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It’s that time again when Fall is upon us and all it’s chilly, rainy glory! What better way to welcome in the new season then a cool piece of jewelry? This season watches are getting bigger and more dynamic. The newest trend to hit the runways and seen gleaming on male celebrities is the two tone gold and silver watch; not only is it a sleek futuristic color combination but it also elevates anything you wear with it.  I have scoured the internet to bring you cool, sleek and awesome watches that are all shockingly under $60! Below are my picks and please let us know in the comments if you will be wearing this trend and which watch is your fave! 

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Just like clothes spaning so many trends this fall so have shoes but not all should make it into your closet. We pick a shoe for every style for comfort and out of the box.

By Yvette E


For you the loafer trend has staying power and that is true this fall as well. Locally, the female loafer still fills current but we suggest mixing it up with a tapestry print this fall.


Ugly dad sneakers will be your got to trend this fall but add some lux to your jeans and tees with this Western themed boots. Go for a black variety for a subtle look.


Mary Janes are back but don’t you always wear them. Even with the new stacked heel and mutiple strap varieties this fall, you should try something new. Try technicolor hued shoes with turn of the century features like curved heels and buckles.


Rather you are punk, goth or rocker, those hiking boots that are so hot right now are probably already in your closet. To try something new, switch to the new mary janes that are on the runway right now.

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Trends are crossing over more and more as designers are creating for both sexes and with this season’s multitude of choices, cross trending has become a thing.

by Yvette E

You heard of couple matching, and these trends will get you into shopping each others closets. The trick is in the details.


Grab your sig other’s plaid shirt and rock on. Plaid for guys is still mostly the red and black variety while women have the full spectrum from gingham and beyond. Rock your Boyfriend’s fav plaid shirt with a corset belt and leggings while guys can snag that plaid scarf.

Leather everything

Leatherlike fabrics are having a moment and here guys have the advantage of the leather coat while women are seeing the trend mostly in skirts and pants. Leather hiking boots with rocker accents are also having a moment. Couple outfits are a go!!

Why the west was fun

Western styles are back and for both men and women with both getting their fair share. An entire outfit was showcased on multiple runways but we really love the patchwork on the shirt.

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With far out trends like S+M, astronauts, rodeo and large shoulders, mens fashion has gotten just as crazy as the ladies, so here are 5 trends that you can rock without looking out of place IRL.

by Yvette E

The Cap

Baseball caps have been in style for sometime but the newest styles have wider brims and larger graphics in front. Brims can also be a different fabric from the main hat.

The Leather Coat

Channel your inner Neo with this lengthened leather jacket look. You can trust us it will look cool but not with jogger sets.

The 90’s sneakers

Oversized fugly sneakers are back from the 90’s abyss and we are in love. Pick out the bold colors that are out this fall.

All checker everything

The girls got all the plaids this season but the guys got checkers. Be daring in checker shirts or coat or more subtle in checker accessories.

Brown’s Hayday

The color brown is having a moment and you should be a part of it. From Caramel to tan and every brown in between this trend is the easiest to add to your everyday rotation. You probably already have it in your closet.

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The stress of planning a wedding can be difficult and nothing is more stressful than finding that perfect wedding dress. In lu of going with the status quo or shopping at mass market store, why not try a new designer? The ethereal beaded dresses at lotus thread has all wishing we were brides to be.

By Yvette E

Inspired by the timeless elegance of old New York….

…..Lotus threads

Themes and styles

As the story unfolds, we found ourselves pretty far from the above statement of inspiration and instead transported to the brands namesake, an ethereal forest with far east themes. The decorations were beautiful but the concept seemed foreign to the 1920’s style of the wedding dresses themselves.

We can not say that the theme was a direct contradiction since there was elements of spiritual concepts throughout the collection including the use of sheer fabrics, and cape-like trains.

All in the details

I always thought the true nature of fashion is in the details and here we can see every single piece.  This dress is one of the simpler pieces since most were reminiscent of the beading of the 1920’s, this piece reminded us of the 1970’s flower child.

These are up close of the beaded dresses and the first thing that stuck out at us was the difficulty of adding such intricate beaded motifs to sheer fabric. 

of course, the show had some help with the atmosphere with the hair pieces from Erica Koesler, food by Petite B and the flower arrangements by Christopher Polizzoto.

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Pants seemed a thing of the past as a fall separate (the power suit still reins) so we compiled 5 skirt trends to wear now. The best part..they may already be in your closet.

By Yvette E

Wrap skirts

Once deemed a summer staple, wrap skirts have entered the fall as the next big thing. Season shifting has been a big part of fashion as a means towards innovation. Pair these styles with bright hue stockings which are also having a moment and ankle boots to show off your legs.


These skirts have been on trend for sometime but this season, you will find them in leather, pleats and colorful patterns. For classic dressers, be daring and try them in suede.

High waisted

The maxi skirt that keeps going can hide your tummy and show off the waist but beware if you are busty. If you do happen to have ample busom go big with slouchy crop sweater.


We love something different and even though it’s not thigh friendly, you should own at least one this fall.


Three patterns stuck out for everyday wear this fall: Animal, plaid (see our guide to plaid) and floral. All seem very style specific so we sugguest for classic dresser stick to herribone and other neutral plaids and for casual dressers try abstract floral prints or small floral prints.

