This fall makeup trends are alot more relaxed with a focus on a more natural look I.e. minimalism.  This makeup trends seem to caused by the extravagance of fall clothes and the diminutive size of fall handbags. The simplicity of applying these trends are the reason we choose them. So sit back and try these makeup trends.


Dewdrop glow

The most important aspect to this trend is foundation and a day cream. Add a drop of shimmering sunscreen or bronzer (for dark skin) to foundation to get the dewy glow. If you want to add glow to your eyelids, simply blend pearly white or bronzer. Do not add lipstick or eyeshadow.  Of course, this look calls for smooth skin so exfoliating is a must. It may be best for casual styles but anyone can do it.


Eyeliner only

Also known as “invisible eyeshadow”, this trend just includes eyeliner in basic colors, black, blue and dark green. The placement can be anywhere from upper lids, sides or around the entire eye, making it easy for any style to duplicate.


Dramatic lips

As we witnessed this trend from last fall, we love the return of the red lips. However, we appreciate that the new lip trend incorporates pinks, browns and oranges. Once again foundation is key, make sure it matches your skin tone. For darker skin, don’t be afraid to mix foundations or splurge for higher end lines that have many more shades to choose from. Stores like sephora carry more brands while ulta carries more colors.

Strange that in this recession, we somehow got more obsessed with one of the most costly (and time consuming) trend: beauty. From hair to nails, these trends are on the way out…

Goodbye Ombre for more solid color hair looks!


Say goodbye to ombre hair. The style has recently gone global which means that we no longer remain a head of the hair trend (pun intended).  We are going back to basics with brown and darker colors returning to the mainstream. Of course, we still like the cool color trends as blue, pink and other unnatural colors remain an interesting change to routine.

large additions to your nails are out – stick to painted shapes.


Adding large nail art to your nails are totally out.  Something can be said about creativity when you use just nail polish to make a statement.

Too dramatic eyes are so out… Simple liner looks are staples for fall.

Eye makeup

Okay, our picture is way too exaggerated but you got the point. Eye makeup has returned to monotone hues when working with eye shadow as well as minimal looks with just eyeliner. Smoky eye in colors other than black are prevalent this fall as well as a look called the floating eye which deals with adding eyeliner on the eyelid.


This summer is filled with tans (natural or not), bikinis, events and effortless hair so when we received these items complimentary for testing purposes via Influenster, we had to admit that the box put summer in a box. We looked through the product and tested it all right here!

Dr Scholl’s for her

At 10.99, it is a little pricy but worth it.

The summer in Miami features the hottest events especially Mercedes Benz Fashion week that hits Miami Beach during the height of summer, July. The dress code may be relaxed and cool but the shoes are all about high heels.

So when we pulled out Dr. Scholl’s for her high heel, we were skeptical because past insoles always stuck to our feet because they just didn’t breathe and the clear plastic was like stepping on plastic bags. EWWWWWW!! However, these insoles felt soft like gel and the focus on the heel added extra cover where it was need most.

The insoles are a little pricey but the amount of usage should make up for the cost plus you won’t have to carry those un-sexy slip on shoes to change into when your feet starts aching.

SinfulSunshine with Gel Tech

Sinful sunshine nail polish is a lot of work with a small price.

This nail polish is priced right but falls flat. The promise of shine is not there. The color comes off matte and the texture is chalky. The nail polish also needs a lot of drying time. We suspect in order to get the shine, you may have to layer the polish at least three times which isn’t very convenient for the working girl (moms included).  Of course, we haven’t got a chance to try the lasting power.

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

Goody’s got it – great for ponytail styles.

These ribbon elastics are great for pony tail and braid styles that are so hot during the summer. The elastics are  easy in and easy out with no hair breakage like rubber bands or bobby pins. It also won’t slip like the scrunchie.

We couldn’t try the olay fresh effects because the color is too light for us and the most important thing about tinted moisture with SPF is to wear it outside.

Thanks Influenster for the box….

O.P.I minnie mouse collection

After receiving the “A Moust Have” from O.P.I’s Minnie Mouse collection courtesy of Vogue Insiders, we had to recreate a latest fashion print, polka dots!!

Trying on the polish

OPI minnie mouse's collection goes on smooth!!

OPI minnie mouse’s collection goes on smooth!!

The nail polish gets points for going on smooth but the sheer effect of the first layer means we have to apply for as well as wait between coats. However, the polish dries so quickly that extra coats are a breeze!!  The thin coat of the nail polish also makes it easy to clean-up especially if you happen to not be an expert painter like me 🙂


The next step is to add the design. We add polka dots. The problem with the nail cover polish is that it took longer to dry on top of the O.P.I and smeared easily. It is a minus if you love to mix and match nail polish brands but if you are loyal to O.P.I, designs are easier with a faster drying nail polish.


