The muted purple is gone and in its place is a vibrant orange! Here are 3 tips to rock the color in the new year.

By Yvette E

Next spring, orange will be every where! Here are three tips to wear the color:


Wear a dress and pair with muted accessories in light browns.


Pick a shirt, pants or skirt on the color and pair with a dark color so the orange pops. Keep accessories matching. If you are wearing beige shoes, wear a beige handbag.


Just accessorize with an orange bag or shoes.

For men we have the same concept but for a lower level, add separates that contain a hint of orange or wear socks with ankle pants.

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Microtrends are trends that come from the street and not the runway. We spotted men on bomber jackets and fell in love. See how to rock this trend IRL.

By Yvette E

Where does the bomber jacket come from?

The bomber jacket originates from military clothing which trickled down into subcultures such as punk and has recently made its way into high fashion.

The jacket was used as Military garb in the 1950s and made it into fashion in 1963. In recent years, the bomber jacket has been in and off the runway and currently is not.

So what’s with the renewed love for a jacket that isn’t trending?

Why now?

Even though the bomber jacket isn’t on trend, it does have roots in the punk subculture and rebellion seems to be the hot button topic in today’s world. From the marchs in New York against immigration reform to the yellow jacket demonstrations in France, rebellion is everywhere. Of course, the bomber jacket’s origin of WWII deviance also has linked it to standing up for what is right when talking about human rights.

As always, fashion has its roots in current events.

How to rock the look

Dressing it down

Pair it with sweat pants and layer a hoodie under it for extra warmth if you live in a cold weather climate. Add a fleece under the hoodie if temperatures fall below 18°F.

Dressing it up

Pair with wide leg pants and layer with full body fleece under garment. Pair with a sweater that accents the colors in the bomber jacket (match the trim color).

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A relatively new pop up company focusing on sustainability and women owned business has popped up in Midtown.

By Yvette E

With all the sales going on in every department store and brand, it is hard to remember that small businesses need our attention as well. Enter Owners, a pop up store bringing emerging female owned businesses a place to sell during the holiday season for the month of December.

Featuring products that are sustainable and handmade locally, it is the perfect place to pick up a gift for the hipster, feminist or just a family member you want to introduce to a new designer.

The collections are mostly contemporary with muted hue clothing while jewelry is dainty hammered metal. Which is why the whole store has a earthy vibe.

Stop by Refinery Hotel and take a look!

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It’s only going to get colder so it’s time to think about gloves, hats and other things to keep us warm. Luckily for you we wrote a guide.

By Yvette E

Colored tights

It is finally okay to wear tights in the winter so no bare legs this year. For extra warmth, layer over a fleece lined legging or a thermal and look fashionable while doing so. And don’t do what the girl in the picture did..matching shoes and tights are on the naughty list.

Bright leather gloves

Add some color to your neutral outfit with these bright leather gloves. Layer the finger less gloves with a neural wool for extra warmth.

Fur scarf

Super cute and in so many colors, these scarfs are a statement worth the investment. Faux fur is also available at places like Asos and Anne Taylor.

Belt bags

Replacing the fanny pack this fall is this awesome mini bag that attaches to your belt. Some even come with a belt! Wear over your coat for a chic vibe.

Logo Knit hats

Logos on everything is back and what better way to show your love for a brand then to wear it on your head!

As always, if you wear one of these looks #tfgww and you could be featured on our Instagram page!!

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It’s been cold for a while now but we can no longer hold on to the hope that fall will happen with just 3 weeks to winter. We have curated 5 winter accessories that are so hot right now for our male readers.

By Yvette E

The plaid scarf

Plaid has made a come back this season for both sexes but men still mostly have the traditional block and stripe combination.

Ditch the beanie

A bowler hat is so chic and was seen on multiple runways this season. There are styles available in black if you don’t feel adventurous.

Fanny Pack crossbody

A must in every cool guy’s closet! Try a super large one with logo for a super standout vibe. Place it low key in neutral colors.

Sports themed cardigans

A little on the nerdy side, this microtrend will have you turn heads this season in a good way.

Puff it up

Puffer jackets are finally cool for guys and a great way to keep warm!

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Like pastel pink this summer, yellow has been seen on fall runways for men from the stripe on the fireman jacket to a full on sweater. Here’s how to rock the hue IRL.

By Yvette E

Courtesy of WSJ

It is always scary wearing a bright color since the whole idea is to get noticed which few of us actually like to do. Fashion has always contradicted us on this notion. So how does one wear yellow without looking like Big Bird or an attention seeker? We have 3 suggestions (take it or leave):

1. Light yellow highlights with trim that points to the hue or an accessory like socks or hats.

(sweater Asos 29.99, Shirt Macy’s 33.75)

2. Mildly adventurous? Try a sweater or the shirt that goes under the sweater (navy blue to pop the hue or a brown hue to mute it a little).

3. Ready for full on yellow? The first two looks in the opening image are the truly bold but the second is more realistic. Still not ready for a full yellow sweater, pick a striped one instead.

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Drop the sequin and be yourself! We unlock 3 outfits you can wear to work and to the holiday party afterwards, all without sacrificing your personal style and under $100!

By Yvette E

Every work chirstmas party is usually just you in your work clothes counting drinks as you try not to make a fool of yourself. A recent study says that people dress different for work then in their general lives are less satisfied at work.

So here are 3 outfits you can rock at work and still stand out at the office party!

For the supercasual

(outfit: Charlotte Russe Pants. $39.95, Blazer H&M, 49.99)

If sweatpants and jeans are your life or you only feel like yourself on Casual Friday, this is the outfit for you. A statement tee, sweater or sweatshirt (depending on weather) with sequin pants and a long blazer looks relaxed but festive. Snag the top from your closet!

For the Alternative

(Dress,, 54.40)

Plaid has made a roaring comeback and in over 20 different patterns! We choose this dress for it’s cinched waist making it perfect to add the studded belt and leather jacket you already have in your closet!

For the romantics

(pastel sweater:, $38)

We love lace but it is not weather friendly so you can wear it past winter but by adding a pastel sweater over your lace dress and adding shimmering tights, you can take it from summer to winter without missing a beat!

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We are often told we are what we eat but no one says “we are what we wear”. First impression is really important especially when you want your sig other to be your future mate. Here are 5 trends not to wear for the best impression.

By Yvette E

Animal Print

Animal print is so hot right now but it can come off as being wild and untamed. Not good if you want to look like you are ready to commit.

Alternative: Stick to small prints especially florals which give off an innocent vibe.

Cold Shoulder

Showing skin above the knee makes you seem unconfident in other features you process including intelligence.

Alternative: Wear a cardigan or a shawl to accent the neck. A necklace with a simple bespoke pendant can make you appear sentimental.

3D Sparkle

Don’t make it all about you. Sparkle says center of attention and you don’t want people to think your self centered or selfish.

Alternative: Keep the sparkle in the accessory. A sparkle bag or shoe says you are into self care but it’s not your main focus.

Bright Plaid

As if…Too bright plaid makes you appear juvenile and unfocused.

Alternative: Stick to plaids with a neutral background like window pane or herringbone.

Bright tights

To pull this look off, you need to showcase your legs and you just don’t want to seem like a girl always on the go.

Alternative: Stick to neutral tights and keep the color in your ears with bright earrings.

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A microtrend is a trend that few designers embrace or is contained to a region. Today we are exploring how the men fire jacket became a microtrend that hit the runway.

By Yvette E

courtesy of french Vogue

The singular reflective stripe that helps firemen see each other in a 4 alarm blaze was seen on the runways of Calvin Klein, Junya Wannabe and Burberry.

Here is why:

  1. There has been a rise in fires including the one burning through California right now. There is a trend for fashion to address issues in our lifes such as how the #metoo moment increased feministic graphic tees. At least this time, it’s tasteful.
  2. Hero Worship: The fact that superheroes are now everywhere, it seems humanity has a love for selflessness. Firefighters are real life heros so why not pay homage to them.

Rocking this trend

1. Wear it with loose fitting pants. Baggy jeans will work but nothing skinny.

2. Try bright sneakers to make the jacket pop. If you can’t, just avoid black shoes or sneakers if wearing black pants.

3. Wear a hoodie like a top and be double warm. If you feel uneasy about wearing a hoodie alone, pair with an Henley.

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Animal print has rolled back in for both sexes but wearing the trend successfully is contingent on your sex. Here’s how men and women could succeed in the wild world of animal print.

by Yvette E

So there are many problems with wearing animal print without looking whore-ish or a douche bag. Women silhouettes in animal print can be tight and body shaming while clothes for men can be overwhelming in design.

Here are some tricks both sexes can use to make the most out of animal print.


Here are the three rules:

  1. If its tight then throw it back. The point of animal print isn’t sex appeal; its showing that you have a wild side.
  2. Separates that are overdone (guys don’t go for a animal print jacket) will throw off the entire outfit’s proportions.
  3. Length is key. Too short and the outfit looks tacky.


Women have the choice of any animal print (see our guide on animal print in every style) but for men only one print comes in style every season. In 2012, leopard was hot while 2016 saw a patchwork trend, this year men can look forward to snake.

Pants are the go-to clothing for this print but check out shoes, scarves and watch bands in the trend for a more paired down look.


Not every trend is for you, wear what you love and are comfortable wearing. If this trend brings negative feelings, take it back to the store.

Happy Friyay 💋