Just like clothes spaning so many trends this fall so have shoes but not all should make it into your closet. We pick a shoe for every style for comfort and out of the box.

By Yvette E


For you the loafer trend has staying power and that is true this fall as well. Locally, the female loafer still fills current but we suggest mixing it up with a tapestry print this fall.


Ugly dad sneakers will be your got to trend this fall but add some lux to your jeans and tees with this Western themed boots. Go for a black variety for a subtle look.


Mary Janes are back but don’t you always wear them. Even with the new stacked heel and mutiple strap varieties this fall, you should try something new. Try technicolor hued shoes with turn of the century features like curved heels and buckles.


Rather you are punk, goth or rocker, those hiking boots that are so hot right now are probably already in your closet. To try something new, switch to the new mary janes that are on the runway right now.

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Not every trend is for everyone. It’s ridiculous that a workout queen wants to add a moto jacket to her wardrobe because it’s on trend. To help filter all the noise on all trends that dropped this fall, we are picking 5 of every trend category that anyone can wear.

by Yvette E

I was sitting next to fellow writer, Eva E, when she got into a conversation with the woman behind her. The woman wanted a moto jacket but admitted to being a Classic dresser. When Eva asked why she wanted to step out of her comfort zone, she admitted she wanted to look cool and trendy.

There is a pressure of conformity in the air this year and we are guilty of buying an item on trend and then to ashamed to return it. There it festers til gifted to a friend or resold at a great lost.

So here we are to save you all time and energy, we picked the 5 Accessories trends that everyone can add to their closet no matter what their style. This is one in a 5 part series that will cover clothes, shoes, handbags and coats. So without further ado…drum roll๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ

The Best Necklace

We have a tie between thin chain and the charm necklace. We love the barely there look of thin chain and a simple choice in metal can makes it versatile.

The charm Necklace is similar to the thin chain but with the charms, it seems great for dressy occasions.

The best hair accessory

We choose the snap clip because you can get it at any price and any look. From a simple black to a pricey sterling silver with pearl accents, this piece is worth stocking up on this fall.

The best earrings

Mismatched and single earrings trends are the worst. Instead, reach for these simple earring style, Circles. We are not just talking hoops here; think medallions for the ears, anything round. Mix it up with alternative materials so it fits in your aesthetic.

The best bracelet

Fall 2018 trend - cuffs

Courtesy of glowsy.com

So finally, we made it to bracelets. Even though piling it on is back on trend, we recommend to skip this trend unless you already have 30 bracelets at your beck and call. Instead reach for a simple cuff to add a twist to your wardrobe.

The best hand accessory

Courtesy of glowsly.com

Rings are not the accessory for fall so reach for gloves this fall in neutral tones. Camel, red or black colors are readily available.

Remember your dress code is your identity, why change it?

Happy Friyay ๐Ÿ’‹

Sometimes the easiest way to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe is to embrace an of-the-moment accessory. This week we take 5 fall Accessories and tell you how to add them to your wardrobe.

By Yvette E

To incorporate the corset belt into your wardrobe, consider three things:

  1. Your personal style – if you do not feel comfy and cool in anything skip the trend.
  2. Material – These belts come in various shapes and sizes. It is best to consider the material because it will be the most important feature.
  3. Appearance – Of course, too many metal features will appear gothic or rocker but if you want a metal feature without the rock star vibe, try one with buckle accents.


For classic dressers, this single belt buckle feature and unusual shape is a great addition to any wardrobe. The main points here are minimal design features, attention to shapes and material. To glam up the look, go for caramel hues or suede materials while sticking to minimal features.


Softer fabrics will be the best fit for you because it doesn’t look stiff and contrived. There are several fabric choices but since you live in denim, this corset belt is best for you. The takeaway is to choose softer materials with minimal accents when choosing a corset belt.


An obi corset belt is like wearing a bow around your waist! The takeaway is to look for belts with girly accents like ruffle trim, lace or curvy shapes.


Sparkle is a must-have for you so a strappy number in metallic makes the statement look even better. The takeaway is too look for bold colors and spaces between layers so your outfit is still the star of the show.


This trend is for you and anything goes. Try the actual corset look with grommet detail but if you want to go beyond what is expected, try ones with zipper or stud accents as well. The takeaway is the sky’s the limit!

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Putting veils on fedoras, beanies and fascinators are a huge trend but unknown to designers is the veil instantly changes how the hat is worn. Here are 3 tips on making the most of veiled hats!

by Yvette E

Putting veils on fedoras, beanies and aviator fascinators are a huge trend but unknown to designers is the veil instantly changes how the hat is worn. A common mistake is to style it the same way you would without the veil but the veil itself is now the focal point. Here are 3 tips to make the most of these hats this fall.


There has been alot of focus on face shape these days and hat fit. Since I have an oval shaped face, alot of hats look good on me. If you are unsure what hat fits you stick to the veiled beanie. If it more important to fit your style:

  • Punk/Goth – beanie
  • Classic – Fedora
  • Romance/Vintage – Fascinators
  • Super Chic – Shoot for the moon


In the opening picture, there isn’t much focus on hair style but in actuality, each hat calls for something different.

For veiled fedoras, a bang and bun combination would suit the hat better while a side braid will fit veiled beanie. A wide curved brim calls for alot of side volume like the hat in the opening picture by John Galliano.

If you have short hair, play with extensions to enhance the hat and pull focus to the face. Also, wearing drop earrings are a great way to add volume to a close fitting hat.


So what about makeup? As seen, keep eye makeup to a minimum since the veil can smear it.

Try to add color to your cheeks to define your jawline.

You notice that all the hats have a neutral lip but that is not a necessary. Your lipstick should be your signature and it’s okay to wear an all day wear of a bright color.

Happy Friyay and the longgggg weekend!


Hello Readers!

Itโ€™s been a while since we chose a specific luxury designer item and tried to find itโ€™s match. Fakes should never be an option (and I wonโ€™t preach to you all the reasons why when you can google it if you are interested) as there are so many small businesses that create well made pieces that look just as good as the real thing and will cost a fraction of the high end designer. I decided to first choose the Hatbox bag as it has been all over the runways and is a cool unique shape that can dress up any outfit. St. Laurent is made of calfskin ( which I know isnโ€™t vegan friendly) while the Lux De Ville dupe( which I own the glitter purple version of so can attest to its well made and beautiful craftsmanship) is made of vegan leather and has a quilted spider web design..FYI the bag of the Luxe De Ville bag is solid black in the back so if you donโ€™t like the spider web u can flip it to the back and also remove the skull keychain that comes with it.



Hatbox Bags


The round straw purse is the it bag of the summer. It has been in every window and magazine cementing the fact that we need one. But what about the other accessories trends that would allow you to outshine your friends? We rounded up a few accessories trends to try out now!


Move over floral hair circle thing (?) flowers get a more everyday wear feel with one side or halo effects created at several runway shows. Reach for a flower comb instead of an headband for more versatile style choices.


Named after the art trend that used lines to invoke thought, there really is nothing minimal about this trend. Choose earrings with cool sculptural shapes in any metal tone.


These sandals require the perfect pedicure but are totally worth it! Added height and cool feet! Yasss..

Try them in leather for a more grownup feel or platform flip flops if your heading to the beach!

Happy monday!

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

Okay, the tassel has literally been integrated into every accessories from bags and jewelry and even (gasp) the coverup. All these tassels (and sometimes pom poms) are really daunting and if you are tired of these boho staples here are a few accessories that broke the mold.


Yep these durable and cute bags are alot more chic then the circulat raffia or cotton cord bags we are seeing everywhere.

Clear jewelry for Summer 2018 trend

Courtesy of Vogue Paris


The clear trend is not just for bags! Clear acrylic jewelry also graced the runway! From earrings to necklaces, this trend as staying power!!

Brooch trend for Summer 2018

Courtesy of Vogue Paris


Not in the mood for jewelry? Try a simple brooch to dress up any outfit or to hold that sarong (do people still call it that?) closed after a day at the beach.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

Espadrilles, flip flops, sandals oh my! Let us take a step back from the traditional footwear of summer (no crocs please) and use our imaginations ( or the runway) to switch it up! Here are three shoe ideas from the runway to spice up your summer wardrobe.

Wear Heels

Heeled mules are the ultimate sexy summer look and if you stash them in your beach bag, you can pair them with your coverup for a chic night out!


Go for shoes with cool accents like these sheer paneled pearl accented beauties. I dislike my toes out so this is a great alternative to sandals.

Wear boots

Chanel paraded a pair of ventilated white leather knee high boots down the runway for Spring and summer. It convinced us that boots can be worn all year around!! Look for peep toe, airy fabrics and the cute ventilated number like Chanel!!

So ditch those flip flops and show us how you rock these shoe trends! #tfgss to all your shoegasm pics and you could be featured on our instagram and facebook pages!!

Happy friyay!

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At Louis Vitton (above) and other designers revealed this more exaggerated cat eye with its elongated lens as the “kitten”. The kitten unlike cat eye is less forgiving with a narrow and short brim between lenses and narrower lenses as well. So here are some varieties we love that are more versatile but remain true to the Kitten shape:

Loving the pair from Asos dubbed “small cat eye” for just $23. The wide rims make it a ease to wear.

Another great pair we found at zerouv with a flat bottom lense and a curved bridge. Great for people with high brides or wider nose while drawing attention away from eye bags. Just 9.99 (assorted colors).

Finally, for just 7.90 we love this pair from Forever21 with blue lens and a graphic design.

Spring is in the air,

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹

We thought we would never see another fanny pack after we rocked them in high school but they are back with a more sporty look and new way to wear it.

The fanny pack as crossbody? Okay, designers just expanded the band to turn it to a crosdbody but we really thing this could catch on (for small breasted women any way, but we know most designers hate breasts any way).

Here are some tips to expand the length of the straps:

We found the above extender for buckle fanny packs at walmart for just 3.99. Buy two for extra length.

For chain fanny packs we found chain extenders at target for 4.99.

So Rock that fanny pack as a crossbody!

Happy Monday!

Yvette ๐Ÿ’‹