5 ways to be more sustainable

Sustainabilty starts with the consumer! Changing your shopping habits is just the start!

By Yvette E

As long as we buy alot of clothes, the industry will make alot of clothes. It is so easy to say fashion is not ethical and sustainable but harder to say consumers want cheap clothes. Cheap clothes will never be ethical and sustainable. They will always require corners to be cut.

The good news is that we can all participate in slow fashion. It’s a new way of shopping that maximizes your wear per item in your closet.

Here are the 5 things you can do this Earth month to decrease your shopping footprint (is there such a thing?):

As you see the dress as limited options

Buy separates

Dresses are easy but they limit your outfit options. I once had a long term co-worker say She has not seen me in the same outfit. We had worked together for 5 years!! That is the power of separates! It allows for more creativity in outfits.

Save to shop

We are creatures of impulse, we want things now. However, we do have pieces we thing we can not afford. This idea is called “the piece”. It means buying that one thing you always wanted. It is usually out of your price range but while saving for it, you will shop less.

Mend more

The idea of embroiding over a hole is not new nor is repurposing a tee shirt. You can get pretty creative. You can shorten sleeves, remove buttons and even add zippers. Think ways to extend the life of your clothes.

Pick a style

If you narrow down what you wear, you will narrow down what you buy. Afterwards, identify some key staples that you need and sell what you don’t. Invest the money into your future instead of shopping.

Repurpose worn out clothes

This technique is different from mending, it is about changing clothes into something different.

I have seen tutorials on unraveling sweaters to yarn and re-knitting them. Also, people have sewn different item together.  Get creative on how you repurpose your clothes.

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