3 Spring trends for Goths and other alts

Several new trends have popped up for Spring that you should add to your wardrobe permanently.

By Yvette E


Tops with waist ties have a Nu Goth feel.

A spring clothing trend for alternative dressing features strings that tie around the waist. It can be a simple way to add a classic look without changing your style.

Chunky Sole Boots

You probably have alot of these in your closet but now it is trending. The best part is you can now get these styles at multiple retailers rather than just alternative sites.

Corset Style Pieces

A more mainstream corset style, this trend is one that could be a permanent add to your wardrobe. Instead, of boning, these tops use clever stiches to create a corset look making more comfortable than the real thing!!

Happy Mundane!!

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