90% Off?! Rock Bottom Clearance is Everywhere?

I was shocked going to the mall and seeing so many deep discounts!

Hello Readers!

I was shocked when I decided to make a rare trip to my local mall to pick up some 50% Godiva Valentines Chocolate; to see so many clearance sales! I walked through JC Penny’s and saw 70-80% off in the Homegoods sections, Aldo shoes had an extra 30% off clearance which had me snapping up a bunny bag w jeweled bow and nose and a cute sparkly mini bag for $42 for both!
I then walked into CVS (migraine season for me) and was shook to see two 90% off portable shelves filled w Valentine’s Day and Christmas gift sets! I snapped up cozy thick slipper socks for 99 cents a pair as well as some other small gems; but the score of the month goes to me scoring LOL surprise dolls for $1.49 each! ( um sorry I bought the entire case cuz I have no self control and I’m also an adult toy collector! Ps if you want to see me unbox them leave a comment on this post)

so in conclusion run to your local mall and check out your local CVS stores to see what gems u can find! ( I heard Walgreens is also doing 90% off)

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