With male makeup vloggers popping up all over youtube, we had to know what the average guy could pull off. Guys wearing makeup may not have been new in B.C. Egypt but modern men have fully shunned the notion of slapping on foundation before the go out the door. So if you are not in the rocker industry, here are some makeup you can share with your girlfriend and vice versa.



Okay, they use this makeup on the runway to give a guy a little glow. Guys can use this trick as well. You can just stick to your skin tone ans stay away from the micro glitter formulas. This formula is usually in cream base. For a softer glow, crush powder bronze into your favorite lotion and then add to face.


A favorite of rock stars, it can really widen the eyes but leave the wing tip trend to the ladies. Stick to bottom only and if you are darker in skin tone, try brown for a more subtle look.


Yep, red eyeshadow has graced the runway of many male shows. It creates a more defined brow and widens the eyes. To try the look at home, try a shade closer to your skin tone (no pink untone if you are fair skinned).

If you ladies get your guys to try any of these tricks or if you try them yourself, #unimakeup on instagram and you could appear on our instagram page.

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Happy friday…?

After attending the Nexxus & Vogue event last week, we noticed that there were alot of (women only) beauty events over the past and coming weeks. Hence, this week is beauty week on our blog. Since this day has become man crush mondays, we decided to dedicate our first blog this week to our male readers. Yep, you guys are our man crushes (even the ones looking forward to Warcraft the movie).



Courtesy of trendspotters.com

We went back to the 70’s for clothing trends but we are going back to the 50’s for hair. Yep the pompadore, the side part and bangs (aka fringe) are all now part of the hair club for men.

For classic and casual try the side part while hipsters should try the fringe look.

Pompadores are very risky for every day unless you have a high profile profession.

We also saw the return of the curl….


Courtesy of pouted.com


We had to do our research on this one, so we turned to pouted.com for some unique “hunger games” colors that men have seen sporting. Classically, the runway has seen a lot of brunettes but according to Pouted, gray is the new brunette. What do you think would you go gray before your time?

Other trends included green, red, golden blonde and bronde. We even saw blue and pastel purple but even I think that it’s just fishing.


That 4 o’clock shadow is back in style.
A little rigid and oh so appealing..

Anything you have seen lately that you think we missed? Drop us a comment below.

I was very skeptical to try lipsticks created by a celebrity; but when Sephora released a mini lipstick gift set of 8 minis and 1 full size of the studded lipsticks by tattooist Kat Von D I decided to give them a try.

I was so surprised that not only were all the colors rich and highly pigmented; but they weren’t drying even though they are matte lipsticks. The colors go well with all skin tones and I love the hard shell studded cases that give the lipsticks an edgy, punk look. I feel like a  bad ass everytime I pull one out of my purse! The names ( Kat picks them all herself and says they are inspired by her real life) are fun and cheeky as well. I included pictures of all the ones I tried and love as well as a picture of me wearing the color Sexer ( which is a matte hot pink). All lipsticks are about $22 for a full size and the gift set I purchased was about $48 and also came with a white studded limited edition full size red orange sparkle matte color.



Okay, we have embraced the ugly Christmas sweater and we have started wearing leggings as pants (neither trend will be endorsed here) but guys have joined us this holiday season with beard trimming. No, we do not mean neating it up we actually mean akin to “trimming” a tree. Yep, adding ornaments to your facial hair.

A trend stranger than ugly sweater contests and white elephants at parties (is that how it goes).

Post a comment below and let us know what you think about this trend.

We all love the holidays and we may not be the best gift giver but our thoughts are always with our love ones. We are also do have family difficult to shop for possibly because they have too much, expect too much or just want too much. If you have someone like this person on your list, beauty gifts are your best bet.

First rule of beauty gifts, avoid perfumes and lotions, scents are too personal to give plus body lotion may send the wrong message. We like practical gifts. For instance, my sister and fellow blogger just began using Korean face masks.


Dr. JART + face mask set 39.00

I love this face mask booklet of Dr. Jart+ for 39.00 sold at sephora.com. It’s the perfect gift for women who love to treat thier face and you get 8 mask!


Color me applicator 54.00 at macy's

If you happen to have a friend that loves makeup and wears it everyday then the “color me makeup applicator” could be the perfect gift. The applicator mimics an airbrush look and lightly applies any foundation plus you can find it at Ulta or Macy’s for just 54 dollars!


In any rate you can always go to Hello Mink and give the gift of making your own makeup. For 279 dollars, your friend can print out any color she took pictures of on her cell and turn it into lipstick, eyeshadow etc..

Happy Holidays!

We know we have not wrote a hair blog for sometime and so this week is all about hair! We will try to cover some male hair looks we saw on friday so stay tuned.


Backward hairstyle

Updos are still in vogue but this look is versatile to all hair lengths and textures. From a simple twist of a single strand to a dual strand pony tail, it can easily be pulled off. So just play with swiping your hair back and adding unique accents.


Knot your average hairdo

Forget the bun, tie your hair in knots and then do that classic roll. This look is more about texture then anything else so neatness is not an issue.


