5 fashion trends we hope were left in the 20s

New decade hopefully means new fashion trends and these trends go bye bye.

By Yvette E

The 20s are officially over and now it is time to look back at the most iconic and some scary trends we hope were left behind.

The Uniform

courtesy of indoindians.con

Dressing like you worked at a delivery service was a thing. Utility jumpers should go the way of the decade. Behind us.

The 70s

courtesy of indoindians.com

This decade was a regular feature of the 20s; I almost forgot it was another decade. Let’s move to the 80’s this decade or better yet, try something new.

Pairie Dresses

With cottagecore on the horizon, we may not say good bye to this trend as much as we dislike it. These shapeless ruffle frocks may be here to stay despite our wishes.

Glassless wire eyeglasses

This glasses which is just wire that parades through your face and hangs off your ears first turned up in 2018. They were suppose to be our first glimpse of face jewelry but now seem absurd at best.

DIY designer goods

Can designers put some effort into thier items this decade? We would love to get what we pay for. The Louis Vuitton keychain is $400?

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