American Dream opens

With little fanfare, the world’s largest mall opened to the public October 1st!

by Yvette E

East Rutherford, NJ is now on the map with a 1.2 million square foot mall years in the making; finally making its debut.

The American Dream mall features go beyond shopping; offering a diverse entertainment platform that defies weather restrictions.

The entertainment includes a water park, an indoor ski slope, rollercoaster, ice skating rink and mini golf. All attractions were open to the public at 25% capacity.

The food courts remained closed for the moment but grab and go stations were provided at Cinnabon, Hagen Dazs and other opened food retailers.

Korean clothing brand at American Dream.

As for shopping, we loved that the mall had 2 korean clothing stores including Aland which was open when we visited. The prices were moderate starting at $40!

Most of the retailers were still closed. H&M, Primark and Zara were some of the few stores available.

Top: Indoor Garden seating area; Bottom: snow bunny mural outside ski resort.

We loved to murals throughout the mall as well as the seating areas which made great photo ops.

Go for the attractions since most stores are still closed. Lush and build a bear actually had wait times of 15 to 30 minutes.

Sainitary stations were placed throughout the mall.

Happy Monday!

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