Aniexty busters: Candles

Have a hard time picking the perfect relaxing scent? We got you covered in our fashion scents guide.

By Yvette E

Candles are nothing new but have become an axiety buster for most during quaratine.

Candles have evolved from just a few signature scents in the 90s to the reason we covet those bath and body works coupons.With so many scents to choose from how do you determine the one for you?

We think your sense of style would help in that decision. So here is our scent guide based on your style.

Top Left: Illume candle in citrus cedarleaf, $24; Bottom Left: Clare De Lune, Desert Eucalyptus, $18 at Urban Outfitter; Right: Nest, Linen, $19.97.


You don’t wear jeans but you love clean lines. Here we recommand these scent notes:

Buy: Fresh scents – linen, tonka, cinnamon, lavendar, citrus scents.

Skip: Sweet scented theme candles.

Top: Luxe Luxe, rose scent, $15.99,; Bottom left: Malicious Women Co, Vanilla cupcake, $25,; Bottom right: Goose Creek, Poison Cupcake,$27.99.

Pastel Goth/Kawaii

Ruffles and lace are your thing and even if the colors are different, you both love cute things. The look of the candle is just as important has the scent!

Buy: Sweet scents of food and candy – Cupcakes, candied Apples – basic notes – fruit scents, rose, vanilla.

Skip: clean scents like Linen and bergamot.

Top: Rituals, Precious amber, $28; Bottom: Harlem Candle Co., Savoy, $45; Bottom Right: Voluspa, Baltic Amber, $18-$30 (8-18oz).

Romance/Gothic Romo

As a lover of lace in deep hues, your candle scents need layers. We recommand:

Buy: Amber, Mahogany, Bergamot, Patchouli scents.

Skip: Fruit scents.

Left: Public Goods, Lavender & Vanilla, $5.95; Top right: Adagio Teas, Green Tea, $9; Bottom Right: Jo Malone, Peony and Blush Suede, $495.


A recent addition this summer, cottagecore scents can be a bouquet of flowers, fresh linen or baked goods.

Scents: Herbals and Floral combinations – Peony, rosemary, cedarwood, berries.

Buy: baked good themes and holiday candles like pumpkin spice and other festive themes.

Skip: rich amber tone lower notes.

Stop by for on Wednesday for our casual girl’s guide to buying scents.

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