Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner rock mini bags

With Jessica Alba and Kendal Jenner both spotting this trend we are dubbing 2017 the year of the mini bag!

As Kendall shows its okay to what is now being called “layering” or carrying one then one bag.  So we lined up a simple guide to wearing these in every style.


Punk or rocker mini bag

We loved the waist variety for punk and rock. It resembles steampunk styles. The main point is to look for leather or vegan leather styles in either bright colors or studded. We also liked drawstrings and then mini flip clutch.


The mini flip bag as shown is so cute and easy to dress up and down. There are a variety of prints out there so try them all.


This Western style rounded satchel looks great with vintage clothing. It isn’t exactly a 70’s staple but the look and feel seems to be just the right touch.


I loved the top ring mini bags. They are perfect to hold and a sweet touch to any outfit.


The mini bookbag was one of the best bags because it can hold alot of items. Even though not as easy to acess like the other styles, it still has roominess that the other bags lack.

We will have more mini bags on our instagram and facebook so check them both out all this week.


Yvette ?

Happy New Year! We have the best shoes in 2017, that we all want. The last couple of years was ruled by flats and if you are last most women, it was hard to adjust but this year heels are back!!

We are so excited to see not just heels return; they are also in sensible with most heels at a reasonable 3 inches!

Let’s take a quick view of some of the shoes we covet this year:


Fringes shoes 2017

Fringe will be every where this year from booties to heels. The location will vary from back, sides and front. The new class will be in bright and bold colors with embroidery details.


Sculptures heels 2017

The 70’s heel is here to stay and even gets a redo with buckles and slim bows this year. We love the sculpted heels on the Jill Sanders pair.

Bold Prints

Statement Chunky Stilettos

Cool patterns, textures, and prints are the latest in statement heels this year. The heel are 3 inches in the new chunky stiletto heel.  The idea is to invoke a statement rather it is the ultimate zebra print complete with tail at Gucci or the remake of the glass slipper by Dolce & Gabbana; the details are stunning on these statement heels.


We did not leave out the guys!! This year we got 2 trends for you to try as well.

The Strappy Sandal

strappy sandals for men


These are back in mixed colors and styles. The kind of look like the jelly sandals we wore as kids but in cool leather and neutral colors.

Hightop Sneakers

above the ankle sneakers

A remake of the sneaker is always a must with these above ankle looks in patchwork patterns. We still see the common black and white colors but we are also seeing additions of red, navy, army green and yellow.

So check out these cool shoes for 2016.

Happy new Year!!

Yvette ?

Now that the holidays are coming to a head as we roll through Yule, Chirstmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc; it’s time to think about next year’s fashion trends. Why? Because you may just find them in the after holiday sales next week.

Today its about handbags and these are the ones you should be rocking for 2017:

  •  The Pillow bag
  •  The agenda clutch
  • Square crossbody
  • The hobo
  • The mini bag

The Pillow bag

Appearing at Balenciaga, this bag mimics seat cusions and round decorative pillows making look like you really could sleep or sit anywhere. I don’t know if this bag will trinkle down to the masses but I am sure Steve Madden will come out with a version by mid-summer.

The agenda clutch

This bag looks like a date planner and we love the fact it can be used with or without the strap. This bag was first seen on the Acne runway and we beat Nine West will come out with its own version.

The Square or Envelope Crossbody 

These square or envelope shaped bags were first spotted by Elle Magazine and because this shape is so easy to mimic, we know this bag will be everywhere. 

The hobo

These bags are not the cresent shape bag you once knew. They come in so many different sizes and shapes. The basic idea is a one handle bag that slouches under its own wieght. Céline displayed a rather large one for her Spring 2017 runway.


These bags continue to grace the pages of fashion magazines in 2017. The only difference is that next year, they are more structured and printed with heavier materials.

So hit the after Christmas sale this Monday and look for the bag you will carry for the rest of the year. We won’t steer you wrong!

Happy Yule & shopping,

Yvette ?


With the tagline “born in London and raised in the streets of NY” this 78 year old company has ran the gamete of  hip hop legends fr ll Cool J to the new generation. The iconic felt beret started it all but this fall, kangol goes out further with furs slouch hats, polished felt fedoras & bowler hats and denim colored knits.

At the press review, at first glance, it seemed the brand was sticking to tried and true neutrals that other hat companies hold near their heart but the look book offered so much more hues suggesting limitations on space.


Some new techniques created interesting effects including polishing felt which gave the hat a shiny smooth texture. It kind of resembled suede but more durable.


There was a new take on baseball caps as well with a mixed of materials between cap and brim. We loved the wool blend and the white

letters spelling out ‘Kangol’ on the black cap.

We had fun at the A/W press review but the star of the party was the headphones the brand is debuting this fall. Stay tuned for pics.

Happy Monday…?

Some people say that watches are outdated but for people who have active lives beyond social media, those willing to strap a video camera on thier heads while preforming feats that others fear, G-Shock was made for them.

A watch founded in 1985 on the idea of a watch that can survive any force of nature (hence the G in the name); this watch was made for active sports. Yes this watch is for men but G-Shock does have a women’s line, I will cover on Wednesday.


This year, we were invited to the brand’s launch of thier new watch, G-STEEL, which has the same toughness of the other watches (waterproof, shock proof and shatterproof) with the added bonus of solar power.  The price starts at 65 and goes up to 1000 and the brand had also done some collaborations. 

