Our statement on the issue of race relations in the US.

By Yvette E

As a blogger of color, I have seen the front row void of color and have seen more black people given “priority standing” increase over the years.

The fact is that diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry has always been lip service. A way to drive sales rather than a true focus on diversity.

Last fashion week, despite being invited to the show, I was denied entry simply because the system was down. The solution was just to have people inside attend the show and everyone outside (mostly miniorities) were told the show was full. Later that night, I received my seat assignment.

People have been crying for diversity in the front row for years. At the exact time, I have seen my invites dry up. We want to believe that diversity and inclusion are the status quo but usually its the exception.

So yes, this fashion goddess stands behind diversity and would like to add more people of color at shows, on the runway AND the front row to the list of demands.

We are can and need to do better like a sign I read on instagram said “there is no Planet B”.

Happy 🍟-yay



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