I don’t even know why this keeps coming back as a “trend”! 1. This is like the fourth time punk has been in as a trend and 2. for some of us (mainly me!) punk is a way of life! But since once again punk is in I’ll tell you how to do it right. (I am an expert on the topic!) here are some examples of doing punk right without overdoing it unless you regularly dress punk. 1.Try pairing a studded denim vest with tiny shorts and ankle boots. 2. A ripped or torn t-shirt with jeans and a studded belt. 3. motorcycle boots with a floral spring dress and a denim jacket. 4. a safety pin adorned tee or blazer over jeans and a tee.

So don’t be afraid to try some of the punk looks even if you aren’t into alternative rock! If your not brave enough you can do a leather studded cuff, bag or belt to add some edge to any wardrobe!

Thats Me The Punk Princess!

Punk Done Right

Continuing with fashion’s time machine – Back to the future with the 1960’s look hitting the runway this season. Last week we took a look at the full skirt as a staple in the fall wardrobe. Fast forward (or backwards) to the Sheath dress, a boxy cut dress that curves into the waist and falls to mid thigh. The trick to the proper sheath dress is that it hugs and fits the body without being too revealing or tight. Here is a sample:

Monica in a sheath dress

The proper sheath holds with accentuating any body parts giving a classic look.

Well here are some great choices:

We all expected a picture of a really expense sheath dress we can all gush over and here it is – a Givenchy sheath for 738.00:

Givenchy Sheath Dress

Now for the get it for less part:

1. Banana Republic

We loved their version with a sweet v-neck and full bodice front for almost any busty gal for $130.00:

Banana Republic - $130.00

2. Anne Taylor Loft

This sheath dress accents the waist with a belt, giving a soft accent the waist and hiding tiny bellies for 79.50

3. On sale right now is Ralph Lauren’s sheath dress for 54.99, a steal from its regular price of 190.00:

Ralph Lauren Sheath

4. For a steal all the time try catalogs like Newport and Spiegel. This dress from Spiegel is just 39.50:

Spiegel Sheath Dress

The later you shop for this look the more options you will have for a cheaper alternative. Look for deals around mid summer just in time for Fall!

The millenium spin on these classic staples now come in an array of bold candy colors for the spring and summer.
Wear them with anything! I chose these amazing loafers by Dolce Vita for their vibrant lemon color and cute details.

Dolce Vita Loafers $115 www. piperlime.com

We are in a fashion time warp, the 70’s flew pass and now we are in the 60’s! I blinked myself out of existence! This trend calls for sheers, and flowing numbers. We will focus on a few key pieces to add to your wardrobe and i promise you (and my sister) I will keep it short.

1. The Full Skirt

Dropping just below the knee and flaring out while minimizing the waist is the best feature of this skirt. The skirt can be pricey and hard to find at mid-range price:

Vuitton Fall Show

Gorgeous and a piece I even covet!! We can’t afford Jason Wu’s $1,595 dollar Bergdoff Goodman number but here are a couple that come close:

INC full skirt for Macy's

INC for Macy’s has come up with a slick black variety that lacks fullness but does match in hem and hip hugging action – price 49.99

Ralph Lauren's plaid full skirt

For a more sportswear look, Ralph Lauren at Bloomingdale’s for much higher price of 159.99 (on sale right now but I am not telling how much)

NY & CO's full skirt for 36.99

New York and company had the lowest price at 36.99 but unless you are a 0, 12 or 18, you are out of luck.

The dirty little secret here is Sears which has a remarkable variety ranging from 19.95 to 67 dollars.

The next series in this set is the sheath dress, a staple for the 60’s housewife and now for glamor enthusiast…

The one thing you can say about this summer’s trends is that it is incredibly diverse from lace and silk to camouflage and animal print. The Oscars were a prime example of when the fashion police start handing out so many tickets we all run out to buy the latest trends.

Brazilian Beat

A January trend that most fashion designers skipped was seen in Anne Hathaway’s beautiful red dress. The vibrant color, silk finish and ruffles are reminiscent of the long gone trend. For a paired down look of the trend, check out Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence goes Brazilian

She’s a lady

The most recent trend to hit the spotlight is flocked with lace, trim and sheer fabrics in blush tones. Stars like Scarlett Johansson embrace the lace but go for a more deeper color.

Scarlett Johansson is a lady

Halle Berry, Hailee Machesa, and Natalie Portman all take a chapter from this trend from trim to gossamer fabrics.

So here is a test for you, are the celebrities in the video embracing one trend or another or just expressing their own style:

The latest entry in our Spring shoe trend are wood platforms. These chunky heels are sexy, comfortable and are a throw back to the seventies! They go great with dresses and skirts and will take you from day to night without having to drag another pair of shoes with you, and you can wear them well into summer! I chose these two platforms because they look way more expensive then they cost so anyone can get the look without spending a lot. Also because the detail of the floral bow on the second platform is perfect for spring!

Miss America Brand Eve Sandal $59.99 www.dsw.com

Fioni Wood Platforms $24.99 www.payless.com

Ok if your like me and you buying trends only in accessories then you’ll love this newest entry. We are bringing you the Spring trends for shoes! So now you can be on trend without having to give away your entire wardrobe, we are in a recession people! We will break up the different shoes so we can give proper pictures and details over the next couple of posts so be sure to read each week to find out all the trends!

So we are starting off with Trend#1 Flat Espadrilles: These comfy but stylish shoes will go great with anything in your wardrobe: full skirts, jeans, dresses you name it. And I found some really inexpensive styles! The sequin espadrille from Express is perfect for a night out and is priced at just $29.90 and with Express’ buy one get one 50%off sale you can get all you want! I also chose these cute turquoise espadrilles from Rebels for $34.50 from delias.com. That shade of blue will take you well into summer and the suede fabric makes for a fantastic addition to your shoe collection!


Its coming down to the wire and Spring is just a flowery breeze away! What perfect way to welcome in Spring then to get a new handbag! These handbags are so ladylike and femme and adds a luxe look to any outfit! Get a really nice leather or faux leather bag in these hot spring shades: Camel, purple, orange, blue, animal print or black and white.

I choose two very hot bags in Spring’s hottest shade, white: Banana Republic’s luxe Lambskin Satchel hs stunning gold hardware and isnt a wallet busting price at $270 and the second bag is by Express and has cool double buckles for a nice Utlilty look. The price is amazing at just $59.90! And if you buy this bag right now online you get the second one half off! So you and a friend can benefit or two for you there are no judges here.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love gilt group and all those other sites that offer exclusive membership only discounts, but what about people who comfortable signing up for those site or if you just ant to sop without waiting for sale and alerts? Well your in luck! I know several sites like that! And these sites all offer up to 80%! no membership required ever! www.overstock.com give you every single thing you would ever want. It can be a little daunting to navigate but if you know what you want you can do search for it. www.amazon.com also has amazing deals on toys, games, cds, books and dvds. you can buy from amazon directly or from sellers ho have feedback attached to their ids so you can buy with confidence! And I saved the best for last, my absolutely favorite site ever… www.6pm.com! Here is where you can get all your designer favorite for up to 80% off. Shipping is fast and a flat rate of $6.95 you can even search for your favorite designer and list prices from low to high! And if you want to sign up for alerts they tell you what sales they r having daily. So for my readers I have shared my best secret! Go forth and shop!

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