The round straw purse is the it bag of the summer. It has been in every window and magazine cementing the fact that we need one. But what about the other accessories trends that would allow you to outshine your friends? We rounded up a few accessories trends to try out now!


Move over floral hair circle thing (?) flowers get a more everyday wear feel with one side or halo effects created at several runway shows. Reach for a flower comb instead of an headband for more versatile style choices.


Named after the art trend that used lines to invoke thought, there really is nothing minimal about this trend. Choose earrings with cool sculptural shapes in any metal tone.


These sandals require the perfect pedicure but are totally worth it! Added height and cool feet! Yasss..

Try them in leather for a more grownup feel or platform flip flops if your heading to the beach!

Happy monday!

Yvette 💋

Okay, the tassel has literally been integrated into every accessories from bags and jewelry and even (gasp) the coverup. All these tassels (and sometimes pom poms) are really daunting and if you are tired of these boho staples here are a few accessories that broke the mold.


Yep these durable and cute bags are alot more chic then the circulat raffia or cotton cord bags we are seeing everywhere.

Clear jewelry for Summer 2018 trend

Courtesy of Vogue Paris


The clear trend is not just for bags! Clear acrylic jewelry also graced the runway! From earrings to necklaces, this trend as staying power!!

Brooch trend for Summer 2018

Courtesy of Vogue Paris


Not in the mood for jewelry? Try a simple brooch to dress up any outfit or to hold that sarong (do people still call it that?) closed after a day at the beach.

Happy Hump Day

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Espadrilles, flip flops, sandals oh my! Let us take a step back from the traditional footwear of summer (no crocs please) and use our imaginations ( or the runway) to switch it up! Here are three shoe ideas from the runway to spice up your summer wardrobe.

Wear Heels

Heeled mules are the ultimate sexy summer look and if you stash them in your beach bag, you can pair them with your coverup for a chic night out!


Go for shoes with cool accents like these sheer paneled pearl accented beauties. I dislike my toes out so this is a great alternative to sandals.

Wear boots

Chanel paraded a pair of ventilated white leather knee high boots down the runway for Spring and summer. It convinced us that boots can be worn all year around!! Look for peep toe, airy fabrics and the cute ventilated number like Chanel!!

So ditch those flip flops and show us how you rock these shoe trends! #tfgss to all your shoegasm pics and you could be featured on our instagram and facebook pages!!

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At Louis Vitton (above) and other designers revealed this more exaggerated cat eye with its elongated lens as the “kitten”. The kitten unlike cat eye is less forgiving with a narrow and short brim between lenses and narrower lenses as well. So here are some varieties we love that are more versatile but remain true to the Kitten shape:

Loving the pair from Asos dubbed “small cat eye” for just $23. The wide rims make it a ease to wear.

Another great pair we found at zerouv with a flat bottom lense and a curved bridge. Great for people with high brides or wider nose while drawing attention away from eye bags. Just 9.99 (assorted colors).

Finally, for just 7.90 we love this pair from Forever21 with blue lens and a graphic design.

Spring is in the air,

Yvette 💋

We thought we would never see another fanny pack after we rocked them in high school but they are back with a more sporty look and new way to wear it.

The fanny pack as crossbody? Okay, designers just expanded the band to turn it to a crosdbody but we really thing this could catch on (for small breasted women any way, but we know most designers hate breasts any way).

Here are some tips to expand the length of the straps:

We found the above extender for buckle fanny packs at walmart for just 3.99. Buy two for extra length.

For chain fanny packs we found chain extenders at target for 4.99.

So Rock that fanny pack as a crossbody!

Happy Monday!

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Hello Readers,

As Valentine’s Day draws near to us it’s the perfect time to look for heart shaped  or heart pattern accessories! I love heart shapes as they are romantic, whimsical and fun to wear. I love how anything with hearts immediately adds a sweet and quirky touch to your wardrobe without being over the top (like my giant stuffed Bunny back pack from Wego Japan and artist Esther Kim lol)I decided to put together a cute collage of heart accessories that don’t scream Valentines Dayas well as being very affordable! These can be worn all year around. Enjoy and let us know in the comments if you bought anything or what’s your fave.

1. Red Fashion Wild Heart Shaped Rivets Bag $17

2. Betsey Johnson  Heart Appliqué Mini Backpack $50

3. LC Love by Lauren Conrad Heart Crossbody $29

4. Forever 21 Girl Power Earrings $4.90

5. Echo I Heart You Silk Scarf $49

6. Betsey Johnson Gold Tone Angel Heart & Rose Cluster Studs $28

It is time to ditch the heels this new years for something more comfortable and we have just the the right look, glitter sneakers. If you are looking for alot of color options and do not mind an 85 dollar price tag, Keds has paired with Kate Spade for these cute slip ons. There are 9 different colors making these sneakers great for pairing with sequins and more casual alternatives. The gold version is already sold out in these Chuck Taylor Converse edition for just $40. Finally, we go to rainbow with a variety of platform glitter sneakers and these rainbow glitter beauties for just $11.99 on sale online. These sneakers are still in stock so head over there before they are gone.

See you in 2018,

Yvette ??

It’s the time of year for that feeling to shed your boring, stuffy work clothes and dip your feet in some warm sand with a cold beverage while wearing whatever you want; that my readers is Wanderlust! Though festival clothing are only reserved for Summer the accessory that goes with all that hippie flower child laid back wardrobe; the Wanderlust bag can be worn any season!This bag usually has tassels, beading, fringe and can be made from burlap, straw or even leather! The materials are endless and the bag has to have a global traveler feel to it. I love how this bag can carry a lot, is sturdy and can go with most outfits; and carrying it adds such a cool wild child feel to any ensemble. Here are my picks and all are under $50!

The beret has been popping up every season thus far so I think it’s safe to say it’s THE accessory for 2017. The beret is very versatile as you can wear, frilly, military and punk versions; they also go with any outfit. I love trying out new trends but sometimes you don’t have or don’t want you o spend the money on something you may wear a couple of times and then Poshmark it..So I have once again scoured the internet for these budget friendly styles and will be asking the lead designer of up and coming fashion label Dirty Celebrity; to make me a bigger crazier version that will fit my head because my braids don’t fit most standard sized hats ( with the exception of baseball caps).

For the past several years people have been looking for small pieces to go with the exaggerated features of clothing  (most recently, sleeves were added to this list) but with the return of simple styles like a new cold shoulder and loose blouse styles; big is having a moment.

So here is a rundown of the jewelry trends we are all be rocking this summer, on the beach and in the office:


Givenchy Spring 2017

Givenchy chose a Quartz Slice for his statement piece.

These new updated looks are more subdued then past styles relaying on bulk chains and oversized pendants as focal points. There are also more likely to feature stones than the metal counterparts in the 90s.

How to wear:

  • Keep the top simple and stay away from exaggerated features  (like those statement sleeves)
  • Keep neckline high, too low and clevage will fight for attention. Why bother wear a necklace?
  • Stay away from layering, too much clothes ruins the look.


We love statement earrings because they are the easiest trend to wear. This time, earrings are less about sparkle and more about color, shape and form. The idea is to make an artistic expression.

How to wear:

  • No hair accessories 
  • Try to keep hair away from face with a sleek pony or a bun. Braids work as well for a more adventurous look.
  • Finally, be cautious about weight and size. If you have small lobes, stick to plexiglass varieties because they are lighter.

Happy Monday,

Yvette ?