Betsey Johnson premiered 90’s slip dresses the brand was known for at UO last night and the BJ herself was there.

By Yvette E

It was a dark and stormy night with flash flood warnings buzzing on every phone but nothing stopped diehard BJ fans lining up for pictures with the fashion icon.

The party buzzed with fruit infused vodka drinks, a custom tote bag station and free ear piercings ( for those who didn’t get it done as babies).

The tote bag station was a cute heart motif in the front and spray painted in the back.

Enough about the party, the clothes were the stars. We loved that some of the UO girls working the event wore the clothes and with prices starting at $79, it’s the perfect time to fall back in love with Iconic BJ. The down side, XL is available online only while the store carries standard sizing.

Check out Instagram @tfgnyc to check out images of the full line.

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We took a break for Memorial day but we are back with the one thing we all need this summer, something neon!

By Yvette E

Neon is back in a big way for everyone and we are obsessed with the harder colors to find like neon yellow and orange. We rounded up some places that embraced the trend at affordable prices and yeah, since we left the Gucci gang, it’s been pretty lonely. Can you relate? But with these tariffs causing us an extra $871 a year per person, we are all on a diet. So here are some places to get the look affordably.


Boohoo neon men looks

Boohoo is having a massive 50% sale right now on men neon looks. We are loving the neon tracksuit and there is a neon green denim jacket that we recommend getting right now.


We are loving this hoodie still available in 1x and 2X sizes. Head over to the site for more neon styles.


We have to give Nordstrom a shoutout for having the most diverse shoes in neon prints and hues. Neon pink snakeskin? Yessssss.

Rainbow, Zara and Forever21 is a go to if your body has alot of wiggle room.

Alas handbags seem to still be out of reach for the moderate consumer but if you do run across a neon bag that is affordable (besides Zara neon crossbody in neon snakeskin for 29.99) please @tfgnyc on instagram or #tfgneon to your post and we will repost it on our Instagram page.

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Fenty by LMVH lands on the web tomorrow while H&M soft launch thier own collaboration.

By Yvette E


Are you ready for Fenty, the first brand launched by LMVH since 1987 and the only brand to be headed by an influencer goes on sale via a pop up today in Paris but it will be online (May 28). Paris Vogue has given it rave reviews. The pieces we covet: the oversived raw denim jackets.

The collection is said to be one of cheapest lines of LMVH with prices starting in the hundreds.

Giambattista Valli x H&M

Known for his fluffy tulle dress in candy colors, most news outlets have liken the collection for prom goers everywhere. I think everyone who wants a little lace and tulle in thier life will come.

Prices range from $18 to $649 with a soft launch of clothing and accessories first on May 25.

We love the pearl studded loafers which seem delightfully unisex.

Other collaborations this month was Vineyards x Target with vocation vibe for menswear.

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It’s Memorial day sale season no matter where you are and the best time to get a jump on some coveted fall styles.

By Yvette E

These days, falls looks seem to contain a splash of trends from warmer months past. We decided to take advantage of this fact and get a start on our fall wardrobe! Too early you say…well you have not read your june/july fashion issues yet which are already featuring a few fall trends. So without further ado, here are the five trends we have pickes to shop now:

Dark Flowers

Simply put head to Anne Taylor (or her loft) and Macy’s for floral prints on dark backgrounds because these dresses will be hot for fall.

Thick Sole Sandals

These rigid thick soled slingback sandals (that was a mouthful) have appeared in so many fall ads we had to add them to our list!! Check our DSW and Forever21 for this shoe trend.

Prints – plaids, snake skin etc

Colorful prints in plaids and leopard or just gray hues in plaid or snake skin have graces the runway for fall. Try quasi designer brands like Hilfiger or Kors for these more retro styles.

For Men

We also have 2 things for men to buy as well:


Time to hit the sport store sales to get one of these jackets. Adidas and other sports goods stores will try to get ahead of the summer rains. Look for neon hues, reflective details and hoods to get the best fall fashion look.

Fanny Packs

These guys just won’t go away but we are happy about it. They are on sale now at almost every major fashion brand including Guess, Zara and others.

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It’s no longer about painting the whole nail..this year the tips get all the love.

By Yvette E

We love the new trends are no longer about long nails but rather decorating them on a minimum scale and focusing on the tip. We are seeing alot of nude nails with accents this season. The above look is a simple clear nail polish with glitter added to the tip and then over with clear nail polish again.

Adding to tips to nails use to be concealed but now they are a conversation piece with this trend of adding colored tips to your nails.

