Forever21 made its mark with low priced staples and now H&M is trying the same thing but is it too late?

By Yvette E

Basics launched Gap back in the 90s, Forever21 in the 00s and now H&M is following suit. H&M is also planning to close stores in a restructuring effort that other US stores are doing now.

The odd part is that are limiting what they carry for women. I walked into the mall yesturday and not only did they put women clothes on the smaller second floor but they devoted it to mostly staples under 10 dollars.

It seems they are now targeting the ever growing men fashion market and children wear which is suffering a major loss with the closure of Gymboree and Children’s Place deciding to shed some stores.

The store’s back wall featured tanks and tube tops from 2.99 which to me seems rather crass. Costume jewelry, bag charms and hats made up the middle floor where tops and bottoms around the store topped out at 19.99.

I don’t know if I am in a pilot store or not so if you have seen dramatic changes at H&M, please comment below.

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Another store goes out of business and other things plaguing fashionistas.

By Yvette E

Charming Charlie

All stores are set to close August 21 as the store failed to see that fast fashion has dampen customers want for cheap accessories. Brands offering cheap gemstone and vermeil added to the demise with some items starting at just $30.00.

Department Stores

Nordstrom will start closing some stores to rising rent which as already cost Topshop 55 stores. Nordstrom is set to close 4 stores this year. Macy’s and Target are also set to close 4 stores this year as well as Kohl’s which will close 8.

Lord & Taylor is partnering with Walmart’s online store in hopes to attract new customers.

Wal-mart plans to close 20 stores this year.

J.C. Penney’s will close 27 stores this year and continues to fight for survival among changing consumer habits.

Victoria Secret

L Brand already closed Henri Bendel and now plans to close over 50 stores of the brand it is trying to save.

Not having a more versatile product line is to blame.

Pier1 Imports

Costly furniture is no longer an option with the likes of Wayfair and other places using flex pay and offering lower prices. The brand will close 145 stores this year.


I really don’t have the time to run and shop but this brand down sizing its larger stored meaning the the 5th ave location may be on the chopping block. It’s set to close up to 40 stores in low performing areas and reopening smaller cost friendly locations.

So is a store closing by you? Let us know so we can inform our readers.

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These shoes, once thought to be higher end flip flops, have finally hit the ground running this spring. Check out our style guide to learn how to wear it.

By Yvette E

Sometimes its hard to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe seamlessly so we created a style guide to help.

We picked a few styles and created outfits around each one.


Rather its a skirt or a dress, full width is a hit with these shoes. We added a boho romo look as well for all you festival babes.


The jean trend is really big this spring so pairing this look with the on trend shirt dress in denim is laid back and trendy.


Streamline the look with skinny jeans and the perfect jacket. Add accessories that are neutral for a comfy look.


The only look which wears these shoes without socks, adding ripped jeans, and a moto jacket makes this look edgy.

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Quirky always comes out swinging hard in Summer and this year stores like Dolls Kill and Forever 21 rolled out multiple junk food themed accessories and clothing with the latter doing multiple licensed collaborations. I am obsessed with junk food and dessert themed clothing and accessories and love putting together such looks ( I am a diabetic who can’t always eat what I want; but I can wear what I want!) So I decided to put together some head to toe looks all in the same junk food theme in Men’s, women and Curvy so we can all look live our best odd ball lives!

First up is women; I found these super cute hot Cheetos pieces and just had to put them all together!


It may be hot but festival wear isn’t what you should be reaching for on this family friendly holiday. We picked outfits to try for the fourth.

by Yvette E

Tee & Shorts

From Express, we are loving this look for men with a color from the flag and a printed tee. We love a small print that’s not too obvious. The statute of liberty is repeated throughout the shirt.

Don’t get a flag print or anything that has the date on it; you could wear it again for other country-centric holidays.


Red and white stripes are subtle enough to wear after the 4th of July is over. Pair with a pant to look cool and comfortable.

Jeans and a Polo

Nothing says relaxed more then a pair of jeans and pairing it with a polo or henley makes it sophisticated.

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Zara’s semi-annual sale has started and we are all flocking to the stores but for some people, it’s still too pricey.

By Yvette E

When Primark beats TopShop into the ground it is time to look at the global economy.

We like clothes but the range from low to high makes it hard to keep up with trends and your bills.

In the early 2000’s, Zara and H&M entered the US market where Forever 21 was the reigning champion in affordable trendy clothes and Target started doing designer collabs. That was then. The economy has slide alot since then and with the average single person just making $20,500 a year in the US, Zara is out of reach.

No wonder Topshop is leaving the US market and another even lower brand and its biggest competitor in the UK has arrived, Primark.

Primark prices items under $20 in the UK and under $30 stateside with a store in NJ and one in Brooklyn.

That’s cheaper then Forever21! Still, don’t look for trendy items but staples like statement tees or basic home care needs. We did snag thier Harry potter collab at the Brooklyn location where prices topped off at $12!

Been to Primark? Show us your haul by tagging us in your posts – tfgnyc.

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It’s finally here and we have the three accessories to make it easier.

By Yvette E

The Hat

While men are finally embracing straw hats, women have taken to the bucket hat in fun and unexpected patterns.

The Shades

While larger lenses are dominating men fashion, the kitten is the go to sunglasses for women.

The Better Flip flop

With softer soles and no thongs, comfort and style is key. Pick up these TEVA-like sandals at every major retailer.

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The decline of topshop who closed its 5th Ave flagship last week is due to one thing and it’s shocking.

By Yvette E

courtesy of

After hearing a rumor that topshop was modeling its clothes from Japanese designers ( where they earned the name “Chopshop”), I decided to no longer support the brand but I wasn’t alone.

Other then decling sales, the biggest problem that put an ax in the head of investors was 33 percent decline in profit and not because topshop sales were poor (only sliding 1.3%) but high overhead and…no online presence. Yep, once the stores closed..the retailer wasn’t making money.

Today, people talk about active moneymaking which means you keep making money even when you sleep. Without an online presence, Topshop wasn’t making money once the store closed. Topshop will be selling items with online retailer, ASOS (who is also experiencing a decline in sales for not establishing an offline presence and poor wearhouse conditions).

Despite closing 50 stores that have not been renovated in years, Topshop will still have over 400 stores with a massive lease overhead that is eating into its profits while its top competitors have less then 100 (Zara has 66 stores worldwide).

So let me know..when was the last time you went to Topshop?

Tag us or #TFTS to show us your topshop remix and maybe they will get some ideas.

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P.S. All US stores will be closed by August.