For Fall 2015/winter 2016, Valvo went full glam lux with printed fur and gowns worth for the red carpet. With few looks for every day girls, his collection is not versatile nor for the girl next door. However, if you fantasize yourself a secret celebrity at heart then add his colorful fur coats to your collection.


The designer has few followers in social media but his front row was fulled of celebrities from Tim Gunn to Vanessa Williams (who came with her stylist possibly to make purchases straight from the runway).


The designer did add a little punk glam with sequin laced plaids in a multitude of silhouettes from dresses to skirts. Also, the black statin with beads read a touch goth.


What we really loved was that he included handbags which were oversized, triangular or hobo-ish with acrylic handles and in iconic black. They all had a slouchy relaxed vibe that was in direct juxaposition to the clothing. We knew that that was not an accident. A subtle way of adding everyday versatility to the collection. Did it work, only time will tell.


Valvo treated his mens wear like the women with beading, sequin and fur but somehow it works since the styles were tailored, embellishment strategically placed and the lines were broader (especially in the shoulders). There was no play on androgyous silhouettes that plague designer looks this past August which is always refreshing. Overall feel is glam rock or glam punk.

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A total of 38 looks graced the runway as Mara Hoffman presented a line with what could have been a series of competing silhouettes into a collection that flows seamlessly. The collection was a touch bohemian with a muted color scheme while incorpotating iconic greek/navajo patterns and kimono-ish styles. It worked because it was not trendy or specific to one girl.

Even though, Mara Hoffman made debut as a boho chic designer, she is moving away from it possibly because it has been in vogue so long. I admire a designer that wants a voice rather than a shot in the dark as trending styles can be defined. There was no fur but the coats went for warmth and comfort while still retaining a touch of drama.

There was no lux feel just simple everyday looks, versatility. Touches of gold were suprising against stalk white but not overwhelming.

We loved the black and white, triangles and muted colors. I am a color loving girl but a camel coat allows for a shocking reveal and I am ok with that concept. The main feel of thid collection, casual glam.


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We may all be going to see next winter’s trends this fashion week but most of the trends are already available for us to pick out the perfect outfits that fashion photographers would love to snap.

Today, we will focus on the color combinations you can wear to be a fashion star. Color themes are the easiest trends to get now.  Here are just a few colors you may see at the shows next week:

Blue Hues

Blue and gray combinations are great for classic and casual dressing. For an updated look for next season, look for geometric combinations of the hues or if wearing as separates keep dark colors on the bottom and lighter hues on top for a more futuristic look.


Purple gets Gothic with a combination of black  and drops of gray instead of white to lighten the hues. Because purple is used in more dense fabrics, it is perfect for rocker while brighter colors in purple will be perfect for punk. Purple plaids are a to push the trend into 2016.


Go Glam with red. The color is best in rich fabrics like velvet and suede. This color is great for glam dresses and for a richer experience pair with deep purple. Jumpsuits and dresses are perfect for this hue.


From blush to mauve, this romantic hue that was once a Spring only color has entered the fall 2015 and Winter 2016 season in light fabrics and soft sweaters. This color is perfect for romantic dressers. The clothes with this hue are treated with beaded elements for fall 2015/Winter 2016 and are perfect for fashion week.

Other hues to consider

Browns are a great neutral that are in vogue with brighter colors for a vintage look. The 60’s are in for Winter 2016 and by combining brown with bright colors i.e. the other colors mentioned you can recreate the 60’s look.


The artist proudly poses for the camera

The Art world as slowly and quietly become a part of the fashion world as artist turn into pattern designers and collection influencers. Although,  Rad Roubeni has yet to venture into the fashion world,  his strong representation of “Street scapes” and unique style of capturing it all,  will surely be influential for future fashion designers around the world.

At frist glance, the photos are capturing the work of graffiti, but as we look closer we realize the “devil is in the details”  so to speak. It is not so much the unusual color theme or the interpretation of an idea but more the technique that renders this artwork worthy of an installation.  We spoke the the artist and photographer about the process of turning a flat image into an accurate perception of the human eye.

Each photo is actually 16 to 18 images spliced together to mimic what the human eye perception. It was shot with hdr and printed on canvas to add texture. The images were shot in rapid succession to create a high def experience.


The pop up gallery is located at 104 delancey Street between Essex and Ludlow until feburary 15, 2014. It is worth the experience.


As we approach another round of layoffs and bankruptcy in the retail sector, we all have to wonder what went wrong. The truth is that companies have embraced certain marketing “truths” that no longer work today. These once try and true techiques are now outdated. In this article, we will explore these truths and find a better solution.

If you build it, they will come

Rapid expansion of stores during the great housing crash is now making retailers that grew in what seemed like emerging markets scale back. Stores are finding it harder to retain thier leases and even more difficult getting customers in these remote areas.



Customers really want more choices not more locations. With the rise of internet shopping, consumers are not looking for more locations. They are looking for unique product. Pop-up shops offer new products for a limited time which can be a strategy that stores can try. A pop up store inside of Century 21 has drawn alot of attention even though it was unintentional. Even though Iconic J&R is music and electronic brand, it did increase news coverage for the store as well as increase traffic.


