A guide to yellow for men

Like pastel pink this summer, yellow has been seen on fall runways for men from the stripe on the fireman jacket to a full on sweater. Here’s how to rock the hue IRL.

By Yvette E

Courtesy of WSJ

It is always scary wearing a bright color since the whole idea is to get noticed which few of us actually like to do. Fashion has always contradicted us on this notion. So how does one wear yellow without looking like Big Bird or an attention seeker? We have 3 suggestions (take it or leave):

1. Light yellow highlights with trim that points to the hue or an accessory like socks or hats.

(sweater Asos 29.99, Shirt Macy’s 33.75)

2. Mildly adventurous? Try a sweater or the shirt that goes under the sweater (navy blue to pop the hue or a brown hue to mute it a little).

3. Ready for full on yellow? The first two looks in the opening image are the truly bold but the second is more realistic. Still not ready for a full yellow sweater, pick a striped one instead.

Happy Humpday!! 💋


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