That yoga outfit is that the only way to look taller. Skip the leggings and skinny jeans and try these new looks.

By Yvette E

With so many silhouettes that landed this summer, there is no need to default to work out clothes for longer looking legs. Here we look at 3 outfits casual enough to wear all day and still add 4 inches to your look.

High waisted jeans with crop top

Wearing crop tops can always make you look taller but pairing them with a long jacket or leggings can look unkempt. Instead, add a high waist pair of jeans, a jacket the stops at the waist and some booties to pull the look together.

Culottes and platform shoes

We always think wearing pants that showcase the ankle can be tricky but in reality it’s easy. Remember don’t wear shoes higher then the hemline. Here you can pair these pant with a graphic tee to look less formal.

Midi skirt and heeled sandals

I don’t recommend getting a midi skirt that falls below the knee but if you must, stay away from booties and other shoes that take away space.

Remember the real trick of looking taller is space between shoes and clothes or just between clothes.

Happy Wednesday!!💋

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