The runway isn’t just about the clothes anymore. We picked 3 runway makeup looks you can wear IRL.

by Yvette E

Next season’s makeup range from accenting a single feature to just plain minimalist that Meghan Markle made so famous.

The focus on past shows has been the lips but this season we are dressing our eyes. Here are the three runway makeup looks you should be trying right now!!

Line Minimal: Casual/classic

A soft eyeshadow with a black liner really defines the eyes and a naked lip makes it seem fresh and bold at the same time.

It is also great for classic and casual attire.

Pop of color: Romance/Vintage

At Siriano, we loved the subtle swipe of color eyeliner around the lid area only allowing the eyebrows a seat at the table. Mascara is also applied liberally.

I can image lighter tones for days and more sparkle at night. Use deep pinks and bright greens if you have darker skin and remember this is eyeliner so it will not be chalky.

Gray Smoky Eye: Alternative

My fellow blogger has just started rimming the bottom of her eyes and in Japan color on those eye bags is a now trending.

The key to notice is the color fades towards the brows.

Happy Friyay!!💋

We are obsessed with the first drug store makeup brand to curve out a spot in the most iconic place in the world but was the risk worth it?By Yvette E(all images courtesy of Google Maps)Covergirl has made a name for itself with celebrity embassadors like Zendaya and ground breaking decisions like naming the first male ambassador, James Charles in 2016. Since then, Covergirl has been on the radar as the go to drugstore makeup brand for last minute needs.The brand obviously wanted more. The flagship store is the first step into the mainstream makeup market dominated by European brands and Sephora. The risk is large but here are some thing that brand is doing right at its flagship store on the corner of 48th street on 7th ave.


Me at the selfie station

A rotating experience on the second floor allows for a selfie station and a video booth. Yeah, its me having someone else take a pic.The video station takes 3 short videos and combines them into a .gif sharable image.Finally you can try on shades digitally with a try on station that askes you to choose from a list of product and the takes a selfie of you. The makeup appears as a light wash over the image.


Finally, you can design either a makeup case or a lipstick at a station on the second floor. The design is sent to the register where you can edit the color (or at least we did) and purchase the lipstick or case. The item is printed downstairs.So with all the interactive sets and the fact its open to 11pm, the store may just make it and you know what they say..If you can make it here..Happy Hump day & 2019!Yvette E

We are approaching August and so time to thing about how to spruce up fall neutral outfits. We choose 3 makeup trends for the daring and as always, tag us in your instagram #tfgmkup if you try these looks and get featured on our page.


Okay, this look goes beyond just adding shimmering eyeshadow to lids. Invest in fine glitter if you are of darker skin tone and more thicker if you are lighter. Crystals also count!

via WWD


This look was so drastic we had to include it. Pat McGrath did this look for Yohji Yamamoto. To do this at home, think different eyeshadows, colored mascara on 1 eye or 1 colored eyebrow. The sky is the limit but it is sure to be a icebreaker.

via Harper Bazaar (pinterest)


We love this look because the color choices are are sent by you. The point is to choose a lighter or contrasting color in the middle and a darker hue on the outer edges.

Happy Monday

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With designers taking various stabs at this classic hairdo; we pulled 3 different ponytail looks right off the runway that you would love.

The Classic pony gets a slicker look at Loewe with a smooth pull back to a rather loose pony. The trick…no scrunchies! Tie with a cute ribbon for lady- like charm.

The double pony at Public School brings back the pony holder x 2! Leave some hair loose in the front to switch it up!

The Bungee pony tail is just like the standard pony but folded in half and fastened with bright colored pony holders ( the bungee mentioned). We think this look is for long hair but if you try it with midi hair, DM us on instagram @tfgnyc.

Happy Hump Day


We have not covered hair for some time and this summer is heavy on the decades references from the 70s to the 90s. So choose a decade that you love the most and let your locks do the talking.


source: rex/ shutterbug

The 70’s are back with long bob and fringe combos and if you are a flower child at heart like most hipsters, this is a style to try for the summer.

80’s BANGS

source: Getty

These long fringes (once called bangs) made their debut in the 80’s and have been in and out of style in various lengths ever since. This summer, they return to the original length; just above the eyebrow.


Married with Children, and Christina Applegate’s character made this style really big in the 90s. It is back with a two variations: full front flip (far left) or side part flip (middle, far right). The one in the middle is the most traditional but try different volume for a more updated look.

As always if you try any if these styles out #tfgbhair and you could be featured on our blog. 

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Selena Gomez's orange crush

Selena Gomez rocks her favorite orange lipstick.

Okay Ladies, orange has erupted in men fashion as seen in Monday’s post! Today it’s the color on our lips! Celebrities have already caught onto summers newest lip color and it’s time you did as well. Okay, I know orange is one color to pull off but you’re in luck because it happens to be my fav go-to color to accent my complexion.