At the event in Brooklyn, sushi flowed and a light show commercial lit up the night. Posters about the brand and watches in cases were also on site. We loved the toughness of the brick warehouse and the design of the garden (weeping willows and wild flowers).

The watch is all steel and worth checking out. If you are into extreme sports, they have several focused watches including a watch that can survive deep sea diving, one that can withstand cold to -10° F and even one with a GPS. All watches are still shatterproof and waterproof.

Born in London, raised on the streets of New York…”

— Kangol

This week is all about accessories brands and today we discuss the brand said to have been “born in London and raised in New York”, Kangol.

Lovers of the brand include Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J both which sport two different styles.  If you ask the brand what really made the Icon, it would be the fur bucket hat that was made famous in the eighties.

It is always harder to make an accessories brand stand out with similar silhouettes as other brands but Kangol keeps it fresh with color themes and fabric choices. For example, a cool bucket hat made of terry cloth, which is usually used to make bathrobes, adds texture while also allowing for summer wear.

Prices are set from 65 to 215 dollars and we consider this an affordable brand. Those icon fur bucket hats are just 65 dollars, so check out for in season hats.


Last week we covered bailey of Hollywood as a same blog but the also create hats for men (actually all the hats except the soft travelers are men styles). This week we wanted to start with a separate post for our visit to Doc Martens Spring Press Review. As we were surprise with new materials for women, we were also surprised with the assortment of leathers used on male designs. From buttersoft to perforated, the brand really did expand on choices.


We also liked the addition of other shoe styles. While women received heel choices, men received sneakers in canvas in bright colors. There were cool print options as well.


The handbags for the guys were made from stiff leathers with buckle detail but there was also cool splatter paint designs, large backpacks and easy to store wallets.

So Doc Martens is not just the survivors boots anymore but now offer several styles and choices within each style that this iconic brand could find its way into a hipster’s closet as well as a rock star’s.

We know the brand forged in the heat of mosh pits, rock concerts and lovingly broken in my members of the lost generation as a staple of rebellious youth. Today, our thoughts like those at Doc Martens goes towards the future, and that future is about broading your horizons.

Doc Martens has diversed this spring bring new prints to shoes, handbags and even clothes to the line.


The shoes all retain the iconic sole but the materials have varied in color, print and even design. From soft leathers to canvas and an introduction to sandals and heels, we saw a new doc marten that can be embraced by the rebel in all of us.


We loved the screen print on leather treatment for the bags. The stiff leather spoke to the durability the brand is known for but the prints had a playfulness that few recognize from the brand. Of course, die hard customers know the brand is famous for adding minor punk elements in thier prints.

Stay tuned for the men fashion post on Monday.


This hat is handwoven tightly and is $1,000

If you ever watched Casblanca and saw Humphrey Bogart say “Here’s looking at you kid”, the hat he was wearing is from this brand! Serving Hollywood elites from Frank Sinatra to the Brat Pack; this brand is sipped in Hollywood, hence the name.


Bailey of Hollywood was first established in 1922 and has been a Hollywood staple ever since. The handmade in the USA styles showcase irregulars that are prized in quality work; from thier 1000 dollar tight weave hat to the simple machine felt 4oz travel collection made to fit in any suitcase and yet retain thier shape.


My sister and fellow blogger can contest, I have a strange love hate relationship with hats because the machine lines found in stores like forever21 or either too big for me or too small for her. I have taken to knit hats during the winter but this summer, straw hats became my new love. And we all know NYers love thier wide brim hats.

Back to topic, the price points were less then expected since we are always trained to believe that made in the USA means expensive. Other styles are made in South America but the brand still remains mid-priced (a segment of fashion we believe gets the shaft).

Traditional styles are still available from the western style hats of the gold rush to the 1920 style fedora in a collection called “Established 1922”.

So stop by Bailey of Hollywood’s, an iconic American brand, online store  and pick up something for the winter and look cool. I will be leaving that knit hat at home.


We look at our cellphones day in and day out forgetting to see the world around us. As we peer down into the virtual abyss, we miss out on the real world as time passes. Time is the one thing we can never get back so why not spend less time looking down and more time looking up and when you do, you will find the beauty of the world around you. Watches are no longer about just telling time, they are the beauty of time itself and the essence of what we miss when we are looking down.

I was recently contacted by a watch brand that understood this concept, Louis Moinet, a watch brand steeped in the long tradition of the chronograph (which is celebrating its 200 year anniversary in 2016) for it is named after the 19th century inventor. To celebrate this milestone, Louis Moinet has launched the Memoris, a possible play on memories and its relation to time.


The watch itself is a work of art, a juxtaposition of colors, smooth arcs and the simplicity of a leather band. The beauty is not just in the face but like a human goes down to the soul. Amongst its countless qualities, Memoris is the first chronograph-watch in history. The entire chronograph function has been shifted to the dial, becoming the primary function as well as the heart of the design.


We love the focus on seconds rather than minutes as if to say how precious time is that we should appreciate every  seconds. A nod to the phrase “every second counts”.  The point is accented with the smaller minutes face and the view of the gears.

The watch itself is subject to time with many varieties but in small quantities.
Memoris is available in 18K pink gold, 18K white gold rhodium-plated mainplate and 18K white gold-blued mainplate. There are only 3 limited editions and 60 copies by set.

This brings me back to my main point. Watches are not about telling time but about mastering it and building memories. This watch reminds us what we will miss if we don’t look up…the essence of beauty that can only be appreciated when we spend the time.

For more information on the brand, please visit the website or click here.