Okay, the tassel has literally been integrated into every accessories from bags and jewelry and even (gasp) the coverup. All these tassels (and sometimes pom poms) are really daunting and if you are tired of these boho staples here are a few accessories that broke the mold.


Yep these durable and cute bags are alot more chic then the circulat raffia or cotton cord bags we are seeing everywhere.

Clear jewelry for Summer 2018 trend

Courtesy of Vogue Paris


The clear trend is not just for bags! Clear acrylic jewelry also graced the runway! From earrings to necklaces, this trend as staying power!!

Brooch trend for Summer 2018

Courtesy of Vogue Paris


Not in the mood for jewelry? Try a simple brooch to dress up any outfit or to hold that sarong (do people still call it that?) closed after a day at the beach.

Happy Hump Day

Yvette 💋

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