Betsey Johnson premiered 90’s slip dresses the brand was known for at UO last night and the BJ herself was there.

By Yvette E

It was a dark and stormy night with flash flood warnings buzzing on every phone but nothing stopped diehard BJ fans lining up for pictures with the fashion icon.

The party buzzed with fruit infused vodka drinks, a custom tote bag station and free ear piercings ( for those who didn’t get it done as babies).

The tote bag station was a cute heart motif in the front and spray painted in the back.

Enough about the party, the clothes were the stars. We loved that some of the UO girls working the event wore the clothes and with prices starting at $79, it’s the perfect time to fall back in love with Iconic BJ. The down side, XL is available online only while the store carries standard sizing.

Check out Instagram @tfgnyc to check out images of the full line.

Happy Friyay!💋

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