The bomber jacket gets a do over for fall with luxious fabrics.

By Yvette E

With fashion week for this spring in full swing, we are taking a moment to look at what currently is the style for outerwear right now. The bomber jacket, once only seen in leather, has been the jacket for the moment since WWII and an iconic stable.

This year the iconic jacket got a redo in international markets and was seen in luxurious fabrics on various runways from Milan to Paris!

Acne studios (middle) produced it in velvet and added a belt. We loved the fact they strayed away from the classic neutral.

Fendi (right) gave it a teddy bear feel which we loved but stick to the classic neutrals.

In paris, Officine Generale (left) wrapped it in satin in a Military green, a nod to its origins.

With all the choices for bomber jackets this fall, are you sticking to traditional leather or going for the redux trends?

We love to hear your answers and we will post them on our facebook page. #tfgbomber in your chosen style of bomer jacket and get featured on pir Instagram page.

As always, Happy Monday💋

It’s ankle boot season and we have the best booties to buy right now.

By Yvette E

It’s the start of boot season and we can’t help to watch them crawl up the leg every season from ankles in September to knee highs in December.

Today, we will highlight the bootie styles of the season and some of the best ones to snag right now.

Animal Print

Snake is having a moment right now when it comes to animal print. For men look for cowboy boot styles while women will see thick heeled Chelseas in the print.

Other prints of the season include leopard and cow (characterized by large black spots on white background).

Check Nordstrom rack and Off Saks for designer steals with prices as low as a regular prized Zara shoe.


While men have a choice of cowboy or combat, women get stacked heel styles when it comes to embroidery on booties. While women get the foral treatment, men get more abstract imagery.

This style can be found practically everywhere and you will find them in a range of prices but the style is costly bottom at $40+.


There pretty much no difference in shoe design for this print in men or woman so it comes down to colors. Men will get brown and grey hues while Women will have black or red to choose. We did find a metallic Sam Edelman we adored. bet.

This print is the ultimate unisex design and we love the classic design.

What shoes are you wanting for fall?

Happy Friyay! 💋

Elle partners with rituals just in time for the home holiday rush.

By Yvette E

The home holidays are about dressing up your home in season decor and Halloween marks the start of the season. It’s no wonder that Rituals decided it was time to launch a home collection that includes diffusers to lovely scent the home.

The scents available are just three of the top selling fragrance, sweet jasmine, imperial rose and orris mimosa. We hope they expand soon.

The event itself allowed fellow press to write inspiring words on 1 of 2 candle choices, wild fig or cardamom. We picked the black jar (wild fig).

Light bites and wine were served and the new beauty editor for Elle, Katie Becker gave a speech about her long time love affair with the brand.

As always thier summer scent is on the chopping block with 30% off all products containing the scent. There is only 3 weeks left!

Happy Hump Day!💋

Check out the guided mediation by ritual staff on our Instagram video feed and a roll from the NYFW shows we saw.

It’s fall and some stores are offering a prefall sale, some up to 75%. Here are the five bags we are buying now.

By Yvette E

Fall is finally here tomorrow and if you are like me you are gearing up to take up 30% or more on select brands. I picked these bags that not only embrace the rock and goth trends of the fall but will also be instagram favorites.

The Unisex Backpack

Who doesn’t love a perfect backpack? We love the way the texture is reflective and would be great even in low light. An added bonus? Both sexes can rock it.

The bucket bag

Prada’s uniquely printed bucket bags makes me want to spend my annual bonus on just one thing, this bag. The lightning bolt gives it Ziggy Stardust glam.

The crossbody

With 30% for fall, we have our eye on the patchwork and studded crossbody, from Michael Kors. It fits perfectly into Fall’s rocker theme.

The Floral tote

This Tory Burch bag is perfect for the dark floral trend of fall and makes it as our Instagram worthy bag list because of its vibrant print and contrast.

The Belt Bag

The texture of this bag will make it stand out in a sea of photos, making a must-have for your fall wardrobe.

Happy Monday!!💋

Cynthia Rowley takes over an iconic alley to showcase her spring/summer 2020 line.A secret location only revealed 2 days before the show already built up suspense for a Tuesday afternoon show in an alley. The weather played nice and the sun shone bright for a Dr. Zuess themed runway.Although we love the fall neoprene, we always love her mix of colors, bold print wetsuits and paintlike patterns.All were present and playing well with the bright natural light. We loved the bohemian feel of these brightly printed dresses that flowed in thw light breeze.As always, pant were wide legged but in two tones and earthy shades.Check out our facebook and Instagram for more images!Happy Monday 💋

Costume meets fashion at a 10am show at Spring Studios.

By Yvette E

Even though the brand is named “I love Pretty” the collection had a more dark and sinister name, Desolution Nation where designer Yang Juan explores depression, bomedical dependency and the struggles of finding inner peace in a world full of anxiety. The topic is so right now but I am not sure if it was conveyed effectively.

