If you ran to party city last night for a costume and couldn’t brave the extra long line nor that only the pricey costumes are left. Here are 5 costume ideas that you can do at home.

By Yvette E

The Dolls

From Annabelle to the bride of chucky, creepy dolls are having a moment.

You can create your own creepy doll look with a frilly dress and a wig.

Homicidal killers

From the Purge to The Killers, everyday people transforming to mass murders is now trending. So get a cheap mask and plastic knife and live your best killer life.

Tim Burton Obssession

Tim Burton has made some memorable characters that embraced darkness without looking ominous. A couple of years ago, I went to a TB rave dressed as Letitia Deeds.

Mean Girls

There have been a collection of movies about them and so they really make great costumes.

We love the soronity girls of Scream Queens as well as the original mean girls so rather your a mouse (duh) or wearing the candy colors of Scream Queens, celebrate your inner bitch.

Go has your fav celebrity

Jokingly, there seems to interest in political and public figures who behave badly as halloween costumes this year from Lindsey Lohan’s drunk dancing to the legendary fight between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

In any rate, be creative and save some money. As always #TFGDIY if you made a memorable costume from what you had at home and be featured on our Instagram.

Happy Friyay 💋

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