5 things Amazon prime owners may not know

Amazon prime isn’t just for fast shipping. Here are some others.

By Yvette E

Amazon Prime is 13.99 a month and with the subscription you can get:


With KindleFirst you can get a free new release before it comes out and you don’t need a kindle, just the app. Plus it happens every month allowing you to add to your digital library quickly.


You get unlimited plays from Amazon music with Alexa or the app. You can download to listen later and create playlist with the app.


You probably know you get 10% off sales items at wholefoods but you also get limited deals only for prime members as well. If you download the wholefoods app you can see what some of the deals are before you go to the store.

Amazon Prime

Then you get access to a complete video library including originals and movies are to find any where else. You can even stream on most smart tvs, Roku or other streaming device.


Order anything and get it the same day for an additional $5 and you can choose rather to tip or not. It is currently disabled but if you do need something in a hurry, this is your best bet and it’s dropped right on your doorstep.

This is not a sponsored ad, just a girl really happy about getting more then her money’s worth.

Happy Mundane,



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