causal: Try a middle color of green/blue and only apply to middle lids. Leave upper lids natural.

Punk: Go bright green with yellow undertones or blue with green undertones (like turquoise) Add dark liner in a darker green or blue.

Romance/Vintage: Try a light green  (without a hint of yellow) or a baby blue. Add it lightly to the corners and leave the rest of the eye lids natural.

Glam: Try a green or blue with sparkle and pair it with matte gold eye shadow (as in for fall). Go big on mascara.

Rock: Go as dark green or blue  as possible and add black mascara for extra rock flair.

Bright Matte lips

This trend embraces the color trend that seems to be sticking around for several seasons. The color is versatile and the main focus is matte here so here are the colors we recommend you should try if you happen to be:

Classic: Go for coral like the models at Thakoon!

Causal: Try a modest pink!

Punk: Go bright orange!

Romance/Vintage: Bright pinks like Fuchsia will be up our alley!

Rock/Glam: Go for red!

Tune in on Friday for hair style trends we know everyone will love!!

Top 10 nail polish

With all this talk about nails as a form of expression, we had to wonder: Why haven’t we covered nail trends in our blog? With all the choices of nail polish from stick-ons, press-ons and gel, we wanted to know a more affordable way to achieve the most fashionable look using, yep, regular nail polish. We compiled the best tutorials here so you can create the best affordable look, so dive in and post the picks on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/TheFashionGoddessBlog.

Tribal Beat

We saw this nail print on the runway of Altuzarra and knew there must be a worthy tutorial. For advanced nail artisans, we loved this tutorial by lovemynails. Please see video below:

For a more simple tribal we added this photo tutorial:

You can try this look with different background colors.

By changing the base color you can achieve many different looks.

Polka dots Nails

Polka Print

We saw these on refinery.com and thought they were worth sharing. The dots can be changed for the black and white styles or neon colors for the summer clothing trend styles.

Basic Colors

Pastels, neons and neutrals are the colors we are seeing in the salons and nail polishes. Of course, creativity is the new trend so don’t hesitate to mix colors and use them in the patterns we outlined.

For more image tutorials, check out our facebook page.

Every year there seems to be some sort of need for all of us to purchase a wig just so we can be in fashion and complete the looks we all loved on the runway. So what about us short haired people? Doesn’t anyone care? Well, we care and we looked through several fashion sites to get the short of it – what hair style for your fashion type!


Glistening Hair

This trend is perfect for short haired classic styles because it allows for flexiablity. You can style your hair any way and still be on trend or if you are too busy, a hint of shine or gloss and out the door!!


Go Wavy

Waves are short hair friendly and a simple crush of the hand with some mouse makes it easy to accomplish.


Go Braids!!

You don’t need long hair to pull off this look. It is more about sheer number then length!!

I hope to find some looks for Glam and Punk Rockers with short hair and i will let you know next time!!

So sad since i have been trying to grow out my locks forever that this fall all us short haired people can do is stick to hair adornment to stay in trend. If you do have long hair, here are some trends to embrace based on your personal style:


low pony allure

The bony tail is back in a messy unkept way and is great for the classic type. However, do to your structured nature, go the slick back low bony tail. For short hair people, try the side part near the top of the crown.


Causal dressers love the ponytail as well and you can embrace the messy version. If you do happen to have short hair go for rumped texture look and follow the instructions here.

Stay tuned for Punk and glam styles in the next installment and thaks Allure for the pictures.

As a short-haired goddess who refuses to wear fake hair, I am also secretly jealous of long locks since fashion always seems to pay tribute to it making it seem that long hair is trendy. Well, short hair can be trendy too! All you need is to embrace these simple tricks from the runway that can make even the cutest pixie cut in vogue.

Go Slick and Shiny

Allure picture for Slick and shine

The idea of this look is to give the appearance of polish and refinement. It is basically a classic blow out with the addition of finishing polish (lighter than oil and won’t weigh the hair down). The fact is a blow dryer will do for short locks but use a smaller brush since we are not going for body. For girls with medium length hair, use a flat iron on dry hair (don’t blow dry and flat iron since it will dry your locks and you will need to add more product). Brush your hair with a wide paddle brush and toss the comb! Add the slick and shine product (every brand makes one from Fruitis to John Frieda). Brush again to distribute.

Extreme Side Part


This one is simple. Part the hair 2 inches above the side part and you are done. Now only if fall hair trends were easy. Next week, fall hair trends for everyone.

Everything seems to have a designer and hence a trend today. Makeup is no exception with designer choices running off the runway and into stores so what makeup trend is right for your style? My twin sister (rock/punk girl extreme) and I (incurable romantic) weigh in.

