Attending the MET Gala viewing party

We were guest of vogue on the 1st monday of May last week to get a view of the MET Gala live.

By Yvette E

I love fashion and of course this is a fashion blog but most importantly, I love American fashion. I do not think any other blog spotlights American designers as much as ours. (Trust me I say this from experience and not just patting myself on the back).

However, we must focus that the theme of the Met Gala was a continuation of Americana but more glamourous deticated to the Gilded Age, the age when Americans were being paided more than their Eurpoean peers and American designers had just won the battle of Versailles.

I would have loved to see more designers wear American designers but somehow luxury and affordability do not go hand in hand. Now I know luxury is just a marketing scam built more on the age of the business than on the quality of products.

It disappointed me on how our celebrities viewed fashion on American soil, it’s not luxury, not for special occassions, and not fit for the red carpet. All of these lies feed to us by European designers (LMVH or Kering). Celebrities had a chance to do away with these lies but instead stuck to the word “Glided” as much as the men stuck to “white tie” with stubborn literalism.

Even though the MET Gala proves why launching a fashion brand in America is hard, the viewing party was filled with Hors D’ouveres and there was a drink station.

Our MCs were vogue staff and all came in red dresses.

We had people interview us with about our outfits and even has a little red carpet moment. Our MCs of the night provided us live commentary and so many spoke about the poor outfit choices including Anna Wintour showing up in Chanel 😑.

What were your fav looks from the Met Gala? Comment below!

Happy Monday!



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