First, think is to find the right hue, too bright and you will look brass, too dark and you will look swallow and finally too light and you could risk making to wrong statement. Risky right? Here are some lipsticks to try out with the appropriate skin shade right underneath:

Stay clear of pinky orange colors

These are the best hues for orange lips.

As you can see the colors you can use do overlap and for those who think the YSL and the Nars are the same color- wrong! The Nars has a red tint to it while the YSL is the more classic hue. The points are each side are don’ts. So please if the  lipstick has more yellow than red, don’t buy it and the same goes with too much pink. The idea is to make a subtle statement.

Now these brands are not written in stone therefore the idea is to pay attention to the hues. Tarte has lightest orange (let’s say cantaloupe) and is best on pale skin.  On darker skin, the pink will show more than the orange and we get don’t number two. Selena Gomez is rocking the cantaloupe but should be rocking tangerine. On fair skin, we had more red to the hue in the Mac (let’s call this tangerine), on pale skin it will look red and on darker skin to bright. So for darker skin look for red orange ( calling this flame ladies) and you won’t be disappointed.

So guys rock that orange and ladies match them with those lips. Next up Frugal Fridays, what look are we going to get for less?

Happy Hump Day!!


With male makeup vloggers popping up all over youtube, we had to know what the average guy could pull off. Guys wearing makeup may not have been new in B.C. Egypt but modern men have fully shunned the notion of slapping on foundation before the go out the door. So if you are not in the rocker industry, here are some makeup you can share with your girlfriend and vice versa.



Okay, they use this makeup on the runway to give a guy a little glow. Guys can use this trick as well. You can just stick to your skin tone ans stay away from the micro glitter formulas. This formula is usually in cream base. For a softer glow, crush powder bronze into your favorite lotion and then add to face.


A favorite of rock stars, it can really widen the eyes but leave the wing tip trend to the ladies. Stick to bottom only and if you are darker in skin tone, try brown for a more subtle look.


Yep, red eyeshadow has graced the runway of many male shows. It creates a more defined brow and widens the eyes. To try the look at home, try a shade closer to your skin tone (no pink untone if you are fair skinned).

If you ladies get your guys to try any of these tricks or if you try them yourself, #unimakeup on instagram and you could appear on our instagram page.

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Happy friday…?

After attending the Nexxus & Vogue event last week, we noticed that there were alot of (women only) beauty events over the past and coming weeks. Hence, this week is beauty week on our blog. Since this day has become man crush mondays, we decided to dedicate our first blog this week to our male readers. Yep, you guys are our man crushes (even the ones looking forward to Warcraft the movie).



Courtesy of

We went back to the 70’s for clothing trends but we are going back to the 50’s for hair. Yep the pompadore, the side part and bangs (aka fringe) are all now part of the hair club for men.

For classic and casual try the side part while hipsters should try the fringe look.

Pompadores are very risky for every day unless you have a high profile profession.

We also saw the return of the curl….


Courtesy of


We had to do our research on this one, so we turned to for some unique “hunger games” colors that men have seen sporting. Classically, the runway has seen a lot of brunettes but according to Pouted, gray is the new brunette. What do you think would you go gray before your time?

Other trends included green, red, golden blonde and bronde. We even saw blue and pastel purple but even I think that it’s just fishing.


That 4 o’clock shadow is back in style.
A little rigid and oh so appealing..

Anything you have seen lately that you think we missed? Drop us a comment below.

I was very skeptical to try lipsticks created by a celebrity; but when Sephora released a mini lipstick gift set of 8 minis and 1 full size of the studded lipsticks by tattooist Kat Von D I decided to give them a try.

I was so surprised that not only were all the colors rich and highly pigmented; but they weren’t drying even though they are matte lipsticks. The colors go well with all skin tones and I love the hard shell studded cases that give the lipsticks an edgy, punk look. I feel like a  bad ass everytime I pull one out of my purse! The names ( Kat picks them all herself and says they are inspired by her real life) are fun and cheeky as well. I included pictures of all the ones I tried and love as well as a picture of me wearing the color Sexer ( which is a matte hot pink). All lipsticks are about $22 for a full size and the gift set I purchased was about $48 and also came with a white studded limited edition full size red orange sparkle matte color.



Okay, we have embraced the ugly Christmas sweater and we have started wearing leggings as pants (neither trend will be endorsed here) but guys have joined us this holiday season with beard trimming. No, we do not mean neating it up we actually mean akin to “trimming” a tree. Yep, adding ornaments to your facial hair.

A trend stranger than ugly sweater contests and white elephants at parties (is that how it goes).

Post a comment below and let us know what you think about this trend.