5 things we lost in the 20s

2021 is a start of a new decade and no one seems to know it. Let us look back and somethings we lost permanently.

By Yvette E

fond memories.

The 20s is a decade that ended with a lot of lost! We can not forget what we had but it def has some things we will be telling our grandkids.

Here are the top 5 things we lost in the 20s:

  • Self Serve Stations – we all have to remeber to tell the Starbucks people what we want or end up with dark, sugarless coffee…la sigh
  • Designer fakes as fashion – With everyone taking some form of afterpay, there is no excuse anymore. Even Klarna creates a debit card you for websites that don’t have a payment plan. Score!
  • Tie Dye – Okay, this one is wishful thinking but we think it is just time to leave it behind.
  • Browsing – Spending long times in stores just to leave with nothing is def over especially with limited number of people in stores and a line to get in. This fact gets even more true with sample sales.
  • Tolerance – Tolerating the status quo is something that ended in the 2020s. Equality, self love and personal growth are all themes for 2021.

What do you think ended in last decade and what are your goals for this one?

Happy Mundane..



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