When you can’t relay on your fad diet, you can try these tricks to keep the weight off.

By Yvette E

Being stuck at home means ordering takeout more than usual for most of us but you don’t have to fall into these bad habits. Here are some tips to keep the weight off or at least from piling on:

  • Drink more liquids. Snacking is a great way to put on pounds. Since our bodies can not tell the difference from thirst and hunger. If you have a dry mouth, you are most likely thirsty. Drink first then eat.
  • Exercise. It can be easy to stop your exercise routine now that gym is closed. Switch that high energy workout for less movement excercise especially if you live in a small space. Try yoga, boxing or slow burn exercises like pushups and sit-ups. Check out Verywell fit for some at home excerise routines with just your yoga mate.
  • Split takeout portions. Turn that one meal into two and eat a portion later. This will help you burn calories between servings.

Happy Monday and stay safe readers! 💋

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