5 new resale apps to try

Poshmark, Depop, and the RealReal have the market for resaling but these players have been around just as long.

By Yvette E

Resaling has become the next big thing but with such a small amount of players. This means its hard for you to make money.

There are 18 Million users on depop and 50 Million on Poshmark. That is alot of people to compete with for a sale.

So what is a girl or guy to do sell off thier clothes?


Unlike Poshmark and Depop, this app does not charge seller fees to the seller, the buyer pays 7%. Then all the money you make, you keep.


This site focuses on community as well as selling your clothes. If you do make your own items, this community format of this site could help you gain more sales.


This website is only for men. Relatively new to the resale market, it is still worth a look. I have noticed that other sites focus on women’s clothes so this one is great for guys to flip thier wardrobe.


For high end jewelry only, it is a great place to flip alexander McQueen rings or Vivenne Westwood jewelry as well as Chanel or Tiffany’s.


This is another men’s fashion resale site which actually is also behind Heroine (which it found in 2017). This is also a website and not an app so you need a computer to use this site.

As always no two users will have the same experiences so it is best to try these out with just a few garments.


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