Three Italian designers closed Art Heart fashion week and we felt like we went to Miami, D&G’s atelier and a bird’s nest.

By Yvette E

Mochi Joe Creme

This designer took us to Miami with swimwear that seemed made in Brazil then in Italy. The use of Fuchsia and gold seemed to cliche and the sequin applique screamed Mardi Gras.

The best part was the coverups that seem to expand from the body and engulf the stage.

Le Plancenti

Dolce Gabbana meets The Caribbean with this designers use of lace and color choices.

There was an abundance of ruffles from tiers to just edging that pulled the collection together but not seamlessly. The colors did not complement each other. The patterns remained in the same color family but clashed with the muted color scheme.

We see more of sequin treatment here and now its paired with embroidery, not improving anything..just there.

Nicola D’ereico

Despite the ample use of feathers, this designer stole the show with the most unusual collection of wedding dresses.

Happy Hump Day 💋

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