The colors are a limited in various pinks and reds (we would have loved a white or black tossed in since Minnie Mouse has these colors as well) but the smoothness of the polish and the quick drying time make it a plus. Mix with other OPI colors for a more diverse effect.  Plus red is so haute right now.

This spring, it is all about accenting your best features and with glam and punk views there is no exception!! The face will remain nude for every look this fall except blush passion! So here are some tips to get you going in the right direction!

For flawless looking skin:

  • start with a sunblock
  • add a serum or primer
  • Add a foundation
  • finish with a powder ( because I am of mocha skin, I use a translucent powder to finish so foundation needs to match)

If your skin has dark spots, add a concealer after you apply the serum or primer and let try.


Eyeliner madness

Blue and black eyeliner is having a moment and just like the other trends, the main focus is the eyes while the face remains matte. For rockers, use black and for punks, wear the blue.

For a more daring look: Try green eyeliner or eyeshadow.


Blue and Green eyeshadow Spring 2013 trend

Green and blue eyeshadow is great and in so many colors and styles, it can be very versatile!! Use glitter shades for night and more matte shades for morning and afternoon.

For daring looks: Try to combine the blush look with the red lips trend!!

It’s that time to look at the best makeup trends off the runway that is versatile and of course easy to replicate!! In this installment, we look at the best spring makeup trends for classic, casual and romance/vintage.  This year’s makeup trend is about looking effortless, gone are the exaggerated eyes, the blush and the colored eyeliner. We want to look natural well wearing three layers of makeup!! So here it is, the three trends that you should impress for your style type and this time we will also have a daring section that will challenge you to wear something out of the box. Oh, another thing, we are going matte!! Gloss always makes the lips dewy and young but now we want a more mature so exfoliate those lips this spring to pull off the matte lip look in every style (more on this in part 3).

Classic and romance

Makeup trends: Romance/Vintage

The new focus on lips this spring makes doing your own makeup at home a breeze. If you happen to be the romantic/vintage type then try matte lips in red for vintage and pink for romance. Since lips are the focus of the trend, the rest of the face has a matte finish. If you really need eyeshadow, go for a neutral in cream, brown, or pink. Apply eyeshadow lightly and do not add eyeliner. For the rest of the face, skip the blush for a more natural look. The old adage applies here “if we notice you are wearing makeup then you have too much on”. Mothers rejoice! I know the woman in the picture here is wearing mascara and multiple shades of pink which is more a statement. Leave the mascara at home.

For daring try this trend: Lush lashes where you only accent your eyelashes and leave everything else nude.


Spring Makeup trend: Classic nude

The trend for you is all about looking like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all! All shades from lips to eyes should match your skin color!! For people with darker skin, try browns with a light shimmer in eyeshadow and brown lip stick with a hint of red for a better accent to this trend!

For daring try this trend: Bold Brows! Put down those tweezers and learn to accent those brows. Thick and bushy brows are paired with nude, flawless skin!!


Blush passion: Casual

When you do wear makeup, you don’t want it to look overdone so the all aglow trend is just for you. Think flawless skin and then add blush to contour areas like forehead and cheeks.

For daring, try this trend: pink lips!! Try a light pink close to nude.

With the focus on nail art as an accessory, it is the easiest way to update your wardrobe plus it gives the salon industry a must needed injection this spring. So what nail trend seem to be popping up this spring. We are seeing the prints from the runway appear on your fingers! Of course, it’s not just about color, creativity or style anymore but also shape as well. As usually we pick the best trends for each style and we will also include a like to a how to video as well so you could complete the look at home!!

Glitter tip go soft here but a base color can increase the glam effect!


Glitter tipped fingernails are so glamorous! Wear it with a neutral color to play it down or play it up over a metallic! This trend reminds me of the mirror metallic print we are seeing on runway which of course is a print you (as a Glamorzon) want to purchase.



Dripping blood nails in Spring!


Parbal Gurung’s Spring 2013 runway featured these  nails and of course such a dark nail trend is right up the alley for you. The love of oxblood arrived last fall but the color has a new life as a tongue in cheek nail art.



It’s casual in bright colors and in neutral tones it is so classic!


This nail art features features a base color and a metallic stripe down the middle and makes a nod to the stripe print we are seeing on the runway this spring. Using bright colors with metallic takes it very casual with a sporty look but flip it to classic with neutral base color (think white or cream) and add a matte metallic instead of sparkle and it instantly becomes classic.


