Asian Evasion: Parchoomoo at NYFW

  The point of NYFW being so early in the year, is that designers get to show their work before the pompous parade of couture gets too much to bare and we begin to wonder where am I going to wear this? (No matter how beautiful,  it is just not practical)
    Enter the laid back coolness of Asian fashion, a break from the colorfest (in winter?) and the sheers with strong thick knits and a feel of grittiness.


We love the forerunners of Asian designers are women. There are so few in the fashion industry (unless they are celebrities). With dark colored structural pieces in over exaggerated forms, the designs were comfortable and gained the most likes on our instagram page.


Asymmetrical hems made the “not so clean” lines interesting and even was pleasantly unexpected. The only down side was most of the thigh high boots were too long and disguised the bottom hem, making it hard to determine actual length of the dress (as seen above).

Unlike most shows this season, we saw knits and paired with short jackets with exaggerated collars. A delight juxtaposition between length and form.

Finally, a little mixed media never hurt anyone especially at this show. We also liked the dual ombre because no one else did and the fact it is on knits make it harder to pull off but she did.

We would of love some colorful jewelry to break up the monotone of black, white and gray but with ample turtleneck features, we can add our own.


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