The story was supposed to be told in 3 parts:

  • Break free: A release from depression
  • Soul Salvation – A journey to the unknown
  • Rebirth – hope and celebration

As for the esthetic of the clothes, it felt 90’s cool and despite Japanese elements was distinctly American influenced.

In the collection, Break Free is represented by strong suiting, tailored pieces and shirting.

We move to soul salvation with asymmetrical tops and raincoats.

Finally, we get to rebirth where we tulle and organza used liberally.

A nod to biochemical dependency is seen by the pill purses the models carry.

The music choices were a little sporadic (Eric La Peau?). I would love a more moanful piece at the beginning to a more light hearted on at the end to show the transitions between stages better.

Now the clothes were worth the early morning show. Before reading the synopsis, I thought it was a little disjointed but now I understand the concept.

First stage, all the suiting in pink hues and cream colors suggesting tailoring is a form of restriction. We loved the short and long sleeve combinations.

Second stage went a little BDSM with Rhinestone cages and leather bodysuits. I love the shirt with the words “Don’t look at me like that” and can see it in my closet.

The final stage was marked with light and airy fabrics that seem to float. I was my favorite 5 minutes of the show.

I think I would love the pill purses, that balloon sleeve shirt and even the rhinestone cage. Together the collection seems disjointed without the concept and the fact that the clothes were not presented in order but all in all Yang Juan’s debut was worth waking up early.

For more pics, head over to our facebook and Instagram @tfgnyc.

Happy Wednesday 💋

Puma’s store opening was a star studded event filled with rapper performances, b-ballers and stylist….& Jay-z $1K bottle of wine.

By Yvette E

A store opening like this one comes once in a lifetime. Usually, stores open quietly to the public and only the top spenders are invited to shop before the prelaunch party. Vivenne Westwood did just that in 2016 when after 6 years of waiting for it to open. Lately, fifth ave has seen a remodel with Lululemon, Adidas and now Puma operated from the once posh location. It has become a more everyday location and this party was just one example.

So basically the store hired taxis to announce the VIP event around the city with an additional 2 days of giveaways after the ribbon cutting. After doing this for 2 weeks, the guest list ballooned out of control. Puma created a second guest list to create it but it didn’t stop those who got a confirmation from the taxi link from showing up.

The party was supposed to start at 7pm but J-Zay didn’t cut the ribbon to 7:30 pm and that’s when the crowd started filing in.

We were greeted with a giant shoe at the entrance, the ultrasuede (a bestseller) blown to giant proportions.

We headed to the bar where they had 6 mixed drinks on the menu and J-Zay’s own $1K bottle of Champagne and Rose.

The party had 3 rappers perform (not J-Zay but we think he gave enough) Meghan Thee Stallion, Brianna and Fabolous. All up and commers in local areas that Puma has seen the success.

The food at the party was an odd mix of chinese feel with backyard flavor, cabbage salad served in takeout boxes, hot & spicy wings and sweet rice eggrolls.

The food and drinks poured till the end of the party. We spent most of the time waiting to do our free custom tees provided by Chinamarket University and of course buying Puma swag.

Stylists were also in attendance so between them, the basketball players and rappers, the staff was busy filling orders all night. If you missed it, you missed a memorable night.

Stop by the store for custom embroidery and other goodies for just $10! I hope to go back and get what I purchased customized.

It’s a rainy labor day weekend but enjoy it anyway!!

Happy second sunday, 💋

The white T-shirt is a staple in any guy’s closet for its comfort and versatility so snag one for yourself!

The white T-shirt in the mens section is just so much more soft and relaxed fit then women’s; and can be dressed up or down. I love wearing one with a bomber jacket and sweatpants but I chose a different outfit to put together.. Pro Tip: if your petite frame get a size smaller or do slim fit. Enjoy!


Styling menswear has gotten so much easier then when I started over a decade ago.

Men’s sweatpants are super comfy Annnd THEY HAVE POCKETS! So no need to be jealous anymore just choose sweatpants in the guys section that is slim fit so you don’t look sloppy and pair it with just about anything in your wardrobe as they are that Versatile! I of course put together a cool street wear look styling these for you. (pro tip: if your not into wedge sneakers swap them out for some red killer pumps!) enjoy!


I’m a huge fan of wearing guys clothes for their comfort and I always manage to look cool and feminine while shopping in the men’s section.

Hello Readers

Since my boyfriend starting stealing my menswear people always tell me they had no idea what I was wearing was designed for men. I’m a huge fan of Kpop Streetwear but fell in love with the way the men dressed not the women! So I started pairing graphic oversized hoodies with leggings and combats boots as well as even wearing entire sweat suit looks as long as it was oversized and in bold colors. Since I’m plus size I go for slow m fit oversized pieces so I don’t add bulk and look masculine. So I decided to share some looks and tips this week on how to either steal your boyfriend’s, brother’s, male friend’s, cool dads’ clothes or go shop the men’s section yourself! Just In time For Back To School!