Too many trends and not much adoptable looks to every day life catergorized fall trends this season. So we combed through it all and came up with…

By Yvette E

Pants are more about print than fit this fall. There are an overwhelming amounts of fits within every print and the sheer amount of trends are enough to make us swoon. We have picked 5 trends in dresses and Accessories so far, but we found that there are no specific trends when it comes to pants so we picked one pant trend to embrace this fall, the paper waist.

Trousers in general are having a moment and the pant suit trend this fall is the perfect example. There are 3 trouser trends out right now, ankle, wide leg and tauper.

The problem with tauper is it looks great only on slim legs. Ankle pants don’t work with people with large calves while wide leg pants make large breasted women look heavy.

So we picked the paper waist for the cinched waist and wide leg combination. It hides any leg issues ( I have too much thigh) which accenting curves.

Win, Win.

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This is 2 of a 5 part series exploring fall trends you can add to your closet without changing your personal style. Today, we explore dresses.

By Yvette E

The first day of October means we officially start pulling out our fall wardrobes and pack away that binkini (at least here in the North). It’s also the time we think about updating it!

But with fall trends being so numerous and decade spanning, it can be hard to choose which trend to embrace and what to leave by the wayside. Luckily, we did all that work for you! Without further ado, we gathered the best dresses anyone can rock this fall.

The V-neck

This versatile dress comes in so many materials that it can make it into any closet and fit right in. Velvet looks are great for alternative dresses while sweater materials are great for casual looks and sheer looks for romance. Rayon looks can go classic as well.

The Jumper Dress

At first glance, this dress gives off a youthful casual vibe, it versatility lies in its many uses. First, you can choose your material from pleather to cotton then layer it according to your style. A sheer shirt makes it romance while a sweatshirt makes it casual. A blazer can make it classic. It’s a great layering piece. Pay attention to the silhouette of the skirt when buying one: pencil, full or triangular.

Off the shoulder

Another great dress to layer, but calling for less bulky undergarments. Pair with a sweater vest to keep the one sleeve looks. The print for this dress is the key to its versatility. Solid colors for casual and classic, plaid prints for alternatives and floral for romance. Switch it up with pastel colors and asymmetrical patterns.

The Baby doll

The string straps make it neccessary to layer this dress and its versatility lies in its texture from glittery looks to over the top layered sheers. Anything goes.

Ruching returns

This curve hugging dress is great for full figured women.

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Not every trend is for everyone. It’s ridiculous that a workout queen wants to add a moto jacket to her wardrobe because it’s on trend. To help filter all the noise on all trends that dropped this fall, we are picking 5 of every trend category that anyone can wear.

by Yvette E

I was sitting next to fellow writer, Eva E, when she got into a conversation with the woman behind her. The woman wanted a moto jacket but admitted to being a Classic dresser. When Eva asked why she wanted to step out of her comfort zone, she admitted she wanted to look cool and trendy.

There is a pressure of conformity in the air this year and we are guilty of buying an item on trend and then to ashamed to return it. There it festers til gifted to a friend or resold at a great lost.

So here we are to save you all time and energy, we picked the 5 Accessories trends that everyone can add to their closet no matter what their style. This is one in a 5 part series that will cover clothes, shoes, handbags and coats. So without further ado…drum roll🥁🥁

The Best Necklace

We have a tie between thin chain and the charm necklace. We love the barely there look of thin chain and a simple choice in metal can makes it versatile.

The charm Necklace is similar to the thin chain but with the charms, it seems great for dressy occasions.

The best hair accessory

We choose the snap clip because you can get it at any price and any look. From a simple black to a pricey sterling silver with pearl accents, this piece is worth stocking up on this fall.

The best earrings

Mismatched and single earrings trends are the worst. Instead, reach for these simple earring style, Circles. We are not just talking hoops here; think medallions for the ears, anything round. Mix it up with alternative materials so it fits in your aesthetic.

The best bracelet

Fall 2018 trend - cuffs

Courtesy of glowsy.com

So finally, we made it to bracelets. Even though piling it on is back on trend, we recommend to skip this trend unless you already have 30 bracelets at your beck and call. Instead reach for a simple cuff to add a twist to your wardrobe.

The best hand accessory

Courtesy of glowsly.com

Rings are not the accessory for fall so reach for gloves this fall in neutral tones. Camel, red or black colors are readily available.

Remember your dress code is your identity, why change it?

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There are more then just one type of plaid so we compiled a list of the right plaid for every style. So flip through this guide and see what is the perfect plaid to add to your closet.
Plaid Versace Fall 2018
GLAM SQUAD If you love to stand out then a brighter color background is just right. Layer it all together for an even bigger impact. FYI Plaids with a bright background are called Tartan.
CLASSIC Glen plaid has the gray background with the thin lines of color. This pattern is perfect for classic dressing since it will not overpower your entire outfit.
ROMANCE Large squared plaids like Window and gingham give off a school girl vibe and look great with those fuzzy sweaters.
VINTAGE Houndstooth is plaid? Yep and you most likely have it in your closet already. Dust it off and wear it all!
PUNK/ROCK If you do not have a checker plaid shirt in your closet then your alt license is revoked! Wear it has a jacket and your on trend. Happy Hump day!!