We love this simple artwork for the finger idea. You will need nail brushes for this look but in general, adding small nail decals and lines to a clear polish is so right now.

As always if you try any of these looks, #tfgnails and you could be featured throughout the weekend.

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Can a brand survive pitching that customers should “buy less”?

by Yvette E

We attended an event in Vivienne Westwood NY location (no press events here, only in the UK..🀨) where a performance of a finnish singer with Tibetan singing bowls as instruments was the main attraction. We asked if other promotions were happening tonight and we were answered by a hippie-ish employee that “Vivienne only allows those she likes to play in her store” and “believes in buying less”. What? Can a brand really survive on a “Kando” attitude towards sales?

According to Fashion United, Vivienne Westwood Limmited saw an increase of 8.67% turnover and 28% in gross profits but that is mostly contributed to the fact the brand has entered new markets, namely China and US.

Also, higher prices on goods could easily lead to more profits without having to seek a new customer base. And who is the base consumer for VW anyway?

According to issuu brand report, the consumer profile is “middle to higher earners who are concious of the environment and other concerns” i.e. the concious rich.

It has to be noted that this profile was 2 years ago and my sister (a middle earner) was able to buy an item. At today’s price points, only the rich can afford them.

So can a brand survive on a Kando attitude? Sure, if it was only pitching to those you already have too much and with elitist prices to top it all off.

Another elitist brand hiding behind a noble statement.

Happy hump day!!πŸ’‹

Punk and rock styles have incorporated eyeshadow into their looks for decades, you can do it as well without looking over the top.

By Yvette E

We covered some basic tips last monday on makeup coverup techniques but we really think we need to focus on other parts as well. Makeup can be terrible if you get it wrong and so we picked a few eye area techniques that won’t raise eyebrows.

Feathered Eyebrows

Yep, it is back and we love the look on a strong forehead.

Neutral eyeshadow

Using brown and orange hues as neutrals can give you the color you want without looking too bright or feminine. We say skip metallic hues for matte shades. Also don’t forget the undereye area.

The Smear

We love this “football” like undereye smear because of its sporty look. If you want to be adventurous, try with purple but if you like to play it safe then matte black. Add eyeshadow primer to the area to increase wear and to stop streaking. You may want to use a brush for more even strokes.

As always if you try on any of these looks, tag us or use #tfgmm and you could be featured on our instagram page.

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We take a stab at instagram makeup trend of using highlighters to brighten the face in IRL..will it work?

By Yvette

It is important to know that instagram makeup only serves as like bait and should never be used offline. That being said, here is a tutorial on how to use the look IRL.

Less is more

We loved this look with a simple highlighter at the eye edge and just above the blush applied. A simple dab on the chin gives a soft look to the entire face.

Too much eyeshadow should be a crime

Please stick to a neutral eye if you are going to highlight. Too many people have glitter eyeshadow or bright colors that are great for online but not IRL. Keep in mind these looks can take up to 4 hours to complete.

Go for neutral lips

We love the glossy lip look but this look will also work with a matte as well.

Happy Friyay! πŸ’‹

It’s beauty week on TFG and we are looking at the most recent trends in men makeup. The right way can make you look younger and the wrong way well…

By Yvette E

Pop and alternative ideals have been wearing makeup for ages. Black eyeliner has been a guy goth thing since the 80s. Now, with the rise of Korean boy bands that seem to wear it offstage as well, men makeup is a hot trend. We bring you three tips to wearing it without looking too Boy George or David Bowie.


A dry face can lead to wrinkles and a simple SPF moisturizer could make alot of difference in the long run. Since most jobs stop hiring people after the age of 50, staying in the workforce is the highest incentive for this trend.

If you do have uneven skin or pimples, try an Spf30 with a tint so you have mild coverage without using an concealer.


Women don’t have thick brows so we have to resort to brow pencils as fillers. For men, getting your brows shaped can make your face appear slimmer.

Lip balm

Keep those lips from drying out with a little lip balm. Using balms with peppermint oil with make your lips appear fuller.

Please don’t contour or wear eyeshadow if you don’t feel comfortable. Mascara and eyeliner are already goth staples if you want to feel adventurous.

Happy Monday!!πŸ’‹

Hello again readers,

We sadly come to an end of our DisneyBound series but I had so much fun finding outfits! I hope you take inspiration or wear some of the looks I came up with. The last villain I chose is Alice In Wonderland’s Queen Of Hearts; the monarch obsessed with cards and chopping off heads..I chose a casual look this time anyone can wear! Enjoy!

Your Fashion Goddess,