Stick to your brand

Stores should have not brand identity. Different regions have different needs and unless you intend to stay within one region like Belk which as built itself into a Southern fashion store. It means Belk will not be able to branch to other regions without changing that identity.


Offer different staples in different regions and know who buys what where. I was really surprised upon hearing the midwest loves high heels and smaller bags then those in northern states. Target has built a system that can pinpoint consumer wants and needs to a very fine detail. They track consumer purchases and get them to sign up for emails and mail then send out correspondence based on those purchases. No need for that kind of complicated system. There is market research already out there.

It is hard to compete with corporations but you have the flexibility to rebrand and change direction, and can personally reach your fan base. These are the best tools you have, use them wisely.


Bugs are back for Spring 2015,  in different shapes and designs. From beatles to scarabs in enameled colors and metal toned. What are the best bug jewelry for your style?



Scarab jewelry looks can be colorful and unique. Gold and stone finishes have the look of the 1970’s. Large stone  scarabs are great for more upscale dressing. Smaller scarabs are great for paired down looks.



Bees are great because yellow and black are neutral colors. They also add a polish look to any clothes. Stay away from enamel pieces for a more demure look.



Flies have always been a part of the alternative scene. Spiders are another alternative if flies are difficult to find. Neon wings are flies give a great punk feel.



Butterflies are a very common bug that seems to always be in style. They are everywhere in nature and represent a natural flow.



Dragonflies are always over the top in life and in jewelry. It will be easy to find your style.


Designers are trying to create new silhouettes from mainstream looks like our previous post on coat hybrids. Recently, we saw a new sleeve combination of wide short sleeve and long fitted sleeve called the dual sleeve effect.


We saw some combinations of a baggy short sleeve and a fitted long sleeve in the same jacket at Elie Tahari that looked so causal (not image above).


How to wear

If you love clean lines (casual/classic) the go for a dual sleeve with length like the one on top or a sleek combo of long and short. For romance/vintage, go for the wide lengths like the mint green above and pair with a pencil or flair skirt. For punk/rock, styles choose combo material as well as lengths (the top picture has faux leather and cotton sleeves) and pair with jeans.

ENK at Pier 94 was full of Bohemian Accessories but every fringe as leather lining..

Bohemian (a look popular in the 70’s)  first came back in 2010 and was mostly composed of fringe clothing, wide leg pants and wide brim hats. It was a great way to add a classic look to the increasing lay-backed effortless style that has come the American staple. Flash forward to 2015 and Bohemian has been added to every style from Boho Classic to Bohemian Rocker in order to revamp the style that people just won’t let die. The 70’s trend is in full swing for the past 4 years and the trend continues into this year.  The ENK Accessories was full of Bohemian inspired jewelry with dainty chain, stones and round pendants. The trend even leaked into other accessories including straw handbags and  head wreaths as one vendor, who updated head wreaths with metal pieces, described as “uptown bohemian, with a more upscale vibe”. Oddly, every vendor cringed at the word but somehow based their entire line on it.

The Brands that Stood out



La based handbags crafted from acrylic sheets.

We loved these handmade acrylic clutches by Ashlyn’d that was loving filled  with sand or glitter or  with cheery smiley faces and hippy style flower child designs. The brand comes from Los Angeles and it seems that a most of the quirky and unique products held from that location. The brand only launched two and a half years ago. With price points from 390 to 550, they could fill the mid-priced handbag need for quirky bags (Champion is high end and Aldo had some at the lower end).



A New York brand that toggles between designer and manufacturer has been making jewelry since 1989 and seems to roll through the decades effortlessly. With exhibits in the MET and the Louvre but we should expect such longevity from a person who once created jewelry for Oscar De La Renta.


So we had two designers from both ends of the country that were able to break out of the Bohemian trend. In the next couple of blogs, we will highlight some products that broke the mold and probably did not have buyers say ” Chan Luu prices are so high, you have a similar aesthetic, what are your prices points?”




We love to highlight styles we have seen every day and yet have not read any columns about it. It is sold at stores like GUESS and BeBe and worn by celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

Urban Classic has become its own breathing animal with focus on slick bottoms and loose fit tops all in a tandem of neutrals from light pastels to army green and the ever classic neutrals of black, white, grey and navy blue.

Sometimes called “urban cool”, new designers like Alexander Wang have brought it from the mid price arena and have driven towards possibly being a style staple here to stay.

Get the Look

Pair neutrals in different color schemes on top where an army green jacket and a pink blouse compete for attention.

Keep the bottom slick and fitted. Jeans are a staple for this style. Although, any tapered pant will do.

Shoes are always negotiated. Think sneakers, loafers and sandals for a relaxing day. Boots are for dressing up on dates. Heels are worn to glam up the outfit ( celebs and bloggers). Most people wear flats because of mobility (yes they walk).


Makeup are earthy tones with focus on contouring upper eyelids and lengthing eyelashes. Shimmering browns are part of the everyday glam look but used as contour only.