Add charms and babbles to your nails!


This trend is the most versatile since it allows you the most creativity.  Add flower and heart motifs for a romantic look or go for beads and filigree for a vintage look.


It’s that time to re-evaluate our hair choices for Spring 2013. Fall was about hair color and accessories as well as a reappearance of braids. Now everything gets a lot easier with more attention to details and braids are still the focus. The difference is that the braids are more sculptural and yet remain not the main focus. Pony tails remain in style has well but hang low instead of high. We also see a return of head scarfs but reinvented to resemble a headband and not a head wrap. Straight hair is still more stylish then curly. Color is not specified so anything goes. So what is the best trend for your style? Here we go.

Loose ponytails look effortless and cool. Great for casual!!


The low ponytail is great because it allows for easy wear and is also simple to do. This ponytail is loose so just gather your hair, twist and add pony holder about 1/2 inch below twist.

side knots are great for classic wear.


Adding knots to your hair looks effortless and charming. Start with a pony, place holder but leave a little hair out and wrap around holder for a simple look in short hair. For long hair, twist your hair, pile in a circle and pull through center.

So 1960’s and perfect for vintage!!


The prints on head scarves make them instantly vintage.  Remember to conceal your hair if long so not to overpower the head scarf. It is suppose to be the main focus.

Accent braids are paired with the low pony trend.


What is more romantic then braids!! The best part about this trend is that it doesn’t have to be big. Small braids act as accents to additional trends like the low ponytail.

keep the front slick and spike up the back for short hair or add curls then comb and brush for long hair.


There seems to be a focus on texture and less on color this spring so the best hair trend for you is rough it up.

Bright and bold head bands are so out of the ordinary that a glamor girl is needed.


Top it off with something unexpected and over the top to add flair to your wardrobe.

Here are some final notes for Spring 2013 hair trends:

  1. It is all about texture. Any hair color will do so don’t be shy to experiment punks, just remember to add texture.
  2. Hair goods are paired down with a turn away from winter crystals and sequin towards bright colors and prints as seen in hair scarves.
  3. Combining two hair trends is allowed like the low ponytail and braid combination seen at Marchesa.
  4. Conceal your long hair. The idea seems to make long hair look shorter.

Have fun!!!

Wednesday we went through the makeup trends from the runways that could be used as holiday glam makeup. We covered punk/rock, classic and casual makeup trends and now want to cover glam and vintage/romance looks for the holidays.


With metallic makeup so in vogue right now, it is very easy to look glamorous this holiday season. Erickson Beamon had the best look for glam dressers on the fall runways. The combination of silver mascara and silver eyeshadow with bright lips all in a smoky eye. Gorgeous!! Metallic smoky eye can be created by layering different metallic colors in the same hue. Switch silver for gold eyeshadow and a darker lip stain for a even more glamorous look. The drama is in the eyes so play down the face makeup.


We usually pair vintage and romance together but this look asks for a more pronounce look than romance. This look has a 1970’s look and feel from a 2009 Dior show but smoky eye never goes out of style. Replace the brown eyeshadow with a bronze for a shimmer neutral effect.  The eyeliner should remain black as well as the mascara. I love this look because it is so ageless.


I barely wear makeup so this look is great for me during the holidays. This grey silver with black mascara and no lipstick is the best look. The blush on this look should be more subtle during the holidays. Add a light gloss in a neutral color to kick up the holiday spirit.

The most interesting part of makeup this season is that it seemed to be more subtle than the clothing that graced the runway. However, we found some more unusual makeup trends that may get you noticed at any holiday party based on some more adventurous looks from the runway.


Colored Mascara and liner matches with bright lips was popular on the runways with metallic eyeshadow. I love this look and it seems so punk that I have to say it is the ultimate holiday look. To strip down this look, either skip the matching eyeliner or use a mono-colored lipstick. Although, if you are a true punk, this look is your idea of an extreme holiday look. For rockers, try pairing black mascara and silver eyeshadow with a gold liner or  a gold liner with gold mascara and a nude eyeshadow. This look came straight from Dior.


Dramatic eyes with a nude face is the best look for classic wearers. Replace the color with metallic colors and you have the perfect holiday look. It is important to wear mascara the same color as your lashes so it does not over-power the metallic eyeshadow.


Neutral metallic with nude gloss is a great look for casual dressers because it is not over the top but still adds a hint of glamor. The gloss is just a hint of color but closer to a neutral. Remember to choose a metallic that is close to your natural skin i.e for darker skin choose a bronze color.

Tune in on Friday for glam, and vintage romance holiday makeup.