Hey guys, not every trend is worth your attention and we are nailing 5 to avoid this summer.

By Yvette E

Courtesy of GQ

Who needs short shorts?

This look is not has leg friendly as it appears as well as other things in that area. We say skip this trend if your big in all the right places..😏

Courtesy of GQ

Bare chested and suited

Okay, if you can go pair chested then it’s too hot to wear a suit. Sweaty suit jackets are not attractive.

Courtesy of French Vogue

Army vest

Gillets should be left on the battle field and not in your closet.

Courtesy of French Vogue

Cowboy boots

Unless you live in the west, these boots won’t survive the tough streets of urbania nor the laughter of your friends.

Tight and Shiny

This look is half S&M and half studio 54 club kid and no longer cool. Skip this look just to not look dated or trying too hard.

Happy Munday 💋

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