3 runway makeup looks to try

Stuck at home? Recreate these makeup runway looks for your instagram page.

By Yvette E

I am not use to wearing makeup and really thought I would be playing with it. Unfortuately, that did not happen. It is not too late for you especially if you really love makeup.

We outlined 3 high fashion looks to try on during your last days of quaratine:


We heart this Stardust 70’s vibe which is actually created using a cream eyeliner, a glitter face powder and crystals.

To create this look, we would use:

  • NYX color pencil
  • Micro brush (Morphe, bent liner brush, $5, ulta.com)
  • NYX Professional Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow ($7.99)
  • NYX Professional body glitter ($6.49, target.com)
  • Starlit Studios Face Gems ($2.99, target.com)

Here are some tips for creating this look:

  1. Draw the shapes first with the pencil around the eye and fill in.
  2. Use the micro brush to outline with the glitter eyeshadow and then fill in.
  3. Add glitter before it drys.
  4. Use the stick on face gems and place where ever.
  5. One eye only!! The other just has eyeliner in Step 1.

Price for this look is $25! Remember you can always use what you already have to lessen cost.


This look uses contrasting colors to create an artistic vibe. The look appears to be created with a variety of cream eyeshadow and a winged brush.

Here is what you need:

  • Trendy in Tokyo Palette ($8, BHcosmetics.com)
  • Ulta Matte Finish Spray ($2.49, ulta.com)
  • Flat eyeliner Brush ($4, ELFcosmetics.com)

Here are some tips to creating this look:

  1. Wet brush and pick colors from palette.
  2. Layer in same place to get bold color.
  3. Fix with finishing spray.
  4. Repeat with each color application.


This look is a little for simple to pull off. We have one simple color, a contrasting eyeliner and stick on stars.

Here are the tools we would use to create this look:

  • MILK makeup tattoo stamp ($12, sephora.com)
  • Color Icon Kohl in White ($1.19, wetnwildbeauty.com)
  • MAC Bright pink blush ($17, maccosmetics.com)

You may already have a bright blush you can use or pink eyeshadow so on to steps:

  1. Draw a wing shape on paper and print out as a template if you are not the free hand type.
  2. Add blush or shadow to lower and half of top lid.
  3. Use pencil to trace wing shape. Shape should a line with eyes and be more towards eye then brow.

As always, have fun with these looks and if you create any of them; please tag us @tfgnyc and you could be featured on our page.

Happy Hump Day,



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