Hey rockers embrace those various colored smoky eyes and deep colored lip trends. The mystery and the seductress vibe is right up your alley but don’t mix the two trends. Use multicolored smoky eye hues with nude or light lips.

smoky eye

Get the look: http://www.smashbox.com/get-the-look/Multicolored-Smoky-Eye

For our casual and classic ladies, the nude makeup trend is great because it calls for neutral tones and the natural look you love. Neutral eyeshadow shade, mascara to make your eyes pop, a bit of blush applied to the apples of your cheekbones for more vivid look and nude lip-gloss or lipstick color to complete the look.

nude makeup

For glam goddess embrace the gold hues and orange eye makeup. It really jumps out makes you get noticed. It’s bright and bold and if you happen be a darker skin tone go with a bronze or gold version.

orange eye makeup

For the romantics, thick eyebrows and the double eyeliner are the best trends. The thick eyebrows are also great for vintage as well as the orange smoky eye. Vintage beauties can pair the two looks for a 70’s feel. For romantics, stick with the double eyeliner and thick brows.

winged eye liner

It was another early morning day at work so to cut the boredom i decided to wear my fabulous owl earrings (owl heads with crystal eyes and feathers and chain). There are quite long which prompted a co-worker to state how good they look and the remind him of show in which a Miami salon was showcasing feather extensions.

Feather extensions for the hair? Can it be true that the feather trend has finally reached the locks? So I googled it when I got home and walla – they are real!! I must get this trend!! It will go great with all the feather jewelry i have been making (shameless plug).

The beauty of the trend is that it features feathers that can be treated like hair! You can wash, curl or blow try them and it comes in fantastic colors. The most popular type is the pheasant print but you can get this trend in any variety.

feather hair extensions

I have seen several sites offer the feathers and the clips need to attach it to your hair. Etsy.com sellers are already getting into selling the supplies to add the feathers to your hair as well as the feathers. More specialized site like plumeyourhair.com sell the product to salons and stylists only.

Here is a how to video to show how to add these great feathers, if you happen to be to afraid to try this at home check out a salon but i warn you that they will charge an inflated price of 12 dollars a feather or more depending on your location.

Where to buy:




I am not one to paint my nails as a designer and typist but these trends are really tempting. These nail trends come straight off the runway with a new twist on the french manicure (there seems to be one every year) and bold looks that has us all drooling.

Moon manicures

These two tone prints have a semi-moon at the base of the finger and a gorgeous tip. The base color is always a neutral – brown, white or clear. This very 1940’s piece can do with a french style but not always since the main feature is the moon at the base of the finger.

With and Without french…still a classic look

Get this look at home: Paint the base color in white or brown. The use a brush (thin mohair bristle or the brush of your chosen black nail polish) to paint a moon shape on the base of the nail in a arc.

Rihanna rocked this style in her “Rude Boy” video. For a video tutorial see below and have some fun!!

As everyone has already reported on the Spring trends (that seem to be in for the past 3 years: bright colors, some trend picked out of the 80’s and mixed prints), we decided to focus on those all important feature: our hair! Sorry short tresses are not in vogue this time ( I cry everyday looking in the mirror at my shoulder length hair).  Volume is back and just like nude as the neutral sojourned  from the 70’s so did this hapless hairstyles- Is someone actually wearing a Beehive?

1. Volume

Think coif and a whole lot of hair spray! This hairstyle is more sculptural than the one’s in the past since it combines folding, pinning, and density. No teasing here! The idea is to pull most of your hair on top of your hair and pin!

The Beehive? Really?

If you actually want to go all the way back to the 1960’s, try the coif. Here is Elle Canada’s tips to getting the coif:

Get the look: Dig out your hot roller or Velcro rollers. You’ll need large rollers as the rollers are used to add volume, not to create curl. Work in some volumizing mousse focusing the product at the crown and working and remaining product down the hair shaft. With hair moist from mousse, add rollers working from the front to back. Then heat each roller using your blow dryer on its highest heat mode to help set the rollers. Let cool, pull out rollers and brush back hair. Backcomb your hair, using a working hairspray as you tease, to create volume at the crown and then brush hair back with a paddle brush to smooth out the style. Finish with an extra-strong hold hairspray.

2. Curls Curls Curls and more curls

If I tried to curl my hair it would probably be a frizzy mess! Great thing that is exactly the way its suppose to look. Yep, messy, natural and curly (abate very faint).

Faint curls

Get the Look:

1. Prep damp hair with any anti-frizz or smoothing cream for sleek smoothness and to prevent frizz. Use a fine-tooth comb to create a strong part of the left side of the head.

2. Scrunch a Styling Foam into damp hair and massage into roots for volume and shine. Blow hair dry with a large ceramic round brush, curling ends under.

3. Pin top section of hair up with a large clip so sides are free for curling. Use a large-barrel curling iron on one-inch sections of hair at a time, working from the bottom up. Use a 1/4 inch barrel for short hair.

4. Remove pin from top section and curl as done on the sides.

5. Sprinkle a glossing spray from roots to ends and rake hands through hair to create texture and loose roughness to waves.

6. Finish with a mist of l Hair Spray for light hold and pull ends forward to rest on shoulders or neck.

Enjoy your new hair styles! If you try these looks, please post your comments below and if you have pictures we will post it on our next post!