Ornate add-ons

Headbands, clips and barrettes are still in vogue and we love that anyone can accomplish this look. For classic, stick to slick black headbands, romance stick to floral or bow motifs, rock and punk should have spikes or studs, and casual stick to thin headbands especially metal ones. Lucite styles are made for vintage lovers.


Braid meets updo

This look is unusually but do-able and like the other looks, does not need to be neat. The trick is that this is the only look bobby pins are not suppose to be seen. So get a color matching your hair if you want to pull off this look.

We went back to tradition this fall with Bronde (a combination of brown and blonde) being the most coveted color along with Auburn (a red and brown mix) and black, yep single process black. So here are the top hair colors for fall 2015.



Blonde with brown highlights makes an appearance. We are all aware that blonde is a common highlight but brown? Adding dark highlights to lighter hair gives a glow to the complexion so for those who love blonde, try this color for a change.


Colored blocked roots

A nice way to say “unkempt roots” it is no longer a  mistake to skip the touch-up. We can thank Madonna for this trend. I would like to see it go beyond just black roots and blonde hair, are you up for red and blonde or brown and black or in a reversal blonde roots with black hair?


Color tipped

Forget the all over colors of the past and the mermaid hues of this summer, fall is about suptle hits of color, mainly on random pieces at the end of hair strands. I think because colored clothes have made the leap to fall while we say black and white for spring 2016 is the reason for less hued hair.

If you do try any of these styles, hit us up on instagram this week with #fallhairtfg and you could be featured on our instagram page. Stay tuned for hairstyles on Wednesday and hair accessories we love on friday for a hair-raising week.


Chaira Boni showcased its all pink collection called “Petite Robe” and asked Aveda to create the perfect look for thier show. We wondered to the edge of New York to the Chelsea Piers to the artbeam, a rundown factory warehouse transformed into a temporary runway, the fashion industry bb (before Bryant Park).

We sat down with lead hair stylist, John Raven to dicuss the look and ask one question, the future of hair for spring and summer 2016.


The look: A faux wet look created with thickening toxic and volumizer.

The verdict: So hard that the designer admitted it would not be on trend this Spring



We have seen the neutral face with one accented feature for some time in makeup trends. This show was no exception. Even though, the makeup artist said she wanted to represent “a meadow of flowers” all we saw was pink and more pink. Unoriginal but I think there was some green in there.

In any rate, we asked John Raven what the hair trends for fall will be and here is a quote

Trends move so fast that ….people tend to do what they want…

What do you think? To see more of what John Raven says about the future of check out our youtube channel.

Even though clothes are on the brighter side this fall with pastels and pink creeping into our fall closet, makeup has gone to the dark side. Think vampire with neutral accents for fall 2015 and you got the idea. So here are the trends broken down to for you. This fall it is all about the accent, wear one of these looks and keep everything else neutral.



Eyeshadow goes metallic for fall

Eyeshadow either goes sunburst in bright colors or sun kissed in metallic, a throwback to the summer we all are longing to return. If you need to add dark accents stick to the look in the third picture and play with a brighter gold. For darker skin, try a bronze or copper accented gold and a dark color like navy blue or purple since brown will not show through the gold.



Eyeliner goes on the lid this fall 2015

Eyeliner goes beyond tradition this fall and can double as eyeshadow. Smudge it at the corners, on the lids and even on the side. Anything goes and we love it.



Black, red and purple lips oh my!

Vampire is the look for fall when it comes to lips, where eyeshadow is summertime fun and eyeliner gets creative, lipstick goes dark with black, purple and red the colord for fall. I just picked up 2 vampy lipsticks so now I can wear them all day long!

If you tried any of these styles, send us a pic at thefashiongoddessblog@gmail.com and we will post it on instagram.

I have been hearing about the surge in Korean Beauty product sales for a couple of months now  it never had a chance to go check them out at reasonable prices as Urban Outfitters and Sephora sell some items but I wasn’t willing to shell out the 30 bucks for a face cream I have never heard of..well ladies that changed when online Korean Beauty store Peach And Lily decided to have the first ever sample sale on August 5th in Nyc!! It was sheer madness as ladies lined up for blocks and the check out took us over an hour!!  But it was totally worth it as we were treated to free food and wine and the prices were amazing as most items were $5 and the more expensive beauty products were  $10-20! I took advantage of the 20 for $60 and stocked up on my new favorite brand of makeup Peripera. I fell in love with the princess sparkly tubes of lipstick and lip gloss that are super pigmented and very shimmery! I also stocked up on Mizon beauty products.

I have been using king to the Kong no 1 Kings Berry aqua drink toner, no 1 kings berry aqua step up cream, acne anti blemish foam cleanser and pore clearing volcanic mask for 10 days now and my oily acne prone skin never looked better!! I love that Korean Beauty products work on all skin types and ethnicities! There is a regimen for everyone and at www.peachandlily.com they even have certified cosmotologists that can help pick out your products!!


Complete madness at Peach and Lily Sample sale


Buyers got to research the products and dig through their bounty before checking out!


Some ladies were there for hours hence the yawning lol!


My daily routine except I use the mask twice a week


These are the prettiest lipstick and glosses ever!!