This pint sized diva is only 9 years old, already has her own style and a hit song! She loves punk clothes with a hip hop twist and wears her hair in all sorts of cool and funky colors and mohawks. Her parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett but her style and sound are all her own!

download “Whip My Hair”.

Gaga is a well known copycat: her video ideas are stolen from Rihanna; her character from Grace Jones and of course a host of possible people stating she has some how ripped them off. Sorry little monsters, Kerli is the latest celeb to feel the cold hands of Lady Gaga grasping at her fame (fame monster indeed).

A picture is worth a thousand words....

come on you know the similarities are uncanny! But Kerli Did it First!

The picture above is evidence enough of style icon, Kerli, contribution to Lady Gaga’s style. Nothing is wrong with being inspired by some elses’ style but claiming it as your own is a new low! Janet Jackson admits to being inspired by Micheal, Brittany Spears by Madonna, and even Adam Lambert by Madonna. So why is she so special that she is above such influences of others.

The most recent is the hair. Yes, Lady Gaga has been stealing kerli’s hairstyles. It is gotten so bad that she has been asked to change her style even though it is Lady Gaga who is copying. Her record dates keep being pushed back and the more she seeks to change her look, the more Lady GaGa copies it. So should the original change for the copycat? Then what would the copycat copy?

gaga Dip colors her hair green just like....

kerli who dipped dyed her hair pink first

This October has been huge for F.U.S.C.H.A! We have had our clothing featured in a brand new video featuring T-pain (thats all we can say for now) shot in a men’s magazine (Cigar Snob) and now we are headed to NYC for Henri Bendels Open Call for new accessories designers! Keep your fingers crossed!

Its all about denim this fall! All washes in jeans, accessories and most important jackets! At the same time rocker will not die (Thank God!!) so for the third seaon in a row accessories and clothing with studs and zippers are still in. So I’ve decided to find outerwear that combines the two trends…. Denim motorcycle jackets! Wear them dressed up or down but these 2 versions will be a splurge AND gentle on your wallet!

True Religion Denim Motorcycle Jacket $275

Victoria's Secret Denim Motorcycle Jacket $38.99

I absolutely adore this stunning plus size rocker. She represents divas everywhere with her cool and effortless style.  She is so fierce she recently opened the spring 2011 Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show! Talk about on fire! She also designs for british clothing store Evans and fronts the band The Gossip.

Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto

Everything has its own trend these day. When we think of trendy, we think clothes, shoes and accessories but what about hair? Yes, hair too can be trendy and we saw various styles hitting the runway this fall. This fall its all about faking short hair and having it too!! So fake a bob or a multicolored bun !

A slick twist, and a knot have us swooning over this simple hairstyle. Plus its low maintenance so all you need is a small twist band, a light condition and some upper body strength (wow, that was a workout).

It may look like a bob but its not!! This optical illusion allows those lucky enough to have serious locks to look like the majority. To create the sleek bob seen at Behnaz Sarafpour, first mist hairspray over your strands and divide into top and bottom. Tease and back-comb the hair at the nape of your neck. Next, create a base by twisting hair into a low ponytail, wrapping under, and pinning in place. Let down the top portion and flatiron, then curl under and attach to the base. Alot of work but worth it, for a trouble free hairdo!!

Of course, I won’t forget about us short hair gals ( I am a card carrying member;). We have some options to change our look as well. A simple deep side part can do wonders for your face or a slick back look like the one below.

Of course, if you want a serious change;  go for choppy layers! It frames the face, highlights bone structure and gives you an edgy appeal.

Whatever you choose, there is a style for everyone and now if you can’t afford this fall’s wardrobe (although we have some great alternatives); you can still be on trend.

Since military has been showing up all over the runways this fall and we talked about it in our “trends” section; I decided that I must give you a military jacket “get-it-for-less”. Suprisingly I found two versions that are both quite affordable. One, the military jacket  from American Eagle being dirt cheap and the other from Bloomingdales you have to be able to drop a “Benjamin” on.

Aqua brand Studded Military jacket $98

American Eagle Military Jacket $39.95

Janelle Monae is a rare gem. She combines jazz, r&b and electronic pop all with old Hollywood glam. Her style mixes gentlemen’s tuxedos with feminine bottoms. She usually prefers to wear only black and white; a tough color combo to constantly get right every time you wear it. She also usually wears a pompadour hairstyle. Download “Tightrope” and “Cold War”

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae

All the rage this fall are Oxfords for Women. This shoe staple is usually reserved for business men only but designers this year decided since women seem to be wearing the pants lately why not give them shoes as well. I’ve chosen to versions that are a little  more soft than more masculine versions I’ve seen on the runways, one by Sam Eldman that adds sequins and another from Payless’ newest designer to offer a low end line Isobel Toledo that chose to use cut outs for a sexier version..

Sam Eldman Oxfords $140

Isabel Toledo for Payless Oxfords $34.99

Another Firey Red Head I absolutely adore! Emilie Autumn is a violinist that used to play for Courtney Love’s Hole band. She has been on her own now for years and her music can be described as classical meets New Age meets Goth. Her voice echoes over her violin riffs and haunts you long after you turn off the music. She has an amazing and unique fashion sense, kinda like Nightmare Before Christmas meets Corpse Bride meets Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton). She designs and makes all her clothes. Stunning corsets and yards and yards of tulle and fabric for her skirts. Download “Gothic Lolita” and “Dead Is The New Alive”.

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn