Pollution, sun damage and frizz can wreck your follicles. It’s time to prepare for future good hair days with these tips.

By Yvette E

While we are all stuck at home, it may be a good idea to take care of the things we have neglected. Our hair is most likely one of those things.

Rushing out the door, we just pull it into a pony and spritz it with product but now we have the time to give our hair the love it deserves.

Trim it

Get a pair of scissors and cut off those gangly tips. You don’t want to cut off too much, just the part of your that feels dry and damaged. I cut my hair dry but if you have curly hair, you should get it wet.

Treat it

So now you have given it a trim and its time to address some problems that you have ignored. If your hair is dull, use mayonnaise or egg whites to give it a lift. If it is dry, heat some oil and apply to hair. If it’s oily, use that clay mask for your face on your hair. Leave all on for 15 minutes then wash out with shampoo and condition afterwards.

Let it air dry

Blowdrying and other heat styling can destroy the hair so just pile it on top of your head and let it dry naturally. If you are afraid of drips, wrap a towel around it.

Wrap it up at night

Hair rubs against your pillowcase at night which can cause dangles, frizz and splits in the morning. A simple silk wrap can protect your hair from damage at night.

Comb it

Even though we are stuck at home, skipping combing and brushing can lead to dangles and loss of length. So pull that comb through your hair if straight or brush the hair if it’s curly. For women, comb down from root to tips. This will stimulate the roots.

Guys, you can also follow these tips if you want to grow your own hair.

Happy Mundane (Monday)💋

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