Fenty by Puma was the first brand that attempted to bring sexy to sportswear. Other brands are attempting to do the same. But can they replicate the results?

by Yvette E

We are the most single generation in American history and though several factors play a role (return of male egotism, the 5th wave of feminism and social inequality) our clothes could be playing the biggest one.

It’s not about sex appeal

The rise of loungewear wasn’t about removing sex appeal but being comfortable in your own skin and hence extruding confidence. Of course, we care about our bodies but more about health and less about how our butt looks like in a pair of jeans.

We still want to attract the right guy, just for the right reasons.

The struggle is real

So how are brands honing in on the simple new attraction? The attraction of interest and commonality are what girls want now. They want thier clothes to show that interest and their values. This fall brands took a “through everything at wall and see what sticks” approach with too many trends to count and missed the mark but one brand may be on its way to solving the age old question: Can loungewear be attractive?

Victoria’s Secret

We walked into VS the other day and fell in love with their Fall collection. It is yet to make it online other than the velour pieces but it’s promising.

As always comnent below if you have any information about other brands in this market

Happy Wednesday 💋

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