Avoiding the Cliche V-day outfit

Compelled to wear hearts? Try these looks instead.

By Yvette E
Valentine’s Day actually started as a religious celebration. The holiday commemorated the line of Christian saints under the name Valentinus. The most significant St. Valentine was beheaded by the Roman emperor Claudius for marrying couples after he banned marriage so his soldiers could focus.

So instead of donning the pink or heart outfit, try themes related to the holiday instead.

  • Wear Florals – The tradition of giving Valentine’s Day flowers dates back to the late 17th century, during the reign of King Charles II of Sweden. During a trip to Persia, King Charles II was exposed to a new art—the language of flowers. Now, florals are in for both sexes, where matching patterns!!
  • Go Neutral – Wear browns to symbolize chocolate. It is still a popular gift in most countries.
  • Wear a print – avoid heart prints but reach for conversation hearts, Victorian inspired prints or chocolates.

So, I am wearing gray today but wearing a tulle skirt with a sweatshirt to invoke a wedding feel. It’s hard being single on V-day but with a little effort to stand out, you won’t be for long.

Happy V-day!


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