Animal print has rolled back in for both sexes but wearing the trend successfully is contingent on your sex. Here’s how men and women could succeed in the wild world of animal print.

by Yvette E

So there are many problems with wearing animal print without looking whore-ish or a douche bag. Women silhouettes in animal print can be tight and body shaming while clothes for men can be overwhelming in design.

Here are some tricks both sexes can use to make the most out of animal print.


Here are the three rules:

  1. If its tight then throw it back. The point of animal print isn’t sex appeal; its showing that you have a wild side.
  2. Separates that are overdone (guys don’t go for a animal print jacket) will throw off the entire outfit’s proportions.
  3. Length is key. Too short and the outfit looks tacky.


Women have the choice of any animal print (see our guide on animal print in every style) but for men only one print comes in style every season. In 2012, leopard was hot while 2016 saw a patchwork trend, this year men can look forward to snake.

Pants are the go-to clothing for this print but check out shoes, scarves and watch bands in the trend for a more paired down look.


Not every trend is for you, wear what you love and are comfortable wearing. If this trend brings negative feelings, take it back to the store.

Happy Friyay 💋

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