Albaz is back with AZ factory

Alber Albaz relaunches his brand with a 25 minute video during Haute Couture fashion week.

By Yvette E

Albaz works with accessories brands, LeSportsac and Tod’s (top left: 1st collab; bottom right: second collab in 2019).

When Alber Albaz left Lanvin, we thought we would never see him again. Then he popped up with a collab with Le Sportsac in 2018.

We assumed he was working on releasing his own line. The belief was further cement with is 2 collections with Tod’s.

But what about clothes? It seemed the departure from Lavin had Albaz fall out of love with clothes.

Indeed, he queeps in the AZ factory launch video:

“I needed to take the time to fall in love with fashion again.”

Alber Albaz, AZ factory

Beside falling in love, he also sought the solution to the biggest problem the fashion industry has struggled with (before sustainability was a talking point) Fit. He turned to technology via a visit to silicon valley and created a fabric with 35 points of stretch. A small collection that resulted in XXS to 4XL size range guaranteed to look the same on everyone.

The My Body line showcases 4 dresses ranging from XXS to 4XL.

The brand is already at Nordstrom and starts at $265 (for a scarf) and up. Sneakers are $650.

The name of brand is taken from the first letter of his first name and the last letter in his last name. We think it symbolically represents the most size inclusive line to date.

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