It’s finally summer and time for looks that take you from days at the beach to nights at club except this one is for the guys.

By Yvette E

Women have a host of ways of covering up thier binkinis for fun after the beach but guys really only have shorts and shirtless options.

So we compiled looks to try on your next beach outing.

Contrasting button down

It’s time to be creative and take a contrasting button down shirt to match your swim shorts. It is best to stay away from Hawaiian prints and stick to cotton blends that will absorb water if you don’t have time to get fully dry.

Concert tee

This works great for a chill experience with friends. Wear solid trunks to accent the vibrant colors in the tee shirt. This look also can be worn while still wet.


This non fitted dress like coverup is not for the faint of heart. It usually comes on neutrals and has a hipster vibe. These are great for festival wear later.


These tight 3 button shirts are not for the body conscious. If you can handle a shirt that accents your body as if you still are naked, then this look is for you. If not, pick a larger size in a neutral color.

Tank top

Probably the least dressy option, this look is for family or just taking public transportation home. Still, with a good print and a designer label, you might get away with low level solo outings.

Okay, there’s no actual coverup options for men but with a little creativity, you can turn shirtless with trunks to night out with friends.

Beach days